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New England Members Meet Representative Capuano

Pictured above are Jay Baldwin, Tedd Saunders, Berl Hartman, Congressman Michael Capuano, Chris Kaneb, and Dan Goldman.
On September 12, several E2 members met with Massachusetts Representative Michael Capuano (D-8th). Representative Capuano, whose district includes Cambridge, Sommerville, Chelsea and a large part of Boston, was especially interested in the activity of the Cleantech sector, since his district includes Harvard, MIT and several other universities. He said he believes in taking a pragmatic approach to environmental issues by showing bottom-line benefits.

Representative Capuano, who has a strong environmental voting record, expressed frustration with the recent energy bill for failing to impose conservation measures such as CAFÉ (corporate average fuel economy) standards or including renewable portfolio standards. His view is that action will have to be driven at the state and local levels before Washington acts. We also discussed the problems of sustainable fishing and how more rapid recovery of fish stocks would benefit New England, an issue he promised to look into.

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