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February 29, 2012
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 (5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Mountain)
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- E2's first ever state-wide event
- E2 members meet with Governor, Attorney General and Senate President
- E2 and Massachusetts Governor tour E2 Director's Net Energy Home
- Water supply and quantity can be improved through green infrastructure
- Get to Know E2 San Diego Chapter Director Carl Nettleton
- March 15 event: Mission Critical Clean Energy and the U.S. Military
-Update on E2's Linked-In Group

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  US Navy F/18 running on biofuel
For the past 18 months, E2 has been engaged with the Department of Defense regarding their energy security initiatives. DOD’s aggressive push for reducing fossil fuel dependence and utilizing low-carbon renewables is poising them to be a key driver of clean energy innovation in America.  The White House has recently made budget proposals in which it makes clear its intentions to fund clean energy through the DOD.

E2 has partnered with Climate Solutions to put together an EcoSalon on March 15, centered on the relationship between clean energy and the US military.  Speakers will include Congressman Adam Smith: Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee, Ray Smalling: Utility and Energy Manager of Naval Station Everett, and James Marvin: Navy SEAL (ret) and Founder of Federal Green Solutions, who will all discuss the military’s transition to clean energy, the role Congress can play to support and enhance these initiatives, and the potential impact of this transformation on the civilian economy. 

This EcoSalon is one in a series that we’ve been holding around the country, bringing together members of the military, public officials and the business community to better understand the military’s initiatives, their potential impact on the growth of the clean energy economy (and the economies in which the military bases and installations are located), and to identify with public officials what can be done to support those efforts. A similar event, featuring Senator Mark Udall and a representative from Fort Carson, will be held in Denver on April 12.

The March 15 EcoSalon will be held in Seattle, Washington, and you can register here:

Mission Critical
Clean Energy and the U.S. Military
Wednesday, March 15, 2012

http://www.e2.org/ext/jsp/controller?sponsor=CHENERI&sv=Seattle_Military .

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