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Nicole Lederer and Brigadier General
The State of California and the U.S. Military are two of the world’s most formidable powers - and they are both committed to clean energy.
As California strives to meet the carbon emission reductions mandated under the Global Warming Bill, and as the military seeks to untether itself from dependence on fossil fuel, these two goliaths have converged on one agenda, creating enormous opportunities for economic growth.

Last month, E2 was joined by CA Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols, CA State Senator Fran Pavley, and Brigadier General Vincent A. Coglianese, Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West, to talk about about the promise of clean energy and national security.

Chair Mary Nichols started off the night, reviewing the successes of AB32. Mary made the point that investment - not necessarily technology - is the biggest hurdle to clean tech, and policy certainty is critical for promoting that investment. Mary concluded by talking about the importance of the military as a key market driver for clean energy. (See KQED's coverage of Mary's comments here.)

Senator Fran Pavley continued by discussing the successes of E2 over the past 12 years. Fran talked about the importance of having a business voice such as E2 continue to weigh in on these issues and help shape policy that satisfies both environmental and economic requirements. Looking ahead, strong leadership from businesses and the military will have a strong impact on strengthening California's leadership position in alternative energy.

Brigadier General Vincent A. Coglianese concluded the night by bringing a military perspective to this topic. Our Marines are critically reliant on fuel, batteries, and water to support their warfighting ability. Energy security is a non-negotiable requirment abroad and at home, and this is the source of military interest in alternative energy and efficiency. In the field, efficiency and renewables allows you to fight longer with lower supply line burdens. At home, bases must be able to mitigate against grid disruptions to ensure continued operating capacity in times of crisis. 

More information about E2's support of DOD efforts may be found here.

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E2 Chapter Directors Tim Sexton, Jon Foster, Laura Berland-Shane, and Dave Rosenheim
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Sen. Pavley, Bob Epstein, and Chair Nichols
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Guest and Members at the Marines Memorial Club, SF

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