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November 1, 2007

Members of the U.S. Congress
Washington, DC

Dear Senator/Congressman,

As members and supporters of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), we urge you to pass an energy bill this year as a big step towards a cleaner, more prosperous American economy. Specifically, as Congress begins the process of conferencing the House and Senate energy bills, we urge you to keep the bill strong by ensuring that improved performance standards for vehicle fuel economy and renewable energy are cornerstones of the final product. It is essential that energy legislation sets us on a course to achieve the reductions in heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions that are needed to avert the most dangerous consequences of the looming threat of global warming.

E2 comprises more than 850 business leaders from across the nation who realize that good environmental policy makes economic sense. Our members come from 22 states and work in technology, consulting, venture capital, financial services and a number of other sectors. These members have been involved in financing, creating or working in the early development of over 800 companies, which have created more than 400,000 jobs nationwide. They currently represent more than $20 billion in private equity capital that will flow over the next several years into new companies. E2 supports fundamental energy policy reform that would spur clean, efficient solutions and create jobs by addressing the growing economic risk of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy, and the Cleantech sector is an increasingly vital source of such leaders. This sector grew more than two-and-a-half times as fast as the next strongest industry (electronics) from 2001 to 2006. In 2006, Cleantech became the third-largest North American venture capital investment category (11 percent of all venture investments), behind software and biotechnology. Total North American venture capital invested into Cleantech companies reached $2.9 billion in 2006, a leap of 78 percent over the $1.6 billion invested in 2005.

The growth in Cleantech has been remarkable, however, new public policy is crucial for sustained investment in this sector. State performance requirements for clean vehicles, renewable fuels and electricity, as well as policy to reduce carbon emissions, have unleashed a healthy round of innovation in Cleantech. Now we urge you to raise the bar by reforming federal energy policy, a move which would boost green entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth nationwide.

Specifically, we urge you to pass an energy bill that includes:


  1. The Renewable Electricity Standard passed in the House Energy Bill , similar to good state policies, which would diversify our energy supply by making clean, domestic resources a competitive part of the mix. This proposed standard would expand our use of clean energy resources - such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass - to 15 percent by 2020, while also allowing four percent of this requirement to come from efficiency improvements. This policy would also help stabilize electricity prices, reduce natural gas prices, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful air pollutants, create jobs, and bring new income to farmers and ranchers.

  2. The provisions in the Senate Energy Bill which increase the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards to save 1.2 million barrels of oil a day and $25 billion dollars a year by 2020 and help curb global warming. This provision is an essential component of energy legislation that seeks to decrease our dependence on imported energy and increase our national security. It provides ample flexibility for manufacturers while requiring them to meet an overall performance standard.

  3. The strong Energy Efficiency provisions of the House Bill , which will save consumers and businesses money and reduce global warming pollution by setting aggressive targets for strengthening state building energy efficiency codes, reforming Department of Energy authority to issue energy efficiency standards for appliance and equipment products, and establishing new efficiency standards for products such as light bulbs, dishwashers and clothes washers. Again, this is good policy which doesn’t dictate results, but will spur entrepreneurs to design energy-consuming products that provide services less wastefully.

  4. An extension of the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit. In order to avoid the boom and bust development cycle that has resulted from previous Congressional renewals of the tax credits in two-year increments, the conference report should include the extension of the renewable production tax credit (PTC) through 2013, a reasonable time horizon for investment decisions.

  5. Meaningful oil and gas reform. In addition to providing important incentives for clean energy, the House bill takes important steps toward balancing a tax code that has benefited the oil and gas industry for nearly 100 years. Such favorable treatment has long tilted the playing field steeply against Cleantech entrepreneurs. In total, the bill eliminates approximately $15 billion in oil and gas tax breaks, denying oil and gas companies the Section 199 deduction, reducing the benefit of the geological and geophysical tax deduction, as well as eliminating certain overseas tax deductions for oil and gas companies.

  6. Sustainable Biofuels Production. Biofuels can contribute to reducing global warming, decreasing fossil fuel dependence, and expanding rural economies. But critical to the success of any Renewable Fuel Standard included in the final energy bill are environmental safeguards to protect our air, land, water, public health and climate. A sustainable biofuels economy will depend on how we manage our land, soil, and water resources. Capturing the promise of biofuels demands strategic investment in next-generation technologies, critical environmental safeguards, and incentives for best practices. Without these measures, imprudent harvesting of feedstocks threatens to deplete water resources, impact soil fertility, engender costly water pollution, and ultimately undermine the economic and environmental feasibility of biobased fuels. Conservation and resource efficiency policies are needed to encourage innovations in advanced cellulosic technologies and improved on-farm yield and production practices.

Entrepreneurs and investors in our nation’s energy future need clear leadership from Congress. Now is the time to enact these fundamental energy policy reforms to provide a clear signal to the marketplace, unleashing cleantech innovations and growth in this emerging and extremely promising sector while achieving greater energy security and economic prosperity.

Thank you for considering our views.


Daniel Abbasi (Connecticut)
Curtis Abbott (California)
CEO, Lucesco Lighting Inc
Maryvonne Abbott (California)
Dan Abrams (California)
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Clifford Adams (New York)
Managing Director, Coady Diemar Partners
Adam Albright (Oregon)
ARIA Foundation
Christopher Arndt (Colorado)
Private Investor & Author
Patty Arndt (Colorado)
Anne Avis (California)
Greg Avis (California)
Co-founder, Senior Advisor, Summit Partners
Gina Baldwin (California)
Jay Baldwin (California)
Partner, Wind River Capital Partners, LLC
Joshua Bar-Lev (Oregon)
E2 Member
Constance Barbour (Massachusetts)
Dora Barlaz Hanft (New York)
Jayne Battey (California)
Co-founder, Essex Environmental, Inc.
Joan Belden (California)
Jeff Bennett (Colorado)
Founder, Big Kid Science
Lisa Bennett (Colorado)
Laura Berland (California)
Greenlots - electric vehicle charging
Tony Bernhardt, PhD (California)
Northern California Director, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Aron Bernstein (Massachusetts)
Professor of Physics, MIT
Suzanne Biegel (California)
Janine Bisharat (California)
Certified Public Accountant, Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP
Maureen Blanc (California)
Jonathan Bloch (California)
Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Lisa Bloch (California)
Peter Blum (California)
Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager, Mineral Acquisition Partners, Inc.
Julie Blunden (Colorado)
VP Bus Dev, EVgo
David Bowen (California)
Eric Bowen (California)
Vice President, Corporate Business Development & Legal Affairs, Renewable Energy Group
George Brandt (California)
Scott Bryan
COO, Imagine H2O
Barbara Brenner Buder (California)
Marisa Bueno (Montana)
Doctoral Student, Stanford University
Wendy Buffett (California)
Steve Chadima (California)
Senior Vice President, Communications & Director of California Initiatives, AEE Advanced Energy Economy
Stacie Cheng (California)
Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Dell
Roger Choplin (California)
Proprietor / Owner, Our Earth Music, Inc.
Diane Christensen (California)
President, Manzanita Management Corp
Deborah Cincotta (California)
Tom Cole (California)
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Ann Colley (New York)
Lee Cooper (California)
Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Sally Fay Cottingham (Massachusetts)
Filmmaker, Moving Scrapbook Productions
William Cottingham (Massachusetts)
Joy Covey (Utah)
President, Beagle Foundation
Catherine Crystal Foster (California)
Andrew Currie (Colorado)
Investor, Active Minds LLC
John Cusack (New York)
Financial Services Risk Management, Maplecroft Limited
Paul Danielsen (California)
VP Business Development, MMA Renewable Ventures
Peter Danzig (California)
Tim Dattels (California)
Managing Director, Newbridge Capital
Duncan Davidson (California)
Senior Advisor, NetServices Venture Group
Jean Davidson (California)
Managing Director, VantagePoint Venture Partners
Peter Davis (California)
Retired Attorney
John Dawson (California)
Co-founder, Zentek Technology
Rob Day (Massachusetts)
Anne DeGheest (California)
Principal, Medstars Ventures
Rick DeGolia (California)
Executive Chairman, Cimbal, Inc
Andrew Deitz (California)
CEO, Verdical
Michael Delapa (California)
DeLapa Consulting
Anne Delehunt (California)
Marketing Consultant, Delehunt-Ricketts
Marco DeMiroz (California)
Managing Director, Selby Ventures
Harry Dennis (California)
Susan Dennis (California)
Fine Arts Advisor
John DeSantis (Massachusetts)
Founder and President, Civic Capital Group, LLC
Nathan Diemer (California)
Founder and Executive Vice President, DreamHammer, Inc.
George Dies (California)
Scott Dietzen (California)
Chairman, Pure Storage
Gary Dillabough (California)
Principal, The Westly Group
Christopher Dillion (Illinois)
President, Campbell Coyle
Bob Ditchey (California)
Principal, Robert Ditchey
Brian Dougherty (California)
CEO, AirSet Inc.
Ted Driscoll (California)
Partner, Digital Healthcare Lead, Claremont Creek Ventures
David Duehren (Massachusetts)
Co-founder, Brooktrout Techology
Alvin Duskin (California)
CEO of Clean Coal Energy
Sara Duskin (California)
Bob Epstein (California)
Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Arah Erickson (Oregon)
Rob Erlichman (California)
Founder & President, Sunlight Electric, LLC
John Esposito (Tennessee)
President and CEO, Warner/Electra/Atlantic
Chris Eyre (California)
Managing Director, Legacy Venture
Hedy Eyre (California)
Lynn Feintech (California)
Anne Feldhusen (California)
Consultant, Green Business Technology Marketing
Noel Fenton (California)
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Sally Fenton (California)
Paul Ferreri (California)
Co-Founder, Blossom Investment Management
Adrienne Fioretti (California)
Asst Portfolio Mgr, Encinal Partners
Steve Fioretti (California)
VP, CRM Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation
Bob Fisher (California)
Chair, Gap, Inc.
Randi Fisher (California)
Kacey Fitzpatrick (California)
President, Avalon Enterprises Inc
Peter Fortenbaugh (California)
Executive Director, Boy and Girls Club of the Peninsula
Jon Foster (California)
Chief Financial Officer, Zoox
Tod Francis (California)
Founding Partner, Shasta Ventures
Mike Freed (California)
Post Ranch Inn
Ivor Frischknecht
Investment Director, Starfish Ventures
Andy Funk (California)
Managing Director, Funk Ventures
Kristi Funk (California)
Kristi, Pink Lotus Medical
Bonnie Gemmell (California)
CEO, Spicer Bags
Rob Gemmell (California)
Addwater Marketing, Addwater Marketing
Aaron Gershenberg (California)
Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Lee Gerstein (Utah)
Nancy Gail Goebner (California)
Owner, Gardenpeach Place
Mitchell Golden (New York)
Principal, Jun Group
Susan Goldhor (Massachusetts)
Biologist, C.A.R.S.
Dan Goldman (Massachusetts)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Clean Energy Venture Group
Diana Goldman (Massachusetts)
Founder, ICanPlanIt
Ken Goldsholl (California)
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Nancy Goldsholl (California)
Randy Goldstein (California)
CEO, OptiSolar Holdings LLC.
Lydia Graham (California)
Bill Green (California)
Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital Funds Inc
Nancy Green (California)
Barrie Gromala (California)
President, Beantrees Organic Coffee
Marianna Grossman (California)
Founder and Managing Partner, Minerva Ventures
David Groves (California)
Representative, Angeles Medical, Inc.
Joseph Guth (California)
Senior Corporate Counsel, Novartis
Tom Haggin (California)
Vicki Haggin (California)
Debbie Hall (California)
Chair of the Board, Village Enterprise Fund
Russell Hall (California)
Managing Director, Legacy Venture
Bob Hambrecht (California)
Partner, Allotrope Partners
Elissa Hambrecht (California)
Gary Hammer (California)
Chairman, Great Circle Water, Inc.
Xenia Hammer (California)
R.B. Webber & Company
Noah Hanft (New York)
President & CEO, International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Gina Harman (New York)
CEO, Accion New York/New Jersey
Arno Harris (California)
Former CEO, Recurrent Energy, Inc.
Paul Harris (New York)
Senior Advisor, GRT Energy
Berl Hartman (Massachusetts)
E2 New England Chapter Director, Hartman Consulting
Hyman Hartman (Massachusetts)
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Hattendorf (California)
Head of Investments, Mulago Foundation
Carol Hazenfield (California)
Communications Coach
Mark Heising (California)
Managing Director, Medley Partners
Heather Henriksen (Massachusetts)
Director, Office for Sustainability, Harvard University
James Higgins (California)
Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jill Tate Higgins (California)
General Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jerry Hinkle (California)
Northern California Regional Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby
Nathalie Hoffman (California)
Managing Member, California Renewable Energies LLC
Rick Holmstrom (California)
Partner & Vice Chairman, Menlo Equities
Colin Horowitz (California)
Jennifer Howard (California)
Ogden Hunnewell (Massachusetts)
President, Nordic Properties
Janet Huseby (California)
Volunteer coordinator, Berkeley High School
Tom Jacoby (California)
CEO, Tymphany Corporation
Wendy James (California)
President, Better World Group
Kristine Johnson (California)
Director, Kingfisher Foundation
Leigh Johnson (California)
Director of Programs, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy
Roy Johnson (California)
Member Board of Trustees, TheatreWorks
Charlene Kabcenell (California)
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Derry Kabcenell (California)
Former Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Jerome Kalur (Montana)
Attorney at Law
Timothy David Karsten (California)
TDKA Group
Bruce Katz (California)
Chairman & CEO, Rosewood Stone Group
Dasa Katz (California)
Andy Kau (California)
Jonathan Kaufelt (California)
Private Investor; Former Attorney
Holly Kaufman (California)
CEO, Environment & Enterprise Strategies
Robert Keith (Montana)
Principal, Beartooth Capital Partners
Arthur Keller (California)
Managing Partner, Minerva Consulting
Adrienne Kentor (California)
Eric Kentor (California)
Michael Kieschnick (California)
President, Working Assets
Sam Kingsland (California)
Strategic Advisor, Kngine
Michele Kirsch (California)
Co-founder, Kirsch Foundation
Steve Kirsch (California)
CEO, Propel Accelerator
Karinna Kittles Karsten (California)
Charles Knowles (California)
Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Network
Chip Koch (California)
Partner, Petrosus Energy
Stephen Koch (California)
Principal, Resource Real Estate Group, Inc.
Joel Kreisberg (California)
Founder and Executive Director, Teleosis Institute
Susan Labandibar (Massachusetts)
President, Tech Networks of Boston
Beth LaDove (California)
Sue Learned-Driscoll (California)
Administrator, Stanford University
Noelle Leca (California)
Vice Chair, Chair-Elect, NCPB, Inc.
Nicole Lederer (California)
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Betty Lee (California)
Grace Lee Park (Oregon)
Ross Levy (California)
Principal, Levy Art & Architecture Inc.
Florence W. Liddell (New York)
Anna Lijphart (California)
East Bay Sanctuary
Tony Lijphart (California)
Director, User Experience, U Grok It
Tracy Lyons (California)
Steve MacKay (California)
Principal, Scourie Network Partners
Andrew Magee (Massachusetts)
Senior Consultant, Epsilon Associates
Joel Makower (California)
Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group
Marguerite Manteau-Rao (California)
Entrepreneur, blogger
Drew Maran (California)
Drew Maran Construction, Inc., Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Christine Martin (California)
Clinical Nurse Specialist, San Francisco General Hospital
Daniel Maskit (California)
Technical Director, Digital Domain
Julia Massa (California)
Bonnie Matlock (California)
Jeff Maurer (California)
Wind Energy Consultant, Clipper Windpower
Julie Maurer (California)
Julie Cline Fine Art Services
Nancy McCarter-Zorner (California)
Plant Pathologist
Patti McClung (California)
Bill McClure (California)
Attorney/Partner, Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel LLP
Christina McClure (California)
Curator, TEDxYouth @ Mid Peninsula
Jim McDermott (California)
Managing Partner, U.S. Renewables Group
Josie Merck (Connecticut)
Founder, Ocean View Foundation
David Miller (Massachusetts)
Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group
Karen Miller (Massachusetts)
President, Belly Shmooze
Meredith Mills (California)
Rob Moir (Massachusetts)
President, Ocean River Institute
Bob Molinari (California)
Medstars Biotech
Peter Molloy (California)
Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Carol Moné (California)
Producer, Our Earth Productions
John Montgomery (California)
President, Lex Ultima
Linda Montgomery (California)
Michael Moradzadeh (California)
Commodore, Corinthian Yacht Club
Allen Morgan (California)
Principal, Mayfield
Robert Morgan (Colorado)
Chief Development Officer, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) America
Liz Muller (California)
Principal, Liz Muller & Partners
Anne Murphy (Massachusetts)
Gib Myers (California)
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund and Founder/board of the Entrepreneurs Foundation
Susan Myers (California)
Jim Nail (Massachusetts)
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Wendy Neu (New York)
CEO, Hugo Neu Corporation
Armand Neukermans (California)
Founder, Xros
Eliane Neukermans (California)
M. Kent Norton (California)
Rita Norton (California)
Tori Nourafchan (California)
Rick Nowels (California)
Jay Nussbaum (New York)
Attorney, Ginsburg & Redmond, P.C.
Kathy Nyrop (California)
Lise Olson
Larry Orr (California)
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Alex Osadzinski (North Carolina)
Chief Marketing Officer, Relias Learning
Jiali Osadzinski (North Carolina)
Jack Oswald (California)
CEO, SynGest Inc.
Jim Panttaja (California)
R&D Advisor, Conversa Health
Mary Panttaja (California)
Vice President, Product Management, RebelVox
Eric Park (Oregon)
Director, Ziba Design
J Park
Lea Park
Senior Vice President, Collier
Nicholas Parker
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Global Acceleration Partners
Mark Parnes (California)
Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Matt Peak (Indiana)
Director of Clean Technologies, Prize Capital, LLC.
Marina Pelosi (California)
Sam Perry (Massachusetts)
President, Ascendance Ventures
Nancy Peterson (California)
Jean Pierret (California)
Dave Pine (California)
Attorney at Law
Harry Plant (California)
Investment Banker, Lawyer, retired
Keith Powers (California)
President, Powerful Concepts
Michiko Powers (California)
Jordan Ramer (California)
Director of Business Development, AeroVironment
Amy Rao (California)
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Archive Systems
Prad Rao (California)
Zeb Rice (California)
Partner, Angeleno Group
Grant Ricketts (California)
CEO and Co-Founder, Tripos Software, Inc.
Kate Ridgway (California)
Real Estate Professional
Rosemary Ripley (New York)
Managing Director, NGEN Partners
Jenny Robb (Ohio)
Assistant Professor/Associate Curator, Ohio State Univ. Cartoon Research Library
Martin Roscheisen (California)
Jonathan Rose (New York)
President, Jonathan Rose Companies
Randy Rosenberg (California)
Curator, Natural World Museum
David Rosenstein (California)
President, Intex Solutions
Amy Roth (California)
Julie Rudick (California)
Stuart Rudick (California)
Partner, Mindful Investors, LLC
Kate Sandrini (California)
Diana Sanson (California)
Field Trip Foundation
Amy Santullo (California)
California Clean Tech Open, Downtown College Prep Scholarship Committee
Michael Santullo (California)
Co-Founder and Board Member, California Clean Tech Open
Guy Saperstein (California)
Saperstein Goldstein Demchak & Baller
Jeanine Saperstein (California)
Tedd Saunders (Massachusetts)
CSO, The Saunders Hotel Group
Bette Schuster (California)
Stu Schuster (California)
Novus Ventures
David Schwartz (California)
James Schwartz (Connecticut)
Vice President, Independence Solar
Anneke Seley (California)
Joel Serface (Colorado)
Managing Director, Catalyze
Marita Seulamo-Vargas (California)
Journalist, Freelance
Reid Shane (California)
JoAnn Shernoff (Colorado)
Former President, Institute for Ecolonomics
Barbara Simons (California)
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Liz Simons (California)
Lori Sinsley (California)
Principal, All Things Green PR, All Things Green PR
Jon Slangerup (California)
Chairman and CEO, American Global Logistics
Sandra Slater (California)
Owner, Sandra Slater Environments
Bob Smith (California)
Former COO & CFO, Nellcor Inc.
Jennifer Solow (California)
June Stein (California)
Virtual Group, LLC
Lee Stein (California)
Chairman and CEO, Virtual Group, LLC
Marc Stolman (California)
Attorney, Stolman Law office, E2 Climate Project Leader
Tricia Stone (California)
Founder, Stone Communications
Jeanne Sullivan (New York)
Co-chair and Founder, StarVest Partners
John Sullivan (New York)
Ed Supplee (California)
Former CFO, UTStarcom
Sally Supplee (California)
Former Chief Financial Officer
Gary Swart (California)
General Partner & Investor, Polaris Partners
Kathy Swart (California)
Jim Sweeney (Massachusetts)
President, Sustainable New Energy
Lava Thomas (California)
Cariad Thronson (California)
CEO, Forefront Marketing & Communications
Robert Thronson (California)
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Christopher Tilley (California)
CEO, SunLink Corporation
Sharon Tilley (California)
Director of Product Management, Fair Isaac & Co
Jane Turnbull (California)
Deceased- Principal, Peninsula Energy Partners And the League of Women Voters of California
Roger Ullman (New York)
Executive Director, Linden Trust for Conservation
Bill Unger (California)
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
Kathleen Unger (California)
Of Counsel, Freeman, Freeman & Smiley
Stephen Unger (California)
Managing Director, KSMU, LLC
Mark Vander Ploeg (California)
Retired, Investment Banker
Chris Vargas (California)
Founder, Cleantech Circle LLC
Maria Vidal (California)
Cindy Walden (California)
Mark Walden (California)
COO, Data Robotics, Inc.
Kirby Walker (California)
Independent film/video producer
Deirdre Wallace (California)
President, The Ambrose Group
Bill Weihl (California)
Principal, Weihl Consulting
Sara Weinheimer (New York)
Managing Partner, Verde Venture Partners
Dave Welch (California)
President, Infinera Corporation
Heidi Welch (California)
Haskell Werlin (Massachusetts)
Solar Project Developer, Solar Design Associates
Clint Wilder (California)
Contributing Editor, Clean Edge
Robert Wilder (California)
CEO, WilderShares, LLC
Alexa Willson (New York)
Managing Director, Private Client Advisor, U.S.Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
Tonia Wisman (California)
Erik Wohlgemuth (Oregon)
COO, Future 500
John Woolard (California)
Ion Yadigaroglu (California)
Managing Partner, Capricorn Investment Group
Carroll Yandell (California)
George Yandell (California)
Director of Real Estate, Nature Conservancy
Stephanie Yulga Deitz (California)
Head of Lower School, Marin Country Day School
Paul Zorner (California)
Locus Solutions
Holly Zuklie (California)
Direct of Admissions/Co-Founder, Girls Middle School
Mitch Zuklie (California)
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

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