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Joining E2 is the most effective way to stay informed about cutting-edge environmental issues, leverage your professional network, and use your skills to influence important environmental policy issues.

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E2 is focused on environmental policies that drive economic growth in a healthy direction. Working with NRDC’s expert legislative team and public officials on both sides of the aisle to identify pertinent issues, E2 members use their collective voice to make the business case in support of state and federal policies that address pressing environmental problems. E2 makes sure legislators hear the broader business community’s voice. Our members - who sign position statements, write letters and op-eds, visit legislators, research environmental issues and call public officials to express their views - provide credibility and authority to the argument that environmental progress and economic prosperity go hand in hand.

Global Warming

Scientists say that unless we curb global warming emissions, average global temperatures could rise and lead to undesirable economic, climatic, biodiversity and public health consequences. Momentum to address global warming has undeniably accelerated in recent years, heightened by media and entertainment industry attention to the reality and impacts of global warming, as well as attitude changes in federal, state and local legislatures. Go to Global Warming Advocacy Campaigns >


Voices from across the political spectrum agree oil dependence is bad for America’s national security, economy and environment. To make Americans more secure and stimulate a stronger, more efficient economy, we need to reduce our dependence on oil and invest in domestic industries that mitigate this vulnerability. We already have a suite of solutions on hand that can help free us from oil addiction. A strong national commitment to oil displacement would put Americans to work making better fuels, better cars and cleaner power sources. Go to Energy Advocacy Campaigns >

Oceans & Coasts

Year after year we hear reports about the decline in ocean health, from dwindling fish stocks to contaminated beaches, and from coral bleaching to habitat destruction by bottom trawling. According to the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, the ocean economy contributes over $117 billion each year to American prosperity and supports over two million jobs. Maintaining and increasing the economic value of the oceans will require better, ecosystems-based conservation and management of its resources. Go to Oceans Advocacy Campaigns >

Other Issues of Focus

There is a wide range of environmental issues with economic impact which E2 cares about and in which we get involved. Go to Campaigns for Other Issues >
(To learn about the complete range of issues our partner NRDC works on, please visit the NRDC Issues webpage.)

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