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April 30, 2011
Advocacy, Publications, and Events
-The Convergence of Economic, Environmental and National Security
-DC Delegates Tackle NOP, Catch Limits, and Oil Spills
-Big Progress on Fishery Management and Energy
-Rocky Moutains meets with Rep. Coffman, Rep. Tipton, Rep. DeGette and TJ Deora
-What Happens to the Natural Resources When the Ice Melts?
Alex Wall and Trevor Winnier excited to join E2
-San Diego Chapter Welcomes Sarah Mueller
-Advocacy Area News from April and March TeleSalon (Recording)
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  L to R: E2 Rockies Manager, Jamila Rockette, E2 Member, Joel Serface, Congressman Mike Coffman, E2 Member Fred Julander. Congressman Coffman's Colorado District Office, Lone Tree, CO.
Clean energy development and energy efficiency are priority advocacy areas for the E2 Rocky Mountains Chapter. This month, E2 Rockies members held several meetings with state and federal public officials about our chapter’s vision and priorities for a clean energy Colorado.

On March 28, E2 Members Fred Julander, Joel Serface, and E2 Rockies Manager, Jamila Rockette held our first E2 meeting with Congressman Mike Coffman. Congressman Coffman represents Colorado Congressional District 6, which includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, Jefferson, and Park counties. This is a traditionally conservative district, and E2 Rockies is pleased with Congressman Coffman’s response to our organization, his desire to establish a working relationship with our business leader advocates, and his specific interest in developing policies around transportation efficiency and alternative fuel development. Following the meeting with Congressman Coffman, E2 Member Joel Serface met with Congressman Scott Tipton (Congressional District 3: western slope and southern Colorado) to specifically ask the congressman to support clean energy and clean technology development. Congressman Tipton has indicated an interest in pulling the entire Colorado congressional delegation together for monthly meetings in DC, and E2 Rockies supports the full Colorado congressional delegation working together on comprehensive clean energy policies for the state of Colorado. Special thanks to Joel Serface for this meeting as E2 has been trying to reach out to the Congressional 3rd District on clean energy legislation for years.

On April 13, E2 Members Andrew Currie, Ken Gart, Joel Serface, and E2 Rockies Manager Jamila Rockette met with TJ Deora, the newly appointed Director of the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO). Although E2 Rockies members have worked with TJ Deora in the past, this was our first official E2 meeting with TJ following his appointment to the GEO director position. Prior to his appointment, TJ oversaw Horizon Wind Energy’s state and regional policy advocacy where he led early-stage wind project development efforts in the Rockies. The conversation was constructive and provided our business leader advocates with information about GEO’s policy priority areas, as well as information about where E2 can support the energy office on new policy initiatives, especially around energy efficiency. Currently, GEO is focused on fully implementing current renewable energy and demand-side management legislation to maximize jobs and continue to attract clean energy companies to Colorado. Looking forward, GEO has a specific interest in working on alternative transportation fuel policies and identifying additional financing solutions for renewable energy development and production.

On April 18, E2 Member Ken Gart met with Congresswoman Diana DeGette. Congresswoman DeGette represents Colorado Congressional District 1. This meeting fell on the heels of E2’s D.C. Delegation meetings. Congresswoman DeGette was unable to meet with our delegation in D.C., and it was therefore serendipitous that E2 Member Ken Gart was able to meet with her here in Denver to communicate E2’s advocacy priority areas. The First Congressional District covers the heart of Denver and several of Denver’s surrounding cities. Congresswoman DeGette has traditionally been very favorable on our environment, conservation, and clean energy issues, however, E2 Rockies has not yet established a formal working relationship with her or her office. Ken discussed some of E2’s national priorities with Congresswoman DeGette (moving beyond oil; supporting clean technology development and jobs; and limiting carbon pollution) and how Denver’s business leadership community can work with her office on these specific policies.

E2 Rocky Mountains sends out a big thank you to all of our volunteer business advocates for their time this month on direct advocacy. We’d also like to thank E2 Rockies Member Sam Weaver for representing E2 Rocky Mountains at E2’s April Delegation Trip in Washington, D.C.

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