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Press Coverage: E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer quoted by multiple sources on the Senate decision to remove restrictions on U.S. military biofuels spending in the 2013 defense authorization bill.
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Military biofuel use could jump-start advanced biofuel market
Jan 7 - Source: Biomass Magazine

Congress Stands Behind Military, Business With Continued Support Of DoD’s Biofuel Initiatives
Jan 3 - Source: MSW Management

Wind credit extension approved in 'fiscal cliff' deal
Jan 2, 2013 - Source: The Hill

Congress supports biofuels for the military
Dec 28 - Source: Ag Professional

Congress passes National Defense Authorization Act, endorsing military advanced biofuels programs
Dec 26 - Source: American Ag Radio Network

Environmental Entrepreneurs Applauds Passage of Defense Dept. Authorization Bill With Biofuels Support
Dec 26 - Source: Biofuels Journal

Congress Stands Behind Military

Dec 21 - Source: Domestic Fuel

Senate Votes to Remove the Biofuel Restriction from 2013 National Defense Authorization Act
Dec 6 - Source: Smart Energy Universe

With Senate's Support, Advanced Biofuel Industry Ready for Takeoff
Nov 30 - Source: Energy Collective
Picked up by 1 additional source: Huffington Post

US Senate backs military, Obama on green fuels
Nov 29 - Source: TG Daily
Picked up by 1 additional source: Earth Techling

Senate amendment revives military's biofuel plans
Nov 29 - Source: Stars and Stripes

Senate Supports American Military, Business With Biofuel Vote
Nov 29 - Source: MSW Management

Senate votes against proposal that would prevent military biofuel purchases
Nov 29 - Source: American Ag Radio Network

U.S. Senate supports biofuel for military vehicles, cutting Dept. of Defense dependence on oil
Nov 29 - Source: Avionics Intelligence news

Nelson, Johanns vote to use more biofuel in military
Nov 28 - Source: The Independent

Senate amendment revives military's biofuel plans
Nov 28 - Source: Stars and Stripes
     Picked up by 1 additional source: Trading Charts

Senate Supports American Military, Business with Biofuel Vote
Nov 28 - Source: Investor Ideas

Senate vote favors defense dept. continuing biofuels development
Nov 28 - Source: Biodiesel Magazine

Senate votes in favor of DOD, biofuels development
Nov 28, 2012 - Source: Biomass Magazine
     Picked up by 1 additional source: Ethanol Producer Magazine

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