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Joining E2 is the most effective way to stay informed about cutting-edge environmental issues, leverage your professional network, and use your skills to influence important environmental policy issues.

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E2 OPPORTUNITY FUND: Helping shape E2’s future

With the strong foundation and membership we’ve built across the country over the past 15 years, E2 now has the opportunity to truly amplify our message that what’s good for the environment is good for the economy, and expand our reach and our work on critical emerging issues.

To accomplish this, we have created the E2 Opportunity Fund - a new fund that will be used to build on our strengths and boost our work in key areas that our existing annual membership dues cannot cover.

By contributing to the E2 Opportunity Fund, you’ll help E2 remain innovative, entrepreneurial, and help take us to the next level of engagement.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the E2 Opportunity Fund will support three pillars crucial to E2’s continued growth and effectiveness:


The Opportunity Fund will help underwrite memberships for new members who are located in geographically strategic locations, or who can add diversity to E2’s membership roster. Contributions also will be used to support specific E2 chapters by providing staff and other resources they need to grow.


The Opportunity Fund will help build E2’s communications resources on the Web and in social media. Building our communications
program is critical to amplify E2 members’ voices and stories, which is at the core of our advocacy work.


The Opportunity Fund will help support our work in key emerging programs such as water efficiency innovation in the West; doubling renewable energy in New York; increasing precision agriculture and expanding the prevalence of electric vehicles and shared mobility programs nationwide.


$100,000 – Opportunity Fund Founder
Lead the way by providing seed funding for the new E2 Opportunity Fund. Meet with E2 leadership and help guide the future of E2 and our work. Receive acknowledgement in E2 materials and at E2 events, and in NRDC’s annual report.

$50,000 – Opportunity Fund Futurist
Choose one of the three Opportunity Fund pillars you want to support. Guide the strategic use of these funds to your local E2 chapter or for a specific emerging program. Receive acknowledgement in E2 materials and E2 events, and in NRDC’s annual report.

$25,000 – Opportunity Fund Facilitator
Facilitate our future growth by joining other E2 major donors with unrestricted giving to help E2 expand its membership,  communications and emerging programs. Receive acknowledgement in E2 materials and NRDC’s annual report.

$10,000 – Opportunity Fund Friend
Support our overall Opportunity Fund efforts, including our strategic membership program, communications and programs. Receive acknowledgement in E2 materials and NRDC’s annual report.

$5,000 – Opportunity Fund Supporter
Get in on the ground floor in supporting E2’s future growth and direction.

*Gifts at any level are deeply appreciated! We can also restrict your gift to any portion or project within the E2 Opportunity Fund if desired.


Please contact E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe or E2 Member Engagement Director Christine Luong for more details about the Opportunity Fund and how you can help take E2’s work for the good of the economy and the environment to the next level.

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