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Telling the story of how clean energy works

Telling the story of how clean energy works

By Bob Keefe

When E2 first started telling the story of clean energy jobs in America several years ago, naysayers in Washington were claiming clean energy was as make-believe as pixie dust and unicorns.

The Solyndra failure was still fresh in the news. Coal, gas and nuclear were considered by many as the only ways to power our future. Clean energy was framed as a political issue, not an economic or environmental issue. And nobody knew how many people actually worked in clean energy.

No more.

In March, E2 released the most comprehensive analysis of clean energy jobs ever done. Our Clean Jobs America report ...




Talking Jobs in Washington

Right in the name of our organization is one of E2’s most important principles. The word entrepreneurs stands for the inventors, investors, overworked and dedicated people that so often drive growth and innovation in our economy through the businesses they open and the ventures they support. All of ...


Massachusetts - Mixed Results on Climate and Energy

E2 weighs in on renewable energy, RGGI and other state issues

Massachusetts has long been a leader in climate and clean energy policy.  Last year, for the 5th year in a row, the Commonwealth was 
ranked number 1 among the 50 states in energy efficiency.   ...


E2 Welcomes Three New Chapter Directors in 2016

Within the first months of the year, E2 welcomed three new chapter directors to our accomplished leadership.

Nancy D. Israel is our newest E2 New England chapter director.  Nancy is passionate about clean energy policy and about the role businesses and investors can play in the transition to a ...




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