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innovative companies

Several companies are already innovating in creative ways to help California meet requirements set forth by the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

In doing so, these companies are advancing the economy and creating jobs. These are several examples of entrepreneurs who are helping California reach its goals.

Serious Materials   Energy Efficiency -> Green Building Materials
Derceto   Energy Efficiency -> Power Management
Verdiem Corporation   Energy Efficiency -> Power Management
GreatPoint Energy   Renewable Energy -> Biomass to Nautural Gas
GreenVolts   Renewable Energy -> Solar Photovoltaic
MiasolĂ©   Renewable Energy -> Solar Photovoltaic
Nanosolar   Renewable Energy -> Solar Photovoltaic
Solaria   Renewable Energy -> Solar Photovoltaic
BrightSource Energy   Renewable Energy -> Solar Thermal
Powerspan   Cleaner Power Plants -> Emission Control
Bloom Energy   Cleaner Power Plants -> Fuel Cell
ClearEdge Power   Cleaner Power Plants -> Fuel Cell
A123Systems   Cleaner Vehicles -> Batteries
ZeaChem   Renewable Fuels -> Ethanol
Amyris Biotechnologies   Renewable Fuels -> Renewable Diesel
Solazyme   Renewable Fuels -> Renewable Diesel

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