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E2 Advocacy Projects: Smarter Growth for a Better Economy in California


With the passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, California has made itself accountable for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The opportunity to slash global warming pollution through "smart growth" is tremendous. The equation is simple: compact and mixed-use communities will reduce our need to drive, thereby reducing the amount of fuel we need to burn, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from our cars. E2 has been working to build support for legislation that will require regional planners to take into account the impact of emissions from vehicle miles travelled (VMT) when drawing up land-use and transportation plans.


NRDC Smart Growth Wiki
This website provides a broad introduction to, and summary of, NRDC's activities related to smart growth and development, along with timely updates.

SB 375 Factsheet

SB 375 Cost Savings Factsheet

SB 375 Simplified Presentation

News articles

Cut the Sprawl, Cut the Warming - Oct 6, 2008, The New York Times

Schwarzenegger signs greenhouse gas bill - Oct 1, 2008, Associated Press

Greenhouse gas law among 11th-hour bill signings - Oct 1, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

Governor signs anti-sprawl bill - Oct 1, 2008, The Sacramento Bee

California Seeks to Curb Sprawl - Sep 2, 2008, The Wall Street Journal

State bill would be a blueprint for growth - Aug 30, 2008, San Diego Union-Tribune

California Moves on Bill to Curb Sprawl and Emissions - Aug 29, 2008, The New York Times

Lawmakers aim to cut global warming by limiting sprawl - Aug 24, 2008, San Jose Mercury News

A smart bill for smart growth in California is on the verge of passage in Legislature - Aug 21, 2008, Los Angeles Times

On transportation woes: The planning void - Aug 7, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

State would reward use of 'smart' projects - Aug 7, 2008, San Diego Union-Tribune

Foes back anti-sprawl measure - Aug 7, 2008, The Sacramento Bee

Is League of Cities a friend of sprawl, or a foe? - Jul 2, 2008, The Sacramento Bee

Discouraging driving crucial in warming battle - Jun 27, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

Stranded in Surburbia - May 19, 2008, The New York Times

Three steps toward smarter growth in the valley - May 11, 2008, The Modesto Bee

City planning and easing traffic - May 1, 2008, Los Angeles Times

Taking the 'free' out of freeway - Apr 30, 2008, Los Angeles Times

Less resistance to regional planning - Apr 28, 2008, The Modesto Bee

The Next Slum? - Mar 1, 2008, Atlantic Monthly

Smart planning, transit can help cool global warming - Feb 17, 2008, Sacramento Bee

Cities wait for global warming guidelines - Feb 11, 2008, Ventura County Star

Nine Cities, Nine Ideas - Feb 11, 2008, Wall Street Journal

E2 Statements/Letters

E2 Support Letter for Assembly Passage of SB 375 (Aug 29, 2007)

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Current Status:
E2 Actions:

E2 California members support SB 375 for Governor Schwarzenegger's signature (Sep 30, 2008)

E2 California Members support SB 375 for smarter Regional Transportation & Land Use Planning (Sep 6, 2007)

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