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E2 Advocacy Projects: California Clean Cars Campaign (AB 1493)


California's AB 1493, by Assembly Member (now Senator) Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), is the first legislation in the world to regulates greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. As the most active business voice addressing the economic benefits of the legislation, E2 played an important role in getting the bill passed through the California Assembly, Senate and Governor's Office.


FAQ on Climate Change Emissions Standards for Vehicles
CARB Factsheet

In Action: E2 and AB 1493 - The California Clean Cars Campaign

Pavley Bill Passes tonight!

AB1058 - Senate Background

AB1058 Assembly Background

News articles

EPA Grants California GHG Waiver - Jun 30, 2009, U.S. EPA

ARB study proves CA clean car law is more effective than federal fuel economy standards - May 8, 2008, California Air Resources Board

Tech leaders' clout aids environment - Jul 9, 2002, San Jose Mercury News

Press Release: AB 1493 - Jul 1, 2002,

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Climate Change Emission Control (AB 1493) Regulations
CARB Factsheet

Comparison of GHG reductions under AB 1493 and proposed federal fuel economy standards
CARB Technical Assessment

Current Status:
E2 Actions:

Invitation to LA signing of AB1493 (Jul 22, 2002)

E2Alert: Write to Governor Davis to urge him to sign AB 1493 (Jul 12, 2002)

E2 Position Paper on California Assembly Bill AB1058 (Revised) (Jun 15, 2002)

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