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E2 Advocacy Projects: California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32)


Governor Schwarzennegger set greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets by executive order and created a Climate Action Team to come up with policies to meet those targets. AB 32 (Nunez and Pavley) puts the Governor's greenhouse gas reduction targets into law and directs the California Environmental Protection Agency and Air Resources Board to implement regulations for a cap on sources of GHG emissions. See E2C2 for more on AB 32 implementation.


AB 32 & You: How California's Global Warming Solutions Act Delivers Smart Solutions to Californians
NRDC factsheet

Making A Difference (E2 and AB 32)
October 2006 E2 newsletter article

Reducing Emissions and Growing the Economy: E2's Policies for Implementing a Cap-and-Trade Program

Review of Economic Arguments Against AB32

The Most Expensive Thing We Can Do is Nothing
An Open Letter on Global Warming from California Economists

Economic Growth and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in California

Solving Global Warming One State at a Time
E2 January 2006 newsletter article discussing the benefits of individual states addressing global warming emissions in the absence of federal policy.

Economic Assessment - Climate Action Team
Final report on economic costs and benefits of carbon reduciton programs in California

Cost Effective GHG Mitigation Measures for California

Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California

Carbon Down, Profits Up

No Reason To Wait
This report provides important real-world evidence that greenhouse gas emissions can be substantially reduced at a profit rather than a cost. The states of California and São Paulo - two of the largest states in the world - have been leaders in energy policies that reduce conventional air pollutants, greenhouse gases, and energy costs, thereby saving tens of billions of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions About AB 32

Global Warming Solutions Improve Air Quality and Health

Global Warming Pollution Reduction Opportunities at California's Refineries

Global Warming Pollution Reduction Opportunities in California's Cement Industry

Correcting the Record: Response to Incorrect Assertions by the Western States Petroleum Association

California Climate Action Registry
The registry is a California company that assists companies in calculating their greenhouse gas emissions.

California Global Warming Solutions Act: Cutting pollution while strengthening the economy

Global Warming & Jobs
Limiting California's Global Warming Pollution Will Create Jobs and Economic Benefits

Developing Low Carbon Ethanol for California

Cap and Trade Program Design Options
Report of the Cap and Trade Subgroup of the Climate Action Team.

Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
Summary fact sheet

Press Release: CA Business Leaders Urge Limits on State GW Emissions

Global Warming and the Golden State: A Call to Action

Just Another Scare Tactic - The Truth is AB 32 is Nothing Like Electricity Deregulation

News articles

California's landmark greenhouse gas law benefits small business - Oct 9, 2008, Capitol Weekly

Big PUC push for energy-efficient construction - Sep 19, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

Study says greening will raise state's economy - Sep 18, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

Green cement may set CO2 fate in concrete - Sep 1, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle

State considers pay-as-you-drive auto insurance - Jul 15, 2008, Los Angeles Times

Heavy lifting begins in California fight against greenhouse gas emissions - May 29, 2008, Capitol Weekly

Legislative countdown: California takes lead to cut greenhouse gases - Aug 31, 2006, Sacramento Bee

State's historic deal on warming - Aug 31, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

Anti-Global-Warming Effort Faces Business Opposition; A Split With Washington - Aug 31, 2006, Wall Street Journal

Tony Blair Joins Forces With Gov. Schwarzenegger to Fight Global Warming - Jul 31, 2006, Associated Press

Statement on AB 32 from Peter A. Darbee, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corp. - Aug 30, 2006, Peter A. Darbee

Statement by Gov. Schwarzenegger on Historic Agreement with Legislature to Combat Global Warming - Aug 30, 2006, Office of the Governor

A vote of support for state bill to limit greenhouse gases - Aug 30, 2006, The San Jose Mercury News

Inhale, exhale, pass the bill - Aug 29, 2006, Los Angeles Times

Seal the deal on emissions cap - Aug 29, 2006, The San Jose Mercury News

Showdown looms over emissions bill - Aug 29, 2006, Monterey County Herald

Bay Area Council Adopts Supportive Position on AB 32 - Jun 29, 2006, Bay Area Council

State's war on warming - Sep 28, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

California Economists Urge Climate Action - Jun 28, 2006, Morrow Cater

Religious Leaders Call Global Warming Threat to Creation - Jun 28, 2006, Interfaith Power & Light

California to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions - Sep 27, 2006, Copley News Service

Capping greenhouse gases in state could fuel global change - Jul 26, 2006, The San Jose Mercury News

Statewide Survey Shows Strong Global Warming Concern - Jul 26, 2006, NRDC/Environmental Defense

Highly Climactic - Aug 25, 2006, Sacramento Bee

Industry starts to back rules on greenhouse gas - Aug 24, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

Mayors Unite to Fight Global Warming - Aug 23, 2006, Global Warming Action Campaign

Big oil doesn't speak for small business - Aug 21, 2006, San Francisco Examiner

Global warming bill generates political heat - Aug 21, 2006, San Diego Union-Tribune

Businesses divided over California global warming bill - Aug 20, 2006, Daily Breeze

California tackles greenhouse emissions - Apr 18, 2006, Christian Science Monitor

By using less water, Valley residents can cut greenhouse gases - Aug 17, 2006, The San Jose Mercury News

Clearing the air - Aug 17, 2006, The Economist

Getting serious about fighting global warming - Aug 17, 2006, Pasadena Weekly

Cal governor in NYC to link Northeast's emission program - Oct 16, 2006, Associated Press

Yes, it is California's issue - Aug 16, 2006, AprilMo

Global Warming Aggravates the Risk of Catastrophic Wildfires - Jul 15, 2006, Dianne Feinstein

California should be the coolest - Aug 13, 2006, Los Angeles Times

California's Cool(ing) Opportunity - Apr 11, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

Pass AB 32 - Aug 9, 2006, Sacramento Bee

Bill capping emissions is worthy goal - Aug 7, 2006, The San Jose Mercury News

California leads on warming - Aug 5, 2006, The New York Times

THE GREEN STATE: California needs to hustle to stay ahead - Sep 1, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

E2 Statements/Letters

E2 Letter Supporting SB 1368 Implementation Regulations (Aug 2007) (Aug 27, 2007)

Investment Community AB 32 Sign-on Letter (Aug 9, 2006)

Support Letter for AB32 (Jun 26, 2006)

E2 Support Letter for CCAR Forestry Protocols (Oct 3, 2007)

AB 32 VC support letter (Jun 7, 2006)

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February 2007 E2 newsletter article

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A letter to key Assembly Commitee leadership reflecting on the previous year's accomplishments and looking ahead to key actions that will be necessary through 2008.

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Global Warming Impacts Local Government

California Cities are Leaders in Tackling Global Warming

Possible Scenarios of Climate Change in California: Summary and Recommendations
California Climate Change Center report.

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Ten Steps to Success: How CA Can Cut Global Warming Pollution by 25% by 2020

Inventory of California Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2002
Prepared by the California Energy Commission.

Global Climate Change
California Energy Commission report.

Designing a Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program for the U.S.
Pew Center on Global Climate Change report.

Suitability of CA GHG emission sources to a cap-and-trade framework

Effects of Global Warming on California
Factsheet by E2 and Redefining Progress describing the economic impacts global warming could have in California. Compiled while federal Climate Stewardship Act was under consideration.

California Leads the World: Pioneering Solutions to Environmental Problems

Current Status:
E2 Actions:

Support AB 32: Reduce California's Global Warming Pollution! (Jun 26, 2006)

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