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E2’s delegation trips have had significant impact over the years. Each trip is unique and focuses on a different set of issues. More information on federal and state delegation trips can be found here. Questions about any of these trips can be directed to Grant Carlisle, E2 Director of Advocacy.

E2 Quarterly Newsletter: 15 Years of Growth - And Exciting New Changes Ahead

Nov 17-18, 2015 - E2 members from across the country were on Capitol Hill to show business support for the Clean Power Plan and the Paris negotiations as part of our E2 winter DC Forum Nov. 17-18. Participating E2 members participated in a day-long advocacy and communications skills training as part of the Forum.
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Senators, Governors, E2, and You: E2 Quarterly Update

April 27 - 29, 2015 - E2 advocacy trips to Washington, DC have been conducted during historic blizzards and blistering heat waves, so it was a special treat that our 2015 DC Delegation trip coincided with three beautiful spring days in the nation’s capital. Our team this year (some of whom are pictured upper right) consisted of 16 E2 Members who live or do business in over 30 states. The geographic diversity represented on the delegation made it possible for us to schedule meetings with legislators who’ve never met with us before, many of whom are particularly important to advancing climate and clean energy policy.
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E2 Quarterly Update December 2014

Nov 18-19, 2014 - E2 members gathered in Washington DC for the annual Washington Forum. The Forum is one of our signature events, showcasing how E2 membership provides one of the best value propositions for businesspeople who want to make a difference on environmental issues. This year's Forum focused on the President's Climate Action Plan, the Clean Power Plan and federal clean energy policy in light of changing power dynamics in Washington. Through a series of panel discussions it gave participants the opportunity to meet with the policy makers and thought leaders who are designing, implementing and deciding the future of today’s important environmental policies.
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2014 DC Advocacy Trip Recap

March 24-26, 2014 - Despite a late winter snow storm, 16 E2 members flew to Washington DC in late March to put their valuable business experience and passion for a better environment to use in advocating for smart policies out of Washington. With a Congress just emerging from complete partisan gridlock and the administration picking up steam on finally addressing the largest sources of climate change causing carbon pollution, our members once again found themselves in DC at the right time to make a difference.
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2013 E2 Washington DC Forum

November 4, 2013 - On November 4th and 5th, E2 members gathered in Washington DC for the annual Washington Forum. The Forum has become one of our signature events, showcasing how E2 membership provides one of the best value propositions for businesspeople who want to make a difference on environmental issues. This year's Forum focused on the President's Climate Action Plan, and gave participants the opportunity to meet in a roundtable setting with the policy makers and thought leaders who helped design, are currently implementing or are presently deciding the future of what promises to be the hallmark environmental initiative of the Obama presidency.
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2013 Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

April 16, 2013 - At the beginning of 2013, a spending sequester - intended only as an ultimatum to force the two parties in Congress to work together - was allowed to take effect on March 1st.  As sequestration kicked in, budget negotiations for the next year began – so far delivering more drama than action to solve the nation's financial challenges.

Against this backdrop on Capitol Hill, our E2 DC delegation arrived on April 15 to demonstrate strong business support for energy and environmental policies that create sustainable prosperity.
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E2 Advanced Biofuel Legislative Action Day

January 29, 2013 - On January 29, E2 members and delegates traveled to Sacramento for an Advanced Biofuel Legislative Action Day. Opponents of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) have been especially active lately, so our message was needed in Sacramento. Susan Frank, E2 Member and Executive Vice President of Better World Group, provides an excellent summary in Capitol Weekly of the efforts to undermine California's landmark clean air and energy policies.
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2012 Annual DC Washington Forum

November 13, 2012 - This year's E2 Washington Forum brought E2 members to Washington, DC one week after the election and at the start of a busy ‘lame duck’ Congressional session.  Timing could not have been better: our members had a chance to learn about the dynamics of Congress in ‘real time’ and to influence decision-making on legislation that will have lasting effects over the next decade.
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Tenth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

April 18, 2012 - Fourteen delegation members arrived in DC on April 16 for three days of meetings with members of Congress and representatives of the Administration.  Our objective was to highlight the economic growth and job generation inherent in growing a clean energy economy, and to urge Congress to support policies that will keep the U.S. competitive in a global clean energy market currently valued at $2-3 Trillion.

Our delegation, divided into three teams, met with 19 House offices, 16 Senate offices and 5 administration offices, including EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, senior energy officials in the Pentagon, energy leaders in the Government Services Administration, and senior advisors in the White House.  Senator Ron Wyden; Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army; Jon Powers, Federal Environmental Executive Council on Environmental Quality; and Bob Deans, NRDC Director of Federal Communications addressed the delegation at dinner on April 17th.
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2012 ARPA-E Energy Summit

February 29 2012 - E2 Members Attend ARPAE Energy Summit - A delegation of E2 members traveled to Washington to attend the 2012 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, which convened key players from across the energy ecosystem - researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and government officials - to share ideas for developing and deploying the next generation of clean energy technologies. This year's event featured Bill Gates, Founder and Chairman of Microsoft; Fred Smith, Chairman, President and CEO of FedEx; and Lee Scott, former CEO of Wal-Mart; as well as Secretary Chu and Director Majumdar as distinguished keynote speakers.  E2 was a media sponsor for this event.

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First Annual DC Washington Forum

November 2011 - We tried something new this year: an open invitation to all E2 members to join us in Washington DC for the first E2 Forum, a day of training and briefings, followed by meetings with members of Congress on Capitol Hill. Nineteen members joined us for this first E2 Washington Forum. They came from around the country, with widely different industry backgrounds. A number of the participants were new to advocacy work, while a few had considerable experience.
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E2 Members Advocate DOD Partnership

September 2011 - On September 14 a delegation of E2 members and military partners traveled to Washington, D.C. to spread the message that the relationship with the Department of Defense (DOD) is win-win: clean energy solutions make our military more effective and save lives, while DOD procurement drives the American clean energy economy.
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July 2011 Mini-Trips

July 2011 - Small E2 delegations visited the Massachusetts' statehouse to promote safer alternatives to toxic chemicals and to give input to National Ocean Policy Strategy.

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Local Congressional Meetings (Rocky Mountains)

April 2011 - This month, E2 Rockies members held several meetings with state and federal public officials about our chapter’s vision and priorities for a clean energy Colorado where we discussed clean energy development and energy efficiency.
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Ninth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

April 2011 - The E2 DC delegation, led by E2 Co-Founder, Nicole Lederer, arrived in Washington just days after a total government shutdown had been averted literally at the final hour. With Congress barely able to negotiate a budget to keep the government in business, our objective was to seek new allies to reinforce an agenda that promises economic growth and jobs for every region of the country – a winning proposition regardless of the prevailing politics. In a highly partisan environment and amidst aggressive attacks against environmental regulation, our strategy was to de-politicize and advance an agenda for better resource management and efficiency as the path to greater economic, environmental and national security.
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Fifth Annual Albany Trip

June 2010 - With the end of the 2010 New York legislative session near, E2 members Chris Arndt, Andrew Hurwitz, Patty Jen Arndt, Michelle Madden and David Moyar joined NRDC’s New York Legislative Director Rich Schrader, Senior Attorney Kate Sinding, and policy analyst Pierre Bull for E2’s fifth annual lobby trip to Albany.
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American Power Act Advocacy Trip

May 2010 - E2 Delegates from New England traveled to Washington and met with several members of Congress who were key players in the climate bill debates: Senators Scott Brown (MA), Susan Collins (ME) and the legislative assistant for Olympia Snowe (ME). We asked each of them to take a leadership role and work with all their colleagues to support comprehensive climate and energy legislation.
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ARPA-E Conference Trip

March 2010 - Approximately 20 E2 members attended an inaugural conference in Washington, DC, produced by the Department of Energy (DOE) to showcase its advanced energy technology support project, ARPA-E. E2 was a supporting partner for this event. The conference demonstrated that the DOE is a reinvigorated agency, determined to be the seat of innovation and aspiration for a new energy future for the country. While in DC for this conference, several E2 members gathered to meet with Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and with six Senate offices that are crucial in the effort to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy policy.
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Eighth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

February 2010 - In the face of flight and train cancellations and warnings of a total shut down of the eastern seaboard, eight members of our E2 federal advocacy delegation fought their way into Washington DC during the blizzard of the century and showed true commitment to keep their appointments with Senate and Administration leaders. They arrived at a critical moment for federal carbon and clean energy policy, which was hanging in the balance. E2's message that a cap and price on carbon is a critical economic stimulus had never been timelier, as Congress was highly focused on an economic recovery and jobs.
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Fourth Annual Advocacy Trip to Albany

June 2009 - On June 17, a delegation of E2 and NY Council members went to Albany to meet with nine key Senate and Assembly offices to provide economic and environmental support, and keep the pressure on legislators for our two priorities: an electronic waste recycling bill and climate change legislation.
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Seventh Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

May 2009 - On May 12 and 13, E2 members traveled to Sacramento to meet with 57 of the 120 members of the California legislature and the leaders of three state agencies. Our message focused on the economic benefits of existing and proposed state policies in climate, renewable electricity, water efficiency and marine protected areas.
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Seventh Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

April 2009 - The delegation of 18 members from around the country went to Washington on April 21 and 22 to promote a federal cap on carbon emissions and complementary energy and transportation polices as drivers of economic growth and job creation. Our message was that a new, robust, low-carbon energy economy would emerge with the right policies in place.
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Sixth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2008 - The E2 2008 DC delegation arrived in Washington, D.C. at a pivotal time for both global warming policy and support for alternative energy generation issues, and found that there are now more diverse stakeholders ready to come to the table.
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Third Annual Advocacy Trip to Albany

May 2008 - On May 6, New York members were in Albany for E2’s third annual advocacy trip.  E2 met with 14 legislative offices to share the economic case for three priority issues: electronic waste recycling, net metering, and replacement tire efficiency.
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Sixth Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

March 2008 - This marks the fifth year that E2 has made a formal delegation trip to Sacramento and the seventh year that E2 has actively worked for legislation in California. Our first efforts in California started in December of 2001 with the California Clean Cars Bill (AB 1493 - Pavley).
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Second Annual Advocacy Trip to Albany

June 2007 - On June 5, seven E2 New York members traveled to Albany for our second annual advocacy trip. Our two teams  met with 12 state legislators and their staff, as well as representatives from the Assembly Ways & Means Committee and Governor Eliot Spitzer’s Office of the Environment. This year’s trip focused on three important bills aimed at increasing vehicle efficiency and providing incentives for the purchase of hybrids or high-efficiency vehicles.
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Fifth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2007 - On May 9 and 10, 18 E2 members met with 61 members of Congress and four members of the Administration during our fifth annual trip to Washington, DC. This very ambitious trip had four goals: support economy-wide mandatory carbon caps, gain a better understanding of the politics in Congress on climate legislation, advance specific energy legislation, and advance oceans legislation.
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Fifth Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

March 2007 - Eleven E2 members traveled to Sacramento on March 6th for our fourth annual trip. Divided into two groups, we met with members of the Schwarzenegger administration, 22 members of the State Assembly and 11 members of the State Senate. In total, this was more than a quarter of the legislature and our most ambitious trip to date.
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First Advocacy Trip to Albany

June 2006 - On June 14, E2 members Greg Hale, Wendy Neu and John Sullivan went to Albany to urge New York State Senators to pass the New York Oceans and Bay Protection Act.
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Fourth Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2006 - The meetings E2 had this year reflected Capitol Hill's increasing recognition of us as a resource as well as an eagerness to hear our message. We continued to build relationships with offices we'd met with in previous years, while also breaking new ground in both Congress and for the first time, the Department of Commerce.
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Fourth Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

February 2006 - On February 28 a delegation of E2 members met with members of Governor Schwarzenegger's cabinet and members of the California Senate and Assembly. This was our fourth annual trip to the state capitol. This year we focused on three issues:  infrastructure bonds, climate change, and funding for ocean restoration.
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Third Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2005 - On May 11 and 12, eighteen E2 members attended a marathon two days of meetings with over 40 members of Congress. This third annual E2 legislative trip focused on building bipartisan support for addressing global warming, reducing our nation’s dependence on oil, and improving the economic vitality of our oceans.
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Third Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

March 2005 - On March 15, Environmental Entrepreneurs completed our third annual trip to Sacramento. This year, E2 focused on three major state issues: oil dependency and global warming, growth of clean technology companies in California, and smart growth policies.
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Second Annual Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2004 - A delegation of 19 E2 members traveled to Washington, D.C., on May 12 & 13 to meet with 57 members of Congress or their staffs. We focused on five issues: the Climate Stewardship Act, oceans policy, economic advantages of environmental policies, nuclear waste cleanup and California water policy.
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Second Annual Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

March 2004 - On March 11, a delegation of 12 E2 members traveled to Sacramento to meet with 25 legislators, new state administration officials and their staffs to discuss E2's environmental priorities for 2004. We met with Governor Schwarzenegger, his secretaries responsible for his environmental agenda, and with Treasurer Angelides. We also had meetings with 20 members of the Senate and Assembly.
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First Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC

May 2003 - On May 20th and 21st a delegation of 14 E2 members met with 28 Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC. The meetings exceeded our expectations as we established visibility for E2 in Washington, discussed up to six issues with each of the legislators, and arranged follow-up activities. 
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First Advocacy Trip to Sacramento

January 2003 - On January 22, a delegation of E2 members traveled to Sacramento to talk with state decision makers. We met with 27 members from the California Assembly, Senate and the Administration. During these meetings, E2 members talked about our concerns about passing the state budget, moving forward on reducing climate change, defending the coastal program, supporting producer responsibility for electronic waste, encouraging green building in California, and developing a strategy for California to protect itself from federal environmental rollbacks.
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"It was a pleasure meeting with E2 during their recent visit to Washington. Our economic and environmental interests should always be closely aligned so I commend E2’s business leaders for their work. President Obama’s environmental and energy policies are driven by a fundamental principal that a strong, sustainable economy and a healthy environment go hand in hand."
Nancy Sutley, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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