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October 18, 2021

Dear Senator:
As business leaders and investors who know that good environmental policies can also be good for business, and that climate change poses an undeniable threat to our economy, we ask that you reject Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and instead insist that the agency be headed by a qualified individual who supports the mission and objectives for which it was founded. 
Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders who advocate for smart policies that create jobs and drive economic growth while also protecting our environment. Our members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital.
The basic mission of the EPA is to protect Americans’ health and the environment by ensuring clean air, water and land. Yet, the standards EPA puts in place as required by law – such as those to curb carbon emissions – can also drive economic growth and create jobs. The EPA and NHTSA fuel economy standards, for instance, have encouraged the U.S. auto industry to produce cleaner and more efficient vehicles. The results have been clear: 2016 was the best year for U.S. new vehicle sales, ever. So in other words, automakers have managed to incorporate better fuel economy standards while growing their market and benefitting their bottom lines.
Similarly, the EPA’s current and planned limits on power plant emissions are helping drive unprecedented growth in the clean energy industry. Today more than 2.5 million Americans  go to work every day in clean energy jobs, thanks to the growth of the solar, wind and energy efficiency sectors. Like any other business, the clean energy sector reacts to market signals like those created by federal policy. These are good American jobs that benefit from smart leadership at EPA.  That is why any EPA Administrator must be committed to fulfilling the mission of that agency and enforcing the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Acts, which keep dangerous pollutants out of our air and water, and encourage investment and job growth in clean energy and other businesses creating innovative solutions to reduce pollution.
In contrast to the economic benefits that clean energy and other resource efficiency technologies provide, the costs of climate change are undermining our economy across the board.  Extreme weather events, drought and flooding, transport disruptions, and increased geopolitical instability all create unmanageable risks for businesses.
Considering these factors, it is clear we need a forward-thinking EPA Administrator who supports both a healthy environment and a growing economy. Unfortunately, Attorney General Pruitt does not begin to satisfy these basic requirements.
Mr. Pruitt has no environmental accomplishments in his record and does not believe in EPA’s mission.  He has repeatedly sued EPA to block clean air and clean water standards founded in our bedrock environmental laws. He denies the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and driven by human-made air pollution. 
There is a long bipartisan consensus in this country of supporting clean air, clean water and ensuring that government policies do not hurt American jobs. Mr. Pruitt’s views lie clearly outside of that consensus.
The Senate should not confirm him.

Dan Abrams (California)
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Lara Abrams (Ohio)
Lara Abrams Communications
Clifford Adams (New York)
Managing Director, Coady Diemar Partners
Joel Adams (North Carolina)
Raymond James
Judith Albert (New York)
Chair, Board of Directors, Cornerstone Capital Group
Brian Alexy (California)
Sales Engineer, San Diego Mechanical Energy
Larry Aller (Massachusetts)
Managing Director of Business Development & Sales, BlueWave Solar
John Andersen, Jr. (Illinois)
President, Greenleaf Advisors, LLC
Cassy Aoyagi (California)
President, FormLA Landscaping, Inc
Eric Apfelbach (Wisconsin)
President and CEO, ZBB Energy Corporation
Lindsay Arell (Colorado)
Sustainable Programs Manager, Colorado Convention Center
Cate Armstrong (Colorado)
Christopher Arndt (Colorado)
Founder & President, Cornet Creek Foundation
Patty Arndt (Colorado)
Hadley Arnold (California)
Arid Lands Institute
Sam Arons (California)
Director of Sustainability, Lyft
Jelle Atema (Massachusetts)
Professor, Boston University
Nancy Bakeman (Minnesota)
Program Director, Energy & Environmental Bldg Alliance
Todd Baldwin (California)
Solar City
Fred Bamber (California)
Managing Director, Spartina LLC
Mary Barber (Colorado)
Sustainability Warrior
Dora Barlaz Hanft (New York)
Scott Baron (Illinois)
Global Product Line Director, ACCIONA Windpower North America, LLC
Bob Barton (Vermont)
CEO, Catalyst Financial Group, Inc.
Caroline Bauhaus (California)
Education Consultant, Equity & Access
Mark Bauhaus (California)
Principal & Founder, Bauhaus Productions Consulting
Patricia Bauman (District of Columbia)
President, Bauman Foundation
Frank Baumgardt (Colorado)
Renewable Energy Advisor, Consultant
Daryl Beardsley (Massachusetts)
Consulting Industrial Engineer
Jon Becker (Colorado)
Board President, Trees, Water & People
Mitchell Beer
President, Smarter Shift
Karen Begin (California)
Development Director, Environment, San Diego Habitat for Humanity
Elizabeth Bekiroglu (Washington)
Associate General Counsel, Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Tim Bell (North Carolina)
Owner, Green River Adventures
Dave Belote (Virginia)
Managing Partner & CEO, DARE Strategies LLC
Jeff Bennett (Colorado)
Founder, Big Kid Science
Lisa Bennett (Colorado)
Chris Bentley (Colorado)
Business Development, Independent Power Systems
Chris Bergen (Colorado)
Principal, Altis Energy Services, LLC
Seth Berkman (Massachusetts)
Energy Market Analyst, SourceOne
Eric Berman (Washington)
President and Co-Chair, E8 Angels
Luann Berman (Washington)
Tony Bernhardt, PhD (California)
Board Member, Resources for the Future
Marcella Bernstein (California)
Stuart Bernstein (California)
Founding Member, Sustainable Capital LLC
Larry Birenbaum (California)
Partner, LAD Climate Fund
Alix Blair (California)
Maureen Blanc (California)
Director, Charge Across Town
Geri Blitzman (Massachusetts)
New England Growth Associate
Tina Boniface (Colorado)
marketing specialist, Independent Power Systems
Melissa Booth (North Carolina)
Climate Scientist, NOAA
Ashley Boren (California)
Executive Director, Sustainable Conservation
Dara Bortman (Pennsylvania)
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Exact Solar
Mark Bortman (Pennsylvania)
Owner, Exact Solar
David Bowen (California)
Software Engineer, Google
Bill Boyk (Oregon)
CEO/Founder, GyroVolts by Ameristar Solar, LLC
Diane Boyk (Oregon)
James Brache (Colorado)
VP & Deputy Regional Manager - Americas, Zurich
Sharon Bradley (District of Columbia)
President, Bradley Site Design
Deanna Bratter (Colorado)
Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development, Danone North America
Eliza Brown (California)
John Bryant (District of Columbia)
Barbara Brenner Buder (California)
VP of Finance & Administration, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Jim Bunch (California)
Chairman, Green Chamber
Rita Burgess (California)
Burgess Architects
Jim Burness (Colorado)
CEO, National Car Charging
Loren Burnett (Colorado)
Chairman, e-Chromic Technologies
Adriane Busby (Colorado)
Staff Attorney, Ryley Carlock Applewhite
Jim Cabot (Massachusetts)
Cabot Strategies
Vince Calvano (Colorado)
Attorney & Business Owner, Vincent P. Calvano, LLC.
Hamilton Candee (California)
Partner, Altshuler Berzon LLP
Jeff Canin (Washington)
CEO, MTEK Energy Solutions
Andrew Carlson (Colorado)
Tetra Tech
Evelyn Carpenter (Colorado)
President and CEO, Solas Energy Consulting
Jeffrey Cassis
Eric Chan (New York)
President, Ecco Design
Amer Chaudhry (Illinois)
Proj. Manager, SANA+Partners
Jackie Chelemedos (Minnesota)
Director of Finance, Renewtech LLC
John Cheney (California)
CEO, Silverado Power LLC
Stacie Cheng (California)
Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Dell
Roger Choplin (California)
Proprietor / Owner, Our Earth Music, Inc.
Sattie Clark (Oregon)
Owner, Founder, Eleek Incorporated, VOIS Alliance
Peter Coffin (Massachusetts)
President, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Tom Cole (California)
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Brooke Coleman (Washington)
Assistant Professor, Seattle University Law School
Ann Colley (New York)
Christine Comaford (California)
Leadership Coach, Novus Ventures
Andrea Cook (California)
Jeff Cook (Massachusetts)
Environmental Careers Organization
Holly Corn (California)
Holly Corn, MD, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
D. Rafael Coven (Pennsylvania)
SVP Business Development, PaceControls
Ruth F. Cox (California)
CEO and Executive Director, Prospect Silicon Valley
Rich Crawford (Colorado)
CEO, Midwest Wind Resources
Catherine Crystal Foster (California)
Carleen Cullen (California)
Matt Cumberworth (Illinois)
Operations Manager, Clean Energy Renewables
Andrew Currie (Colorado)
Impact Investor, Active Minds LLC
Linda Curtis (New York)
John Cusack (New York)
Financial Services Risk Management, Maplecroft Limited
Mary Ann Cusenza (California)
Independent Consultant for high tech and cleantech companies
Gemma Daggatt (Washington)
Peggy Dalal (California)
Yogen Dalal (California)
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
Diane Dandeneau (Colorado)
CEO, IPower Alliance
Peter Danzig (California)
CEO, Panier Analytics
Eric Davies (Massachusetts)
CEO, Davies Murphy Group
Jennifer Davis
The Philanthropy Workshop
Jeremy Deems (Colorado)
CFO, Portfolio Manager, Green Alpha Advisors, LLC
Angell Deer (New York)
Former Founder and Chairman, Sequoia Lab
Rick DeGolia (California)
Chairman of the Board, Peninsula Clean Energy
Bill DeLacy (Oregon)
Advisory Board Member and EVP Business Development, Midis Group
Michael Delapa (California)
DeLapa Consulting
Anne Delehunt (California)
Marketing Consultant, Delehunt-Ricketts
Christopher Delp (Florida)
Corporate Counsel, WTEC
Chris Dennett (Oregon)
Director of Strategy and Integration, The Tofurky Company
Heather Dennett (Oregon)
Kaiser Permanente
Sheila Dennis (Massachusetts)
Director, Principal Gifts, Harvard Divinity School
Sam DiBaggio (Colorado)
Trinity Consultants
Carol DiBenedetto (California)
Fundraising, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Consultant, Go for the Green Strategies
Pete Dignan (Colorado)
Founder, Ever Better, PBC
Dino Dobbins (California)
Sales Engineer, North American Repower
Ann Doerr (California)
John Doerr (California)
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers
Mike Dorsey (California)
Managing Partner, The Westly Group
Elizabeth Dreicer (California)
Co-Founder & CEO, KUITY Corp.
Ted Driscoll (California)
Managing Partner, DigitalDx Ventures
Tom Duckett (Colorado)
Director Construction Development, RES Americas
Patricia Durham (California)
Aaron Durnbaugh (Illinois)
Director of Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago
Tim Dwight (Iowa)
Owner, Integrated Power Corporation
William C. Eacho (Maryland)
U.S. Ambassador, retired; Partner & Co-Founder, Partnership for Responsible Growth
Robert Earley (New York)
Principal, Armor Capital
Frank Ebbert (Virginia)
Principal, Landwave Architectures
Karen Eggerman (California)
Kevin Eigel (Ohio)
EcoHouse Solar
Scott Elliott (Washington)
Software Architect, WatchGuard Technologies
Jill Ellis (Illinois)
Administrative Assistant, Energy Systems Group
Mat Elmore (Colorado)
Managing Director, Mtn Region, Pivot Energy
Bob Epstein (California)
Director / Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Homeyra Eshaghi (California)
Graphic Designer, Khosh Design
Nurul Eusufzai (Illinois)
Consultant, Net Impact Chicago
Jason Evans (Washington)
Principal, Tuusso Energy
Ashley Ewing (Colorado)
Holland and Hart
Bill Farland (Colorado)
Professor, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences, Colorado State University
Lynn Feintech (California)
Jerry Feitelson (California)
CEO, Agribody Technologies, Inc.
Alison Fiedman (Massachusetts)
Rate It Green
Mike Fisher (Iowa)
Vice-President, Impact7G, Inc.
Kevin Fitzwilliam (Louisiana)
Regional Account Manager, Joule Energy
Maxwell Fleming (Colorado)
Programs & Efficiency Manager, EcoSystems
Jon Foster (California)
Chief Financial Officer, Nauto
Zach Foster (New York)
Operations Associate, Armor Capital
Chris Fowle (New York)
VP, Investor Initiatives, CDP
Karen Francis (California)
Board Member, Telenav
David R Frankel (Washington)
WA Lawyers for Sustainability
Alan Frasz (Ohio)
President, Dovetail Wind and Solar
Lisa Gansky (California)
Non-Executive Director, 11:FS
Bonnie Gemmell (California)
CEO, Spicer Bags
Rob Gemmell (California)
Managing Principal, Addwater Design & Marketing
Tushar Gheewala (California)
Independent Computer Hardware Professional, Gamewalas
Nancy Gail Goebner (California)
Owner, Gardenpeach Place
Jeevan Goff (New York)
President, Lotus Energy
Susan Goldhor (Massachusetts)
Biologist, C.A.R.S.
Dan Goldman (Massachusetts)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Clean Energy Venture Group
Diana Goldman (Massachusetts)
Founder, ICanPlanIt
Ken Goldsholl (California)
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Nancy Goldsholl (California)
Andy Goldstein (Colorado)
Wes Goldstein (California)
Operating Partner, Energy Impact Partner
Ron Gonen (New York)
Co-Founder & CEO, RecycleBank
Robert Gonguuer (Iowa)
Sales Manager, Ideal Energy Inc
Jennifer Gooding
Todd Gossett (Virginia)
VP, Corporate Development, SES Government Solutions
Susan Graf (Colorado)
Business Advisor
Michael Gray (Colorado)
Sales & Marketing, Stellar Energy Contractors
Adam Gregory (Colorado)
Microgrid Solutions, Shell New Energies
Kate Greswold (California)
Manager, TOSA Foundation
Jack Griffith (Michigan)
Infrared Energy Analysis
Marianna Grossman (Oregon)
Founder and Managing Partner, Minerva Ventures
Garrett Gruener (California)
Co-Founder and Director, Alta Partners
Eric Grunebaum (Massachusetts)
Partner, Bequia Securities
Freeman Hall (California)
Solar Electric Solutions
Doug Hammer (California)
Kristina Hancock (California)
Esq, Withers Bergman
Noah Hanft (New York)
President & CEO, International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Louise Hara
John Harper (Massachusetts)
Principal, Birch Tree Capital, LLC
RJ Harrington (Colorado)
President & CEO, Sustainable Action Consulting PBC
Susan Harrington (California)
Anne Harris (Massachusetts)
Berl Hartman (Massachusetts)
E2 New England Chapter Director, Hartman Consulting
Hyman Hartman (Massachusetts)
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Hattendorf (California)
Head of Investments, Mulago Foundation
Diana Hawkins (California)
Paula Hawthorn, PhD (California)
Carol Hazenfield (California)
Owner, Persuasive Speaking
Sheryl Heckmann (California)
Event Coordinator, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
Ward Hendon (New Mexico)
Managing Partner, Dangerous Ventures
Heather Henriksen (Massachusetts)
Director, Office for Sustainability, Harvard University
James Higgins (California)
Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jill Tate Higgins (California)
Investor, Director, gDiapers
Gregory Hill (Oregon)
Shiela Hingorani (California)
First Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Rick Holmstrom (California)
Partner & Vice Chairman, Menlo Equities
Greg Hopkins (Colorado)
Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute
John Hopkins (District of Columbia)
Vice President - Energy & Infrastructure, Astris Finance LLC
Susan Hopp (California)
Principal, SeaChange Waste Management
Mike Hornsby (New Jersey)
Patricia Hovey (New York)
President/CEO, North Fork Renewables Group
Cullen Howe (New York)
Senior Policy Analyst, NRDC
Donald Howerter (Illinois)
Energy Services/Project Manager, Ruyle Mechanical Services
Robin Hruska (Washington)
Katherine Humpstone (New York)
David Hurwitz (Massachusetts)
President, Garnett Consulting
Nancy Israel (Massachusetts)
Principal, Law Office of Nancy D. Israel
Pam Jacklin (Oregon)
Stoel Rives
Craig Jacobson (Missouri)
Energy Resources Group Inc
Donna Jarecki (New York)
Tom Jarecki (New York)
Business Development Director, PsychoGenics
Dwannver Jessie (Michigan)
Inside Account Manager, Walker-Miller Energy Services
Lars Johansson (Washington)
Manager, Element E8 Fund
Charlene Kabcenell (California)
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Derry Kabcenell (California)
Former Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Suparna Kadam (New Jersey)
Senior Director of Business Development, Pivot Energy
Michael Kahane (California)
Suzanne Kahane (California)
Jerome Kalur (Montana)
Attorney at Law
Ron Kamen (New York)
Founder, EarthKind Energy
Archie Kasnet (Massachusetts)
Founder & President, Regenerate, LLC
Greg Kats (District of Columbia)
President , Capital E
Jonathan Kaufelt (California)
Private Investor; Former Attorney, ClientEarth
Taber Keally (Massachusetts)
Donahue Associates
Jane Kearns (New York)
Senior Associate, The Black Emerald Group
Bob Keefe (California)
E2 Executive Director
Arthur Keller (California)
Managing Partner, Minerva Consulting
Marie Kent (Oregon)
Office Manager, The Oregon Service Center (Appliances)
Eric Kentor (California)
Consultant-Legal Advisor
Kristphoser Kifzynski (Illinois)
Engineering consultant, Kw Engineering
Jeff King (California)
Jeff King & Company
Michael King (Massachusetts)
Vice President, Selectech
Steven Kiralla (California)
Eco Dad, Kids in the House
Peter Kirby (Massachusetts)
Board Director, Governance Committee Chair, Plaxall, Inc.
John Kivlin (Wisconsin)
President, Convergence Energy
Charly Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder & Investor, KL Felicitas Foundation
Lisa Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation
Charles Knowles (California)
Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Network
Stephanie Knowles (California)
Jeremy Koch (New York)
Board Member, Treasurer, The Clemente Course in the Humanities
Stephen Koch (California)
Principal, Baker Street Associates
Nick Kolesar (Pennsylvania)
Student, Penn State University
Ross Koningstein (California)
Director of Engineering, Emeritus, Google
Chip Krauskopf (California)
VP Business Development, Aditazz
Fred Kraybill (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Blvd Group
Bill Kristan (Pennsylvania)
Consultant, POH Architects
Pete Krull (North Carolina)
CEO & Director of Investments, Earth Equity Advisors, LLC
Venkat Kumar (Illinois)
Principal, VK Energy Consulting, LLC
Sue Kunz (Colorado)
CEO, ThriveOn Group
Jason Lake (California)
Director of Sales and Marketing, IntelliFlux Controls
Gina Lambright (California)
Managing Partner, TOZ Consulting
Jessica Langsam (Massachusetts)
Dick Lawrence
Co-founder, Director, Aspo USA
Ador Lazar
Lifespring Financial, Inc.
Sue Learned-Driscoll (California)
Administrator, Stanford University
Nicole Lederer (California)
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Andrew Legge (California)
Havelock Wool
Sam Leichman (California)
Director of Finance, Propeller Industries
Michael Lesser (Massachusetts)
Director, S3IDF
Jason Lewis (Oregon)
Consultant, North Highland Consultants
Florence Liddell (New York)
Mark Liffmann (Washington)
CEO & Founder, Omnidian, Inc.
J.D. Lindeberg (Michigan)
Principal - Vice President, Resource Recycling Systems Inc.
Elaine Lindenmayer (California)
Justin Lindenmayer
Mike Liquori (California)
Principal, Sound Watershed Consulting
Jonathan Livingston (California)
Founder, The Gaea Prize
Patricia Lloyd (Illinois)
Sustainability Manager, Leopardo Companies, Inc.
Jane Long (California)
Alison Long Poetsch (California)
Principal, SHR Investments
Amy Longsworth (Massachusetts)
Director, Boston Green Ribbon Commission
Marc Lopata (Missouri)
Free Island Energy
Charles Lord (Massachusetts)
Principal, RENEW Energy Partners
Renee Loveland (Oregon)
Director of Sustainability, Gerding Edlen
John Luongo (California)
CEO, Mentor
Sonaar Luthra (California)
CEO, Water Canary
Tracy Lyons (California)
Mark MacCracken (New Jersey)
CEO, CALMAC Mfg. Corp.
Steve MacKay (California)
Principal, Scourie Network Partners
John Maclean (Washington)
Principal, NW New Energy
Bill Malloch (Oregon)
General Manager, Environmental Business Operations, Nike
Lori Malloy (New York)
Special Counsel, Fred F. French Investing LLC
Timon Malloy (New York)
President, Fred F. French Investing LLC
Drew Maran (California)
Founder and Vice President, Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Ryan Martens (Colorado)
Mentor, TechStars
Wynn Martens (Colorado)
Outreach, University of Colorado
Don Martinez (Colorado)
Senior Corespondent, Lima Charlie News
Kristin Martinez (Washington)
CFO, OneEnergyRenewables
Raj Mashruwala (California)
RJ Mastic (Colorado)
VP of Sales, Ecosystems
Gino Mazzanti (California)
Law Offices of Gino Mazzanti
Susan McCord (California)
John McGarry (Washington)
Investor - Retired
Allen McGonagill (Massachusetts)
Head of Strategy, The Purple Carrot
Claire McKenna (Massachusetts)
Electrical Engineer, Solar Design Associates
Tom McKinnon (Colorado)
CTO, Agribotix
Steve Melink (Ohio)
Founder & CEO, Melink Corporation
John Melo (California)
CEO, Amyris
Andy Mendelsohn (California)
Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies, Oracle
Judith Ann Mendelsohn (California)
Luke Meyer (Missouri)
Project Manager, Brightergy
Aaron Michels (Missouri)
Energy Resources Group Inc
Lisa Mihaly (California)
David Miller (Massachusetts)
Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group
Karen Miller (Massachusetts)
President, Belly Shmooze
Tim Miller (Oregon)
President and CEO, Green Lite Motors Corp.
Brenden Millstein (California)
CEO, Carbon Lighthouse
Sarah Milne (California)
Joe Minnich (Illinois)
Owner, Minnich Insulation, Inc
Kate Mitchell (California)
Co-Founder and Partner, Scale Venture Partners
Wes Mitchell (California)
Board Member, Foto Forum, SFMOMA
Linda Moffat (Colorado)
Managing Director, Sustainable Collaborations Group
Maryam Mohit (California)
Carol Moné (California)
Producer & Owner, Our Earth Productions
John Montgomery (California)
President, Lex Ultima
Andrew Moon (New York)
Co-Founder and CEO, SunFarmer
Hiroshi Morihara (Oregon)
President, HM3 Energy
Kevin Morse (Colorado)
Managing Director, Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital
David Moyar (New York)
President & CEO, MEI Hotels Inc.
Emilie Munger Ogden (California)
Alyson Myers (District of Columbia)
President, Fearless Fund
Sam Myers (Massachusetts)
Jeni Nagle (Colorado)
Ela Family Farms
Jim Nail (Massachusetts)
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Steven Natali (Colorado)
Susan Nedell (Colorado)
E2 Mtn West Advocate
Carl Nettleton (California)
President, Nettleton Strategies LLC
Armand Neukermans (California)
CEO, Adagio
Eliane Neukermans (California)
Dumitru Nicolaescu (Illinois)
Vice-President, co-owner, Green Attic Insulation
Al Nierenberg (Massachusetts)
President, Evergreen Consulting & Training
John Nordin (Massachusetts)
Co-founder, My Town Solar
Tori Nourafchan (California)
Julia Novy-Hildsey (Oregon)
Kathy Nyrop (California)
David O'Connor (Massachusetts)
Senior VP, Energy and Clean Techologies, ML Strategies
Anne O'Grady (Nevada)
Standish O'Grady (Nevada)
Director of Board of Directors, Smule, Inc.
David O'Leary (Maryland)
Angel Investor, Investor's Circle
Alan O'Shea (Michigan)
CEO, Contractors Building Supply Inc.
Doug Ogden (California)
CEO, North Ridge Investment Management
Joel Olsen (North Carolina)
Founder, O2 Energies
Tim Olsen (Colorado)
Advanced Energy System
Genny Orr
Larry Orr (California)
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Michael Brian Orr (Washington)
Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems
Annette Osso (Virginia)
Owner, Marion Enterprises
Jessica Oster (Iowa)
Wendy Pabich (Massachusetts)
President, Water Futures
Barbara Page (California)
Co-Founder, Anthropocene Institute, LLC
Carl Page (California)
Board Member, Apparent Energy
Whitney Painter (Colorado)
Partner, Buglet Solar Electric Installation
Laura Pallin (California)
Sales Associate, Climb Real Estate Group
Jim Panttaja (California)
R&D Advisor, Conversa Health
Mary Panttaja (California)
Vice President, Product Management, RebelVox
Julie Parish (California)
The Parish Fund
Will Parish (California)
Allison Parks (Colorado)
Conscious Real Estate
Chad Parsons (Ohio)
Ecolibrium Solar
Neela Patel (California)
Executive Director of Business Engagement, Seattle Genetics
John Patterson (Oregon)
President, Neil Kelly Co.
Martha Perez (Oregon)
Jeffrey Perlman (New York)
Founder and President, Bright Power
Ron Pernick (Oregon)
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clean Edge
Scott Piper (Illinois)
Owner/Architect, SPM Architects
Ethan Podell (New York)
President, Babel Networks Limited
Jeff Poetsch (California)
Principal, JCP Advisors
Doug Poffinbarger (California)
Director, Sustainable Communities, 3fficent Energy
Dan Purtell (California)
Partner, Altshuler Berzon Nussbaum Rubin and Demain
Jake Raden (California)
Researcher, Portfolio Mgr
Jody Raeford (Pennsylvania)
Aftercare Program Director, Foundation of HOPE
Robin Raj (California)
Founder, Citizen Group
Michael D Ramage (Washington)
President/CEO, Asemblon Inc.
Mark Randall (California)
President/CEO, T2 Energy
David Readerman (California)
Managing Member, Endurance Capital Partners, LLC
John Redding (California)
Attorney at Law, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP
Austin Reed (Iowa)
Emily Reichert (Massachusetts)
Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs
Adam Rentschler (Colorado)
CEO, Valid Evaluation, Inc.
Theo Revlock (California)
Principal, Q Architecture
Jack Ricci (Colorado)
Michael Richter (New York)
Partner, Environmental Capital Partners
Grant Ricketts (California)
CEO and Co-Founder, Tripos Software, Inc.
Kate Ridgway (California)
Real Estate Professional
Jessica Robbins (District of Columbia)
Associate, Sol Systems
John Robbins (North Carolina)
President, Greathorn Properties, Inc.
Brett Robinson (Wisconsin)
Principal, Green Circuit
Jack Robinson (Massachusetts)
Vice Chair and Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management
Liz Robinson (Pennsylvania)
Executive Director, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association
Sarah Robinson (Massachusetts)
Founding Partner, WeSpire
Laurance Rockefeller (New York)
Wendy Gordon Rockefeller (New York)
Raphael Rosen (California)
President and Cofounder, Carbon Lighthouse
David Rosenstein (California)
President, Intex Solutions
Bill Rosenzweig (California)
Joan Rossetti (Massachusetts)
Chair, Environmental Affairs Committee of the Prudential Center Residents' Association
Amy Roth (California)
Laurie Rothenberg (New York)
Tom Roush (New York)
Private Investor and Environmental Activist
Jacqueline Royce (Massachusetts)
Independent Scholar
Matthew Rudey (New York)
Founder and Co-CEO, Just Energy, LLC
Julie Rudick (California)
Stuart Rudick (California)
Partner, Mindful Investors, LLC
Philip Ruegger (New York)
Chairman, Executive Committee, Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, LLP
Rebecca Ruegger (New York)
Bill Ryall (New York)
Partner, Ryall Sheridan Architects
Jessica Rykert-Holt (Oregon)
OTR/L, CHT, Kaiser Permanente
Paul Salinger (California)
VP, Marketing, Oracle
Ben Samuels (Colorado)
Analyst, BMC Investments
Joseph Sanchez (Virginia)
Partner, COO, SolarFour
Marci Sanders (Maryland)
Energy Efficiency Programs Director, D+R International
Frank Sandoval (Colorado)
Principal, Pajarito Technologies
John Santoleri (New York)
Partner, StoneWork Capital
Ella Saunders (Massachusetts)
Tedd Saunders (Massachusetts)
CSO, The Saunders Hotel Group
Claudine Schneider (Colorado)
President, Claudine, Inc. Consulting
Vanessa Schoenecker (Colorado)
Sustainability Consultant, National Park Service
Ilana Schoenfeld (Massachusetts)
Co-Founder, Hoot Owl Media
Fred Schulze (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Schumann (California)
Thomas Schumann Capital LLC
David Schwartz (California)
Director, Cleantech Research, PARC, a Xerox Company
James Schwartz (Connecticut)
Vice President, Independence Solar
Paul Schwartz (Massachusetts)
Goodwin Procter LLP
Tom Sciacca (Massachusetts)
Co-founder, Intelligen Energy Systems
Ken Scott (Illinois)
Account Executive, Brook Electrical Supply
Lauren Scott (California)
Paul Scott (California)
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Transportation Power Inc
Lt Gen (ret) Noman Seip (Virginia)
Owner, NS Solutions, LLC
Joel Serface (Florida)
Independent Consultant
Abe Serrano (California)
Founder & Director of Design, Water UX
Maureen Sertich (Michigan)
Sustainability Leader, Whirlpool
Tim Sexton (California)
Principal, Make Good Group
Douglas Shackelford (District of Columbia)
Managing Partner, Exselleration
Sunil Shah (California)
Engineering Manager, Mesosphere, Inc.
Bob Shatten (Massachusetts)
Principal, Boreal Renewable Energy Development
Cathleen Shattuck (Washington)
Creative Director, evluma
Bonnie Shaw (California)
President, Clear Point Agency
John Shegerian (California)
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.
Tammy Shegerian (California)
Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Recyclers
Bart Sheldrake (Colorado)
Partner, Buglet Solar Electric Installation
Laura Shenkar (California)
CEO, Lifestock, Inc.
Michael Shepard
President, E Source
Dan Sherman (California)
Litigation and Technology, Genentech
Christine Sherry (California)
Sherry Consulting
Jack Shu (California)
President, Cleveland National Forest Foundation
Amy Silber (Massachusetts)
Consultant, Clean Energy Venture Fund
Carol Sim
Environmental Affairs Director, Alaska Airlines
Barbara Simons (California)
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Eric Simons (Colorado)
Eolus Consulting
Sid Singh (Pennsylvania)
Partner, Strategic Finance Group
Jon Slangerup (California)
Industrial Advisor, EQT Group
Amy Slater (California)
Vice President of Sales, Palo Alto Networks
Sandra Slater (California)
Director, Northern California, Cool City Challenge
Sarah Slaughter (Massachusetts)
Principal, Sarah Slaughter and Associates
Alexander Smith (California)
Client Advisor, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Greg Smith (Ohio)
President, GSS Consulting, LLC
Dan Smolen (Virginia)
Managing Director, The Dan Smolen Experience
Bob Solger (Missouri)
Managing Partner, Solar Design Studio
Blake Southerland (Nevada)
Solar Project Manager, Universal Solar Direct
Laura Sparks (Colorado)
Joe Spease (Missouri)
CEO, WindSoHy
Dany St-Pierre (Florida)
President, Cleantech Expansion llc
Michael Stavy (Illinois)
Principal, Michael Stavy, Renwable Energy Economist
Matt Stedl (Illinois)
Principal, Tradewind Energy, LLC
Margaret Stenftenagel (Illinois)
Mark Stenftenagel (Illinois)
CEO and Principal, Whitney Inc.
Jake Sterling
Ricky Stern (Massachusetts)
Founder, Executive Director, E Inc
Justin Sternberg (California)
Managing Director, Continuum Industries
Emma Stewart (California)
Sustainability Officer, Netflix
Cliff Stigall (Missouri)
Sales and Marketing Mgr., Energysaver LED
John Street (Colorado)
Business Development, MaxGen Energy Services
Steve Sunderman (Virginia)
Architect/ Energy Advisor, Terrazia
Karen Sweeney (Iowa)
Energy Analyst, The Energy Group
Randy Talley (North Carolina)
CEO, Green Sage Café
Girard Tarr (Michigan)
VP, Wind Secure
Betsy Taylor (Maryland)
President of the Board and Founder, 1Sky
Peter Testa (Illinois)
President, Testa Produce
Sven Thesen (California)
Founder & CEO, BeniSol Solar, ProjectGreenHome.org
Andrew Thomaides (Colorado)
Chief Operating Officer, New Law Business Model
Lava Thomas (California)
Todd Thorner (District of Columbia)
CEO, JTN Energy
Todd Thorner (California)
CEO / Founder, JTN Energy
Cariad Thronson (California)
CEO, Forefront Marketing & Communications
Robert Thronson (California)
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Donn Tice (California)
CEO, Greenline Industries
Christopher Tilley (California)
COEO & President, ENGIE Storage
Sharon Tilley (California)
Director of Product Management, Fair Isaac & Co
Emily Tjeerdsma (Illinois)
Partner | Architect, 2 Point Perspective
Ian Todreas (Massachusetts)
Vice President, ERG
Ellen Tohn (Massachusetts)
Founder & Principal, Tohn Environmental Strategies
Todd Travaille (Nebraska)
Owner/President, USA Insulation
Doug Trimbach (North Carolina)
Vice President and Director, Lighting Services, Energy Optimizers, USA
Terry Trumbull (California)
Trumbull Law Firm-Chairman, CA Waste Management Board, 1979-84
Zach Tucker (Missouri)
Founder, Good Meets World
Mike Ubell (California)
Treasurer/Recorder, OpenOakland
Brian Uher (District of Columbia)
Managing Partner, J Squared
Amy Van Beek (Iowa)
Co-Founder, Designer, Ideal Energy Inc
Troy Van Beek (Iowa)
CEO, Ideal Energy Inc
Thomas Van Dyck (California)
Managing Director - Financial Advisor , RBC Wealth Management
Lorna Vander Ploeg (California)
Mark Vander Ploeg (California)
Senior Managing Director - Retired, Evercore Partners
Mark Vasu (Massachusetts)
Advisor, Greentown labs
Walt Vernon (California)
CEO / Founder, Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch
Jennifer Vervier (Colorado)
Director of Sustainability & Strategic Projects, New Belgium Brewing Co., Inc.
Paul Viau (Massachusetts)
Kristin Victor (California)
Founder LEED-AP, Sustainability Matter
Donna Vincent Roa
Managing Partner & Chief Strategist , Vincent Roa Group, LLC
Eric Vines (Oregon)
Executive Director, World Forestry Center
Robert Vogl (Illinois)
President, The Illinois Renewable Energy Association
Brian Von Herzen (Oregon)
Executive Director, The Climate Foundation
Mechthild von Knobelsdorff (Massachusetts)
Story Coach & Trainer
Dan Von Seggern (Washington)
Staff Attorney, The Center for Environmental Law & Policy
Charlotte Walker (Connecticut)
President & Founder, TSF Management, Inc.
Tracy Walklet (California)
Terra-Vista, Inc.
Alex Wall (Oregon)
Corporate Counsel, Privacy, Rimini Street
Katie Walsh (New York)
Manager, CDP Cities North America
Valerie Walsh (Colorado)
Sustainability Strategist, Walsh Sustainability Group
Carolyn Wapnick (Maryland)
Co-founder & CSO, Bambeco
Kevin Warren (Pennsylvania)
Principal, Warren Energy Engineering
Kirk Washington (Washington)
Principal, Washington and Associates, Inc.
David Watson (California)
Director & Investor, Ultra Captial
Sarah Wauters (California)
Senior Project Manager , Sage Renewable Energy Consulting Inc.
Dorothy Weaver (New York)
Babel Networks Limited
Samuel Weaver (Colorado)
President/CEO, Cool Energy, Inc.
Robert Weber (Massachusetts)
Managing Director, Strategy Kinetics
Dave Weich (Oregon)
President, Sheepscot Creative
Bill Weihl (California)
Founder and Executive Director, ClimateVoice
Mordie Weintraub
Tel-Affinity Corp.
Jeffrey Weiss (Rhode Island)
Member, Clean Energy Venture Group
Dave Welch (California)
President, Infinera Corporation
Heidi Welch (California)
Michael Wenzel (Illinois)
President, Advanced Energy Services
Leanne D Wheeler (Colorado)
Principal, Wheeler Advisory Group LLC
Robert Widlansky (Illinois)
John Williams (Washington)
Public Relations, AltAir Fuels
Tony Williams (Colorado)
Engineering Director , USG
Flory Wilson (New York)
Director of International Standards, B Lab
Philip Winter (California)
CoFounder & CEO, NEBIA
Kelsey Wirth (Massachusetts)
Founder and Co-Director, Mothers Out Front
Tonia Wisman (California)
Andrea Wittchen (Pennsylvania)
Principal, iSpring
Chris Wittwer (Illinois)
Regional Sales Director, West Coast, Goldwind USA, Inc.
Erik Wohlgemuth (Oregon)
COO, Future 500
David Wolf (Colorado)
Chief Investment Officer, BSW Wealth Parnters
Cliff Wood (Ohio)
CEO, Prarie Wind Group LLC
Christopher Woodward (Massachusetts)
Vice President, Credit Research, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
George Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Founder and Director Emeritus, The Woods Hole Research Center
Katharine Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Retired Administrator
HansJorg Wyss (Massachusetts)
Carroll Yandell (California)
George Yandell (California)
SFO, Aukum Management
Mary M. Yang (California)
Former Biotech Co-Founder
Peter Yolles (California)
Partner, Helios Capital Ventures - Water Tech
Kenneth Young
Chief Program Manager, V90 3MW Platform, Vestas
Mark Yuschak (New Jersey)
Adjunct Instructor, Kean University
Rosamund Zander (Massachusetts)
Chairman, Independent Design Center for the Environment
Elise Zelechowski (Illinois)
Delta Institute
Zaurie Zimmerman (Massachusetts)
CEO, Zaurie Zimmerman Associates, Inc.
Ron Zivic (Ohio)
Dovetail Wind and Solar

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