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June 7, 2018

Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee
c/o Senator Ben Hueso, Chair
State Capitol, Room 4035
Sacramento, CA 95814

Senate Judiciary Committee
c/o Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Chair
State Capitol, Room 2187
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: AB 813 (Holden) – SUPPORT

Dear Senators Hueso, Jackson and Committee Members:
As members and allies of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), we are writing in support of AB 813, which would set in motion a transition to independent governance for the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). This is a critical step on the path to creating a fully integrated Western regional electrical grid to help our state meet its ambitious climate goals while lowering energy costs and creating clean energy jobs.

E2 is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors, and professionals from every sector of the economy who advocate for smart policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment. E2 members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and currently manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital.

The Western grid that spans California and parts of 13 other states, two Canadian provinces, and Mexico’s Baja California state is deeply fragmented, with operational responsibilities divided among 38 separate entities. In practice, this fragmentation raises electricity costs, degrades reliability, and impedes the spread of clean energy resources across the Western region, as the many operating entities are not able to effectively share resources and infrastructure. For California, this means sometimes operating our in-state wind and solar power plants at less than full capacity, squandering potential clean energy production because the grid is too disjointed to efficiently deliver it to our neighbors.
Empowering CAISO to become a regional Western grid operator would open the door to a fully integrated grid, tackling these inefficiencies and providing California’s growing economy with cheaper, cleaner, more reliable electricity. According to a recent study, an integrated grid would cause a 10 percent drop in electricity sector greenhouse gas emissions in our state and a 3.5 percent decrease across the West.[1] It would also save California’s electricity customers $1 to $1.5 billion annually by 2030.[2] Finally, that same study concluded that Western grid integration would directly and indirectly create 10,000 to 20,000 jobs here in California,[3] further cementing our status as a global leader in the clean energy economy by expanding the Western clean energy marketplace and increasing demand for in-state wind and solar power. It’s also important to note that AB 813 will not put California’s ambitious clean energy policies and programs at risk, as it includes language ensuring that the state will retain control over its policies even as the grid is integrated.
Most of the electricity in the U.S. is managed within regional integrated grids,[4] which have successfully reduced energy costs and contributed towards greater adoption of energy efficiency and clean energy resources. It’s time for California and its Western neighbors to embrace this regional model and reap the environmental and economic benefits grid integration promises. As business leaders who are creating jobs and driving economic growth in California, we call on you to bring us closer to a fully integrated grid by supporting AB 813. For additional information, please contact Andy Wunder at awunder@e2.org.


Curtis Abbott
CEO, Lucesco Lighting Inc
Maryvonne Abbott
Dan Abrams
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Salem Afeworki
Founder & Program Director, Value Sustainability
Nick Allen
Partner, Spring Ventures LLC
Zachary Amittay
Operations Coordinator, E2
Sam Arons
Director of Sustainability, Lyft
Meera Balakumar
Principal, Sterling Analytics
Claire Baldwin
Jay Baldwin
Partner, Wind River Capital Partners, LLC
Frederick Baron
Partner, Cooley LLP
Kathy Baron
Mark Bauhaus
Partner, Just Business
Karin Berardo
Founder, SIRES Advisors (Also Board Member, CleanPath)
Laura Berland
Greenlots - electric vehicle charging
Tony Bernhardt, PhD
Northern California Director, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Marcella Bernstein
Stuart Bernstein
Founding Member, Sustainable Capital LLC
Maureen Blanc
David Bowen
Tom Breunig
Publisher, Cleantech Concepts
Beth Brummitt
President, Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc.
Reid Buckley
Partner, Orion Renewable Energy Group
Barbara Brenner Buder
Stephanie Capell
Human Resoures Professional, Self-employed
Greg Carroll
President, Sterling Global Strategies
Peter Carson
Partner, Sheppard Mullin Hampton & Richter LLP
Priscilla Carson
Richard Castro
Steve Chadima
Senior Vice President, Communications & Director of California Initiatives, AEE Advanced Energy Economy
John Cheney
CEO, Enera
Matt Cheney
Managing Director, Conveyance Capital Partners
Stacie Cheng
Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Dell
Roger Choplin
Proprietor / Owner, Our Earth Music, Inc.
Tom Cole
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Stephen Colwell
Executive Director, Philanthropy Associates
Mary Ann Cusenza
Independent Consultant for high tech and cleantech companies
Lynne David
Jayne Davis
Peter Davis
Retired Attorney
Sam Deaner
Michael Delapa
DeLapa Consulting
Scott Dietzen
Chairman, Pure Storage
Dino Dobbins
Sales Engineer, North American Repower
Ann Doerr
Mike Dorsey
Managing Partner, The Westly Group
Elizabeth Dreicer
Co-Founder & CEO, KUITY Corp.
Ted Driscoll
Partner, Digital Healthcare Lead, Claremont Creek Ventures
Patricia Durham
David Edick Jr
Principal, Core Global Advisory
Bob Epstein
Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Everet Ericksen
Engineering Manager, Fox Racing Shox
Rob Erlichman
Founder & President, Sunlight Electric, LLC
Lynn Feintech
Jerry Feitelson
CEO, Agribody Technologies, Inc.
Anne Feldhusen
Consultant, Green Business Technology Marketing
Jon Foster
Chief Financial Officer, Zoox
Richard Frankel
Co-Founder, Rocket Fuel
Lisa Gansky
Entrepreneur & Speaker, Digital Tapas
Bonnie Gemmell
CEO, Spicer Bags
Rob Gemmell
Addwater Marketing, Addwater Marketing
Ken Goldsholl
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Nancy Goldsholl
Wes Goldstein
Senior Partner, Hobbs & Towne, Inc.
Lorena Gonda Kiralla
Marianna Grossman
Founder and Managing Partner, Minerva Ventures
Garrett Gruener
Co-Founder and Director, Alta Partners
Doug Hammer
Susan Harrington
Mike Hart
CEO, Sierra Energy
Paula Hawthorn, PhD
Carol Hazenfield
Communications Coach
Alan Herzig
Independent Director
James Higgins
Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jill Tate Higgins
General Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jerry Hinkle
Northern California Regional Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby
Russ Holdstein
Susan Holdstein
Deborah Holley
Principal, Holley Consulting
Rick Holmstrom
Partner & Vice Chairman, Menlo Equities
Ari Isaak
Founder and CEO, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Wendy James
President, Better World Group
Stefan Johnson
Charlene Kabcenell
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Derry Kabcenell
Former Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Arthur Keller
Managing Partner, Minerva Consulting
Jeff King
Jeff King & Company
Steven Kiralla
Virginia Klausmeier
CEO, Sylvatex
Charly Kleissner
Co-Founder & Investor, KL Felicitas Foundation
Lisa Kleissner
Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation
Charles Knowles
Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Network
Stephanie Knowles
Stephen Koch
Principal, Resource Real Estate Group, Inc.
Chip Krauskopf
VP Business Development, Aditazz
Gina Lambright
Managing Partner, TOZ Consulting
Sue Learned-Driscoll
Administrator, Stanford University
Nicole Lederer
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Rebecca Lee
Jonathan Livingston
Founder & President, Livingston Energy Innovations, LLC
Deepa Lounsbury
Director of Products, Extensible Energy
Gary Lucks
Principal, Beyond Compliance
Tracy Lyons
Steve MacKay
Principal, Scourie Network Partners
Drew Maran
Drew Maran Construction, Inc., Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Tom McCalmont
President, McCalmont Engineering
Nancy McCarter-Zorner
Plant Pathologist
Michael Meehan
Founder, Director of State & Regional Policy, Acre Policy
Lisa Mihaly
Robin Mills
Kate Mitchell
Co-Founder and Partner, Scale Venture Partners
Wes Mitchell
Board Member, Foto Forum, SFMOMA
Carol Moné
Producer, Our Earth Productions
John Montgomery
President, Lex Ultima
Lisa Mortenson
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, American Biodiesel, Inc. dba Community Fuels
Liz Muller
Principal, Liz Muller & Partners
Emilie Munger Ogden
Gib Myers
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund and Founder/board of the Entrepreneurs Foundation
Susan Myers
Barry Nelson
Western Water Strategies
Carl Nettleton
President, Nettleton Strategies LLC
Armand Neukermans
Founder, Xros
Eliane Neukermans
Nadine North
CEO, The North Point
Tori Nourafchan
Graham Noyes
Managing Attorney, Noyes Law Corporation
Kathy Nyrop
Anne O'Grady
Standish O'Grady
Managing Director, Granite Ventures, LLC
Doug Ogden
CEO, North Ridge Investment Management
Larry Orr
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Lyn Oswald
Carl Page
Board Member, Apparent Energy
Neela Patel
Executive Director of Business Engagement, Seattle Genetics
Michael Powers
VP Sales and Marketing, Stellar Solar
Mark Randall
President/CEO, T2 Energy
Kate Ridgway
Real Estate Professional
David Rosenheim
Founder and CEO, JobsWithImpact
Jackie Rosenheim
David Rosenstein
President, Intex Solutions
Amy Roth
JJ Rothgery
Chairman of the Board, Biodico
Marcie Rothman
Meg Ruxton
Partnerships Manager, Charge Across Town
Paul Salinger
VP, Marketing, Oracle
Kate Sandrini
Amy Santullo
California Clean Tech Open, Downtown College Prep Scholarship Committee
Michael Santullo
self employed
Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman, Google
Wendy Schmidt
Founder, The 11th Hour Project
David Schwartz
Lauren Scott
Paul B. Scott
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Transportation Power Inc
Marita Seulamo-Vargas
Journalist, Freelance
Tim Sexton
Principal, Make Good Group
Sunil Shah
Engineering Manager, Mesosphere, Inc.
Rebecca Shaw
World Wildlife Fund
Dan Sherman
Ann Shulman
President, Philanthropy Associates, Inc.
Barbara Simons
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Jon Slangerup
Chairman and CEO, American Global Logistics
Amy Slater
Vice President of Sales, Palo Alto Networks
Mary Solecki
Partner, AJW, Inc.
Tony Stayner
Managing Director &Investor, Excelsior Impact Fund
Justin Sternberg
Managing Director, Continuum Industries
Usha Sunkara
Ed Supplee
Former CFO, UTStarcom
Sally Supplee
Former Chief Financial Officer
Sven Thesen
Communication & Technology, Better Place
Cariad Thronson
CEO, Forefront Marketing & Communications
Robert Thronson
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Terry Trumbull
Trumbull Law Firm
Mike Ubell
Bill Unger
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
Lorna Vander Ploeg
Mark Vander Ploeg
Retired, Investment Banker
Chris Vargas
Founder, Cleantech Circle LLC
Kristin Victor
Founder LEED-AP, Sustainability Matter
Donn Walklet
CEO, Terra-Vista, Inc.
Bill Weihl
Principal, Weihl Consulting
Dave Welch
President, Infinera Corporation
Heidi Welch
Tonia Wisman
Chip Wood
Director, Strategic Partnerships, Center for Resource Solutions
John Woolard
Tyler Wunsch
Sustainability Specialist, Tesla
Daniel Yates
Daniel Yost
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Margaret Zankel
Martin Zankel
Emeritus Chairman, BartkoZankel
Paul Zorner
Locus Solutions

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