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Good for the Environment.

Dear Members of Congress,

The COVID-19 pandemic has devasted our communities, public health and economy.

With unemployment continuing to rise, every job in America is important. We are writing to urge stimulus support and investment in a huge, specific sector, representing millions of jobs, that has been devasted by unique circumstances related to COVID-19. It also happens to be a sector with a proven track record for catalyzing economic growth and recovery, a sector that is key to a stronger, more resilient economy and one that will provide tremendous, multifaceted, returns on investment for taxpayers.

This critical sector is clean energy.

E2 is a national, nonpartisan group of more than 8,000 business leaders, investors and other professionals who support policy that is good for our economy and good for our environment. E2 members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital.

As members and supporters of E2, we understand what it takes to create jobs and drive investments, innovation and economic growth. Many of us have first-hand experience with COVID-19’s economic toll, as well as experience with previous federal policies that helped us start new companies, hire new employees and make new investments that continue to ripple positively through America’s economy.

As businesspeople, what we know is this: As America looks toward economic recovery, it is imperative that Congress does not ignore the millions of clean energy workers who are suffering today, or the far-reaching economic benefits that come with federal investments and policies that advance clean energy, clean transportation and energy efficiency.

We strongly urge Congress to make sure any federal stimulus going forward includes robust investments in clean energy to save jobs and revitalize our economy, beginning with these clean energy stimulus solutions but also with broader, more sweeping policies in the months ahead.

At the end of last year, nearly 3.4 million Americans worked in clean energy – more Americans than worked as teachers, real estate agents, farmers or at airlines. Clean energy knows no geographic, geologic or political bounds; these are workers in every state and every congressional district. Clean energy was one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy.

Because of the COVID-19 induced economic tailspin, however, these are workers who are now hurting. According to analysis done for E2, nearly 600,000 clean energy workers filed for unemployment in March and April alone. That means about 18 percent of all clean energy workers filed for unemployment in two months, with more layoffs expected.

These are workers across a wide variety of occupations: Electricians and HVAC technicians who work in energy efficiency; factory workers who manufacture high-efficiency building products, Energy Star appliances and electric vehicles; solar, wind and grid and battery storage technology employees building our renewable energy system.

Because of quarantines, energy efficiency workers can’t enter homes or other buildings to do their jobs. Wind and solar companies can’t get panels and turbine parts because those supplies are stuck in factories. Project financing is drying up and disappearing, in part because of outdated federal tax policies regarding renewable energy including incentive phase-downs or deadlines that were developed long before and without any consideration of COVID-19 driven delays and disruptions.

The clean energy economy needs significant relief - right now. But there is also broader national interest in supporting this industry especially as Congress tries to get the best return for the American people with the finite stimulus dollars.

History shows federal investments in clean energy drives economic recovery faster and more broadly than stimulus investments in other sectors. No part of the stimulus after the 2008 Great Recession was more successful than the investments in clean energy. Back then, clean energy stimulus policies and funding:
  • Created nearly 1 million jobs, quickly, and saved millions more. Many of these were construction jobs at the 100,000 renewable energy projects launched by the 2009 economic stimulus.
  • Led to the weatherization of more than 1 million homes, creating energy efficiency jobs and saving cash-strapped homeowners money with every power bill.
  • Helped jump-start nearly 500 companies, and reenergized thousands more through Department of Energy loans and grants.
  • Spurred technology innovation in clean energy, while driving down consumer energy prices. As a result, clean energy is now the cheapest energy source in many parts of the country.
Furthermore, federal clean energy support leverages billions in private capital multiplying the economic recovery impact of each federal dollar invested. It helps improve U.S. energy independence and security. And the jobs it creates cannot be outsourced or shipped overseas. In addition, investments in clean energy now, will pay dividends to all Americans by helping to mitigate the economic and societal threats of climate change.

We aren’t the only ones who know this. As reported, results from more than 230 economists and financial leaders surveyed recently by the University of Oxford suggest: “projects such as boosting renewable energy or energy efficiency create more jobs, deliver higher short-term returns and lead to increased long-term cost savings relative to traditional stimulus measures.”

Recent polling also shows that nearly 70 percent of Americans support providing financial assistance to renewable energy companies. Nearly 75 percent say their state should prioritize the clean energy industry.

On behalf of our workers, companies and communities, and as members and supporters of E2, we implore you to ensure that any economic stimulus package protect and expand our clean economy.

Doing so will help stop the massive loss of jobs right today, and set the foundation for a stronger, cleaner and more resilient economy tomorrow. In short, it’s good for our economy and our environment.

Todd Abercrombie (Illinois)
Energy Consultant (President), EverGreen Home Energy Consultants, Inc.
Dan Abrams (California)
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Clifford Adams (New York)
Managing Director, Coady Diemar Partners
Kidus Admassu (Maryland)
Building Analyst
Alfred Aeldwood (California)
Stephen Aiguier (Oregon)
President/Owner, Green Hammer Inc.
Judith Albert (New York)
Chair, Board of Directors, Cornerstone Capital Group
Shauna Alexander (Oregon)
Vice President, Sustainability , Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Brian Alexy (California)
Sales Engineer, San Diego Mechanical Energy
Henry Alfred (Illinois)
Founder, Not-for-Profit
Bessma Aljarbou (New York)
Kennedy School
Brian Allen (Washington)
Managing Director, Appropriate Technology Group
Nick Allen (California)
Partner, Spring Ventures LLC
George Anderson (Ohio)
Watt Works Inc
Quinn Antus (Colorado)
Executive Director, Signal Tech Coaltion
Emily Applegate (Colorado)
Meritage Funds, TF Investors
Christopher Arndt (Colorado)
Founder & President, Cornet Creek Foundation
David Arnold (North Carolina)
President, The Media Factory
Ruben Aronin (California)
Senior Vice President, The Better World Group
Sam Arons (California)
Director of Sustainability, Lyft
Diane Bailey (California)
Executive Director, MenloSpark
Rick Bain (North Carolina)
Director of Business Development, Breezi
Jay Baldwin (California)
President, Wind River Capital Partners, LLC
Fred Bamber (California)
Managing Director, Spartina LLC
Thabani Banda (Michigan)
Will Barkis (California)
Principal, Smart Cities, Orange SV
Katie Bartolotta (Pennsylvania)
Policy & Program Director, Green Building United
Robert Barton (California)
Sustainability Assistant, City of Fremont
Gautam Barua (California)
Founder, Aclaria Partners Inc.
Lance Batten (California)
President, Tilden Park Software
Mark Bauhaus (California)
Principal & Founder, Bauhaus Productions Consulting
Michael Bean (Ohio)
Facility Manager, Third Federal Savings & Loan
Natalie Bearbower (Illinois)
William Becker (Colorado)
Executive Director, Presidential Climate Action Project
Cheryl Beesley (Texas)
Landscape Designer
Grant Behnke (Ohio)
Associate, Rockbridge
Annette Beitel (Illinois)
Dave Belote (Virginia)
Managing Partner & CEO, DARE Strategies LLC
Darrell Benatar (California)
David Bennett (Oregon)
Jeff Bennett (Colorado)
Founder, Big Kid Science
Karin Berardo (California)
Founder, SIRES Advisors; Board Member, CleanPath
Julia Berg (California)
Senior Manager, Redaptive, Inc.
Lorraine Bergman (South Carolina)
Director of Development, Alder Energy
Laura Berland (California)
Vice President, Government Affairs, Blue Planet Systems Corp.
Eric Berman (Washington)
President and Co-Chair, E8 Angels
Tony Bernhardt, PhD (California)
Board Member, Resources for the Future
Gary Bettman (California)
Senior VP, The Miller Group Advertising
Kathy Black (Nevada)
Agent, The Brodkin Group
Maureen Blanc (California)
Director, Charge Across Town
Barbara Blumenthal (New Jersey)
President, Blumenthal Consulting LLC
Ethan Blumenthal (North Carolina)
CEO, Good Solar
Philip Blumenthal (North Carolina)
Director, Blumenthal Foundation
Kristine Bokelmann (Nevada)
Vegas Express Jet
Sterling Bowen (North Carolina)
Senior Director, Residential Energy Efficiency, American Efficient
Chuck Bowling (Nevada)
MGM Resorts International
Susie Bowman (California)
Bill Boyk (Oregon)
CEO/Founder, GyroVolts by Ameristar Solar, LLC
Harriette Brainard (New Jersey)
Consultant, C-Change Conversations
Allan Branscomb (Oregon)
Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University
Tom Breunig (California)
Publisher, Cleantech Concepts
Johanna Brickman (Oregon)
Director of Impact Strategy, VertueLab
Katrina Brink (Colorado)
Owner/Founder, The Empowered Kitchen
Justine Brody (California)
Marketing and Partnerships, Hubject
Gina Brogi (California)
President of Global Distribution, 20th Century Fox TV Distribution
David Brown
Sr. Principal, Obsidian Renewables
Beth Brummitt (California)
President, Brummitt Consulting
Becky Brun (Oregon)
Owner, Pitchfork Communications
Emilio Brunetti (Nevada)
3B Design
Ken Buchmann (California)
Realtor, Compass
Barbara Brenner Buder (California)
VP of Finance & Administration, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Cary Bullock (Massachusetts)
Senior Advisor, RENEW Energy Partners, LLC
Lizzie Bunnen
Gov Affairs Director, AnnDyl Policy Group
Kyle Burkybile (Illinois)
Operations Manager, Franklin Energy
Dianne Callan (Massachusetts)
Independent Legal Consulting, Green Tech Legal
Vince Calvano (Colorado)
Attorney & Business Owner, Vincent P. Calvano, LLC.
Mark Campbell (Nevada)
MGM Resorts International
Douglas Campion (New Mexico)
President, EnergyWorks
Stephanie Capell (California)
Human Resoures Professional
Bill Capp (North Carolina)
President and Founder, Grid Storage Consulting
Tina Carr (New York)
Director of Stakeholder Outreach and Policy, AC Power LLC
Peter Carson (California)
Partner, Sheppard Mullin Hampton & Richter LLP
Jim Cassidy (Colorado)
Andrew Chabot (Massachusetts)
Senior Manager, Amp Energy
Steve Chadima (California)
Partner, Krevat Energy Innovations
Michael Chase (New York)
Blogger, carbonstories.org
John Cheney (California)
CEO, Silverado Power LLC
Matt Cheney (California)
Managing Director, Conveyance Capital Partners
Stephen Cheney (District of Columbia)
CEO, American Security Project
Chester Chlebek (Illinois)
Michaela Ciovacco
John Cleveland (New Hampshire)
Executive Director, Green Ribbon Commission
David Cohen-Tanugi (Massachusetts)
Cofounder & Chief Data Officer, Embr Labs
Tom Cole (California)
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Ann Colley (New York)
Julia Collins
Founder and CEO, Planet FWD
Paul Connolly (Oregon)
Founding Partner, Connolly & Malstrom
Robert Cooper (Massachusetts)
Founder & CEO, Embue
Valerie Corbett (New York)
President, Intelligreen Partners
Chase Counts (Virginia)
Director of Utility Programs, CHP Energy Solutions
Chase Counts (Virginia)
Senior Director of Operations, Community Housing Partners
Phil Coupe (Maine)
Managing Partner, ReVision Energy
Ruth F. Cox (California)
CEO and Executive Director, Prospect Silicon Valley
Richard Crane (Colorado)
Sr. Project Manager,
Yair Crane (California)
Peter Crawley (Massachusetts)
Principal , Satoria LLC
Pam Crowell (Illinois)
Project Architect, Valerio Dewalt Train
Mark Cunningham (California)
Sales Engineer, Estimator, IL Mechanical
Andrew Currie (Colorado)
Impact Investor, Active Minds LLC
Mary Ann Cusenza (California)
Independent Consultant for high tech and cleantech companies
John Dalton (Massachusetts)
President, Power Advisory, LLC
Chris Davis (Massachusetts)
VP Smart Cities, Cimcon Lighting Inc.
Glen Davis (Colorado)
President, Agile Energy Advisors, LLC
George Day (Illinois)
Michael Delapa (California)
DeLapa Consulting
Pat DeLaquil (Oregon)
Chief Executive Officer, DecisionWare Group LLC
Chris Dennett (Oregon)
Director of Strategy and Integration, The Tofurky Company
Harry Dennis (California)
Sally DeSipio (Oregon)
Creative Consultant
Kehan DeSousa (District of Columbia)
Nathan Diemer (California)
Founder and Executive Vice President, DreamHammer, Inc.
John DiEnna (Pennsylvania)
Executive Director, Geothermal National & International Initiative
Scott Dietzen (California)
Vice Chairman, Pure Storage
Sean Donaghy (Massachusetts)
Energy Management Analyst , Mass DOT
Daniel Donovan (Connecticut)
NuPower LLC, NuPower llc
Tim Donovan (Ohio)
Partner & CEO, Donovan Energy
Mark Doughty (Massachusetts)
President & CEO, Thoughtforms Corporation
David Dragoo (Colorado)
President, Mayfly Outdoors
Elizabeth Dreicer (California)
Co-Founder & CEO, KUITY Corp.
Angus Duncan (Oregon)
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Tim Dwight (Iowa)
Owner, Integrated Power Corporation
Rebecca Eaton (Oregon)
Managing Member, Eaton Synergies LLC
Jim Edelson (Oregon)
New Buildings Institute
Stanley Eilert (Colorado)
Scott Englander
President, Longwood Energy Group LLC
Bob Epstein (California)
Director / Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Rob Erlichman (California)
Owner/Founder, Sunlight Electric, LLC
Edilo Escobar (Illinois)
President, Solares Home Improvement
Kate Eskew (Oregon)
SolAire Homebuilders
Tracy Farwell (Oregon)
President, Better Energy LLC
Tom Faust (California)
CEO, Soltiles
Anne Feldhusen (California)
Principal Consultant, Green Business Technology Marketing
Boris Feldman (California)
Managing Partner, Base Energy
Daniel Ferguson (California)
Director Of Workforce Development, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
Mary Finegan (California)
Board, The Gratitude Fund
Justin Fisch (California)
Associate, Environment & Energy, Morrison & Foerster LLP
Emma Fisher (Pennsylvania)
Climate Defender, Organizer, PennEnvironment
Kacey Fitzpatrick (California)
Principal, Avalon Enterprises Inc
Virginia Foote (Massachusetts)
Director of Fund Development, CLF
Amanda Fornelli (California)
Chief Executive Officer, Precision Processing, LLC
Jonathan Forste (Colorado)
Project Analyst, Scout Clean Energy
Jon Foster (California)
Chief Financial Officer, Nauto
Suzanne Foster Porter (Colorado)
Principal, Kannah Consulting
Sharon Foxworthy (South Carolina)
Solar Site Analyst, Alder Energy
Andrew Foy (Oregon)
MBA Candidate, Lundquist College of Business
Tod Francis (California)
Managing Director, Shasta Ventures
Richard Frankel (California)
Director, Reach
Jim Freeman (Nevada)
Corey Friedman (Illinois)
Principal, CF Financial LLC
Frank Fritz (Nevada)
Senior Fellow, University of Las Vegas
Chris Fulton (Washington)
Sr. Account Manager - Devices, Amazon
Jay Futterman
Beth Galante (Louisiana)
SVP Business Development, PosiGen Solar
Lisa Gansky (California)
Non-Executive Director, 11:FS
Rich Garigen (Colorado)
Partner/Sales & Business Development, CPCneutek
Allen Gates
Rohit Gawande (California)
Business Development Manager, Powerhouse Ventures
Michelle Geldin (California)
CivicSpark Fellow, County of Santa Barbara
Rob Gemmell (California)
Managing Principal, Addwater Design & Marketing
Linda Gerber (Oregon)
Owner, North Logan Farm
Vanessa Gerber (California)
Member, Board of Directors, The Big C Society
Billy Giblin (Colorado)
Project Engineer, Nexant
Alexander Jock Gilchrist (Colorado)
Policy Research Manager, The Climate Center
Gerry Glaser (California)
Nancy Gail Goebner (California)
Owner, Gardenpeach Place
Mitchell Golden (New York)
Principal, Jun Group
Susan Goldhor (Massachusetts)
Biologist, C.A.R.S.
Ken Goldsholl (California)
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Jesse Goldstein (California)
Geographic Information Systems Analyst, Natural Capital Project, Stanford University
Wes Goldstein (California)
Operating Partner, Energy Impact Partner
Jesus Gonzalez (Illinois)
Chief of Staffd, Aon - Global Cyber Insurance Solutions
Jon Gordon (Colorado)
Managing Partner, Sheer Velocity, LLC
Vicki Gordon (Colorado)
Todd Gossett (Virginia)
VP, Corporate Development, SES Government Solutions
Stephanie Gowing (Washington)
Green Business Advocate , City of Seattle
Susan Graf (Colorado)
Business Advisor
Anjali Grant (Washington)
Principal, Anjali Grant Design LLC
Manna Jo Greene
Leilani Grey (Kansas)
Climate + Energy Project
Lynn Griffith
Director of Operations, Building Performance Institute
Rachel Griffith (Washington)
Abby Gritter
Marianna Grossman (Oregon)
Founder and Managing Partner, Minerva Ventures
Eric Grunebaum (Massachusetts)
Partner, Bequia Securities
Paul Guzowski (Illinois)
Electrical Engineer, Borrego Solar
Kenny Habbul (North Carolina)
CEO, SunEnergy1
Lauren Hafford (Colorado)
Evaluation Coordinator, FARMS: Farmers Advancing Regenerative Management Systems
Donald Hagge (Oregon)
Owner , VIDON Vineyard
Mark Hall (California)
Founder, Revalue.io
Bob Hambrecht (California)
Partner, Allotrope Partners
Reed Hamilton (California)
Owner, Grass Valley Grains
Kate Hammarback (Oregon)
Principal, Occam Advisors
Doug Hammer (California)
Caroline Hancock (New Jersey)
Dir. of Business & Marketing, Historic Building Architects, LLC
John Hansen (Oregon)
CTO, Granite Peak Energy Inc
John Harper (Massachusetts)
Principal, Birch Tree Capital, LLC
RJ Harrington (Colorado)
President & CEO, Sustainable Action Consulting PBC
Bill Harris (Oregon)
Robert Harris (Illinois)
Associate, Pappageorge Haymes Partners
Berl Hartman (Massachusetts)
E2 New England Chapter Director, Hartman Consulting
Adam Hasz (District of Columbia)
Science & Technology Policy Fellow, US Department of Energy
Arthur Haubenstock (Oregon)
Principal, S2E2 & Grid Works
Timothy Havel (Massachusetts)
CTO, Energy Compression Inc.
Carol Hazenfield (California)
Owner, Persuasive Speaking
Heidi Hellring (New Jersey)
Elizabeth Herrmann (Vermont)
President, Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design
Renate Heurich
Jill Tate Higgins (California)
Investor, Director, gDiapers
Jane Hinds (Missouri)
Energy Mgmt Specialist, City of Columbia Water & Light
Shiela Hingorani (California)
First Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Heather Hochrein (California)
CEO, EVmatch
Troy Hodges (District of Columbia)
Deborah Holley (California)
Principal, Holley Consulting
John Hopkins (District of Columbia)
Vice President - Energy & Infrastructure, Astris Finance LLC
Donna Howe (California)
Board Chair, Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Roman Hryhorchuk (Pennsylvania)
Moore Energy
Kendria Huff (Indiana)
Suzanne Hunt (New York)
President, Hunt Green LLC
Graham Hunter (Ohio)
Mechanical Engineer, Stan and Associates
Alexander Hurley (Ohio)
Policy and Data Analyst, Donovan Energy
Emmanuel Hyppolite (California)
Operations & Governance, Queue NYC
Michael Intrieri (Massachusetts)
CEO, SunDrum Solar
Bob Irvin (North Carolina)
Executive Director, Joules Accelerator
Ari Isaak (California)
Founder and CEO, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Brad Ives (North Carolina)
Pam Jacklin (Oregon)
Stoel Rives
Ed Jaros (Massachusetts)
Research Consultant, Applied Cleantech Research
Tyler Jensen (Illinois)
Elliott Jessup (California)
Director of Business Development, Symmetric Energy
Lars Johansson (Washington)
Manager, Element E8 Fund
David Johnson (California)
Sera Design
Michael Johnson-Chase (New York)
Blogger, Carbonstories.org
Judith Johnston (Nevada)
Southwest Thermal Solutions
Coby Kalter (New York)
Director of Intensive Growth, NYC Department of Small Business Services
Anurag Kamal
Founder, eFish
Ron Kamen (New York)
Founder, EarthKind Energy
Raymond Kane (Massachusetts)
Member, Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fisherman's Association
Nancy Kaplan (New York)
Manager of Workforce Development, Building Performance Institute (BPI)
Suzy Karasik
Co-Founder, SF Bay Climate Restoration Circle
Archie Kasnet (Massachusetts)
Founder & President, Regenerate, LLC
Rich Kassel (New York)
Principal - Group Leader, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Capalino
Greg Kats (District of Columbia)
President , Capital E
Bruce Kawahara (Iowa)
CPCC, PCC, BluOpal Consulting
Cynthia Keely (California)
Steven Keleti (Massachusetts)
Alexia Kelly (Oregon)
President & Executive Director, VertueLab
David Kenney (Oregon)
President & Executive Director, VertueLab
Gavriella Keyles (California)
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500
Bijan Khosraviani
Principal, A9 Green / Total Green Energy Solution
CK Kim (North Carolina)
Thomas King
Steven Kiralla (California)
Eco Dad, Kids in the House
David Kirkpatrick (North Carolina)
Managing Director and Co-founder, SJF Ventures
Bill Kissinger (California)
Bingham McCutchen LLP
Virginia Klausmeier (California)
CEO, Sylvatex
Charly Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder & Investor, KL Felicitas Foundation
Josh Knauer (Pennsylvania)
CEO, Green Marketplace
Katharine Kollins (North Carolina)
President, Southeastern Wind Coalition
David Kolsrud (South Dakota)
President, DAK Renewable Energy
Marcus Komm (New York)
Managing Director, UBS
Badger Kopnitsky
Hannah Kornfeld (California)
Air Quality and Climate Change Specialist, Ascent Environmental
Chip Krauskopf (California)
VP Business Development, Aditazz
Fred Kraybill (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Blvd Group
Rachel Kriegsman (District of Columbia)
Green Strategies
Daniel Kriozere (California)
Nuclear Operations Safety Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Pete Krull (North Carolina)
CEO & Director of Investments, Earth Equity Advisors, LLC
Travis Kuhstos (Pennsylvania)
Energy Specialist, Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Srirup Kumar (Washington)
Business Development, Advisor, Impact Bioenergy
Jim Kurtz (Pennsylvania)
President, RER Energy Group
Katie LaFleur (California)
Megha Lakhchaura (New York)
Director, Policy and Utility Programs (North America), EV-Box
Douglas Lamm (Massachusetts)
CEO, Building Envelope Materials
Gary Lamothe (Massachusetts)
Sustainability Consultant, Melrose Energy Commission
John Lansdell (Nevada)
LGA Inc.
Amanda Lapham (Pennsylvania)
Climate Defender, PennEnvironment
Dan Lashof
Director, United States, World Resources Institute
Lucy LaViolette (California)
Reserve Administrator, Climate Action Reserve
Lilliane LeBel (Massachusetts)
VP Communications and Governance, Soli
Nicole Lederer (California)
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Grey Lee (Massachusetts)
ja-chin lee (California)
Applied Mathematician, Self
Rebecca Lee (California)
Philip Leppla (Ohio)
Attorney, Leppla Associates, Ltd.
Kevin Levy (California)
Associate, Reed Smith LLP
Reed Lewallen (Oregon)
Investor Care Team Lead, CrowdStreet
Genevieve Liang (California)
Climate Tech Strategist, Independent
Janis Licuanan (Illinois)
Florence Liddell (New York)
Michael Lischer
Principal, Sport Concepts
Nancy Litchfield (Nevada)
The Beacon Center
Andrew Litzler (New York)
Associate, Varagon Capital Partners
Peter Liu (California)
Founder and Partner, Clean Energy Advantage Partners, LLC
Pyramyth Liu (California)
COO, Hanergy
George Livingston (California)
Principal, Orange Silicon Valley
Jonathan Livingston (California)
Founder, The Gaea Prize
Cynthia Lloyd (California)
Former Director of Social Science Reserch, Population Council, Retired
Peter Lobin (Illinois)
Managing Director, ZeroWaste Global, LLC
Kevin Lobo (Michigan)
CEO, Stryker
Carole London (Colorado)
Deepa Lounsbury (California)
Director of Products, Extensible Energy
Kayla Lovallo (Pennsylvania)
Program Analyst, CLEAResult
Heidi Lubin (California)
Principal , Sole Proprieter: Real Estate Development & Smart Cities Consultancy
Robert MacArthur (Massachusetts)
President, Confluent Energies
Henry MacLean
Srikanth Madala (Nebraska)
R&D Engineer, Bluestem Energy Solutions
Miriam Makhyoun (North Carolina)
CEO, EQ Research
Lew Malakoff (Washington)
Madelyn Mallory (California)
Investing with Impact Director, The Catalyst Group at Morgan Stanley
Timon Malloy (New York)
President, Fred F. French Investing LLC
Jamie Manley (California)
Ryan Mann (California)
Drew Maran (California)
Founder and Vice President, Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Ken Margolis (Oregon)
Consultant, Ken Margolis Consulting
Jim Martin-Schramm (Iowa)
Professor, Luther College DG Projects
Alex Marvin (Colorado)
James Marvin (Massachusetts)
Regional Manager, North America East & Canada, Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Chad Mason (Wisconsin)
CEO, Advanced Ionics
Cassandra Massong (Illinois)
Energy Advisor, Franklin Energy
RJ Mastic (Colorado)
VP of Sales, Ecosystems
India Rose Matharu-Daley (California)
Candidate for MBA in Sustainable Solutio, Presidio Graduate School
Tom McCalmont (California)
President, McCalmont Engineering
Tom McCalmont (California)
President, McCalmont Engineering
Lori McConville (Illinois)
Rick McDermott (Missouri)
Principal, RDM Architecture
Evan McFarland (California)
John McGarry (Washington)
Investor - Retired
Dennis McGinn
Senior Advisor, Customer First Renewables
Milton McIntyre (Ohio)
President, Peak Electric Inc.
Steve Melink (Ohio)
Founder & CEO, Melink Corporation
KB Mercer (Oregon)
Mike Mercer (Oregon)
Principal, MMercer Consulting
Nancy Merrick (North Carolina)
Retired, Medical Librarian
Steve Mertz (Oregon)
Owner, Tacovore
Danny Metcalf (Oregon)
Director of Business Operations, Brew Dr Kombucha/Townsends Tea​
David Miller (Massachusetts)
Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group
George Miller (California)
Senior Sales Manager, Byd Motors LLC
Glenn Miller
Housing & Energy Director, Community Services, Inc.
Malcolm Miller (Michigan)
Director of Business Development, Walker Miller Energy Services
Renee Miller (California)
President/ Creative Director, The Miller Group Advertising
Ryan Miller (North Carolina)
Founder and Executive Director, North Carolina Building Performance Association
Zach Miller
Inspector, Insight Property Service
Chris Millns (North Carolina)
Samantha Miyamoto (California)
Howard Mock (Illinois)
Founder, MPHPM Design
Dan Modisette (Arizona)
Owner, RE Designer, Efficient Energy, LLC
Patrick Molesworth (California)
CEO & Founder, Climate Solar Solutions
Sarah Moore (Nevada)
MGM Resorts
Bill Morgan (Delaware)
General Manager, Energy Services Group Inc.
Hiroshi Morihara (Oregon)
President, HM3 Energy
Rebecca Morris (North Carolina)
Director of Marketing, Pisgah Energy
Rebecca Morris (North Carolina)
Director of Marketing, Pisgah Energy
Liz Morrison
Kevin Morse (Colorado)
Managing Director, Imperial Ridge Real Estate Capital
David Moyar (New York)
President & CEO, MEI Hotels Inc.
Vince Mudd (California)
GC, Principal & Managing Partner, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE
Liz Muller (California)
Principal, Liz Muller & Partners
Kristen Nadaraja (California)
Jacob Naeb (Colorado)
Principal, Omkasto Energy
Jim Nail (Massachusetts)
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Yamen Nanne (California)
Electric Transportation Program Manager, LADWP
Carl Nettleton (California)
President, Nettleton Strategies LLC
Franklin Neubauer
Principal, Core Metrics
Hilary Nevis (California)
Senior Engineer - Environmental, Wood
Anne Nick (Illinois)
Energy Advisor, Franklin energy
Al Nierenberg (Massachusetts)
President, Evergreen Consulting & Training
Kim Nigro (Illinois)
Principal, Studio Nigro Architecture + Design
James Noden (Pennsylvania)
CEO, Bright Eye Solar LLC
Amanda North (California)
Founder and CEO, Plan C Advisors
Julia Novy-Hildsey (Oregon)
Graham Noyes (California)
Managing Attorney, Noyes Law Corporation
Lisa O'Brien (California)
Standish O'Grady (Nevada)
Director of Board of Directors, Smule, Inc.
Ryan Odell (Colorado)
Senior Analyst, E Source
Doug Ogden (California)
CEO, North Ridge Investment Management
Masahiro Ogiso (Pennsylvania)
President & CEO, Oriden
Thomas P. Oppel (District of Columbia)
EVP, ASB Council
Ed Oquendo Virella (Connecticut)
Owner, Empere,LLC
Lyn Oswald (California)
Wendell Ott (Ohio)
Owner, EnergyWize
Carl Page (California)
Board Member, Apparent Energy
Whitney Painter (Colorado)
Partner, Buglet Solar Electric Installation
Vish Palekar (Michigan)
CEO, Mahindra GenZe
Barclay Palmer (New York)
Director, board member, SimpliPhi Power Inc.
Chris Parker (North Carolina)
Principal, Kingfisher Parker
Rob Parker (New York)
NYC Deputy Metro Director, NE Region, CleanTech Open
Mic Patterson (California)
Ambassador of Innovation & Collaboration, Facade Tectonics Institute Inc
Matt Pawa (Massachusetts)
Attorney, Pawa Law Group, P.C.
Matt Peak (Indiana)
Director of Clean Technologies, Prize Capital, LLC.
Lara Pearson (Nevada)
President, Law office of Lara Pearson Ltd, PBC
Deb Peck Kelleher
Policy Analysis Director, Alliance for Clean Energy
Anna Perkins (Colorado)
Sr. Project Manager, Scout Clean Energy
Ron Pernick (Oregon)
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clean Edge
Dave Petri (North Carolina)
Owner/Principal, Cynosura Consulting
John Petro (California)
Carlotta Pham (Colorado)
Thomas Phillips (Colorado)
Kristina Phipps (California)
Sharon Pillar (Pennsylvania)
Vice President, SmartPower
Milton Pinsky (Illinois)
Chairman, Banner Real Estate Group, LLC
Peter Pittman (Colorado)
Financial Planner, Aspen Leaf Wealth Management
Joel Porter (North Carolina)
Jeffrey Pote (Colorado)
Managing Member, Pote Law Firm
Tim Powers (Indiana)
Stategic Research Administrator, Inovateus Solar
Christopher Pribe (Washington)
Alan Propp (Colorado)
Kasey Provorse (Colorado)
Executive Director, Energy Smart Colorado
Jordan Ramer (California)
CEO, EV Connect
Locke Raper (North Carolina)
Director of Strategic Verticals, GridBridge
Megan Rast (Colorado)
Senior Manager, Accessibility, Charter Communications
Ethan Ravage (California)
Managing Partner, Allotrope Partners LLC
Bill Ravanesi (Massachusetts)
Senior Director of Health Care Green Building & Energy, Health Care Without Harm
David Readerman (California)
Managing Member, Endurance Capital Partners, LLC
Emily Reichert (Massachusetts)
Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs
Camila Restrepo (Colorado)
Project Manager, Intelex
Anne Reynolds (New York)
Executive Director, Alliance for Clean Energy NY
Isabel Ricker (Minnesota)
Callie Ridolfi (Washington)
Owner, RIDOLFI Environmental
Frank Rieger (Nevada)
CEO , Sol-Up, Inc.
John Robbins (North Carolina)
President, Greathorn Properties, Inc.
Jack Robinson (Massachusetts)
Vice Chair and Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management
Marcus Rodriguez (Illinois)
E2 Midwest Program Assistant, NRDC
Mark Roest (California)
Marketing & International Development, Sustainable Energy Inc.
Sabine Rogers (District of Columbia)
Robert Rosenberg
President, International Business Development, SMC
Eva Rosenbloom (Vermont)
Architect, EPR
David Rosenheim (California)
Partner, Align Coaching
Alexa Rosenstein (Colorado)
Director of Operations, Scraps
Bill Rosenzweig (California)
Ramon Rosquete (Massachusetts)
Sr. Project Manager, CREADIS
Joan Rossetti (Massachusetts)
Chair, Environmental Affairs Committee of the Prudential Center Residents' Association
JJ Rothgery (California)
Chairman of the Board, Biodico
Tom Roush (New York)
Private Investor and Environmental Activist
Michael Rucker (Colorado)
CEO, Scout Clean Energy
Jonathan Ruga (Nevada)
Southwest Gas Corporation
Steve Rutherford (Florida)
President, Tampa Bay Solar
Meg Ruxton (California)
Principal, MNR Consultants
Jim Saber (Michigan)
Vice President, Business & Technology Development, NextEnergy
Randy Salim
Paul Salinger (California)
VP, Marketing, Oracle
Mel Samaroo (Illinois)
Civil Engineer, Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.
Greg Samilo (Pennsylvania)
Project Development Manager, CS Energy
Daphany Sanchez (New York)
Executive Director, Kinetic Communities Consulting
Frank Sandoval (Colorado)
Principal, Pajarito Technologies
Michael Santullo (California)
self employed
Jan Schalkwijk (California)
Investment Adviser, JPS Global Investments
Taylor Schaub (Illinois)
Architectural Associate, Tandem Architecture & Construction
Lisa Schmidt (California)
President, Home Energy Analytics
Lucas Schroyer (California)
Senior Consultant, Navigant Consulting
Peter Schwab
Portfolio Manager, Pax World Management
David Schwartz (California)
Director, Cleantech Research, PARC, a Xerox Company
Tom Sciacca (Massachusetts)
Co-founder, Intelligen Energy Systems
Ken Scissors (Colorado)
Chairman, Grand Junction Cleantech Business Coalition
Ken Scott (Illinois)
Account Executive, Brook Electrical Supply
Paul Scott (California)
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Transportation Power Inc
Brad Seaman (Colorado)
Director of Project Finance, Scout Clean Energy
Lt Gen (ret) Noman Seip (Virginia)
Owner, NS Solutions, LLC
Isuru Seneviratne (New York)
Manager, Radiant Value Management
Joel Serface (Florida)
Independent Consultant
Tim Sexton (California)
Principal, Make Good Group
Shan Sheheane (North Carolina)
Operations, The Suffolk Punch
Scott Shell (California)
Principal, EHDD
Henry Shields (Nevada)
MGM Resorts International
Ermias Shiferaw (Virginia)
Building Analyst, EzGreen Home
Karen Shishido (Hawaii)
Program Manager, Hawaii Energy
Sarah Simon (Massachusetts)
Partner, Apple Creek Associates
Barbara Simons (California)
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Divya Singh (California)
Senior Associate, MMA Energy Capital
Mary Sketch (Tennessee)
Program Associate, The Center for Rural Strategies
Jon Slangerup (California)
Industrial Advisor, EQT Group
Debra Smit (Pennsylvania)
Comm Manager, Breathe Project
Brian Smith (Texas)
Founder and Managing Partner & Investor, Clean Energy Catalyst
Greg Smith (Ohio)
President, GSS Consulting, LLC
Matt Smith (Florida)
Principal Engineer, Phoenix ELM
Michael Smith (California)
Founder, Adaptation Research
Michael Smith (California)
Principal, Adaptation Research
Jeremy Smithson (Washington)
CEO, Puget Sound Solar
Fiona Smythe (California)
VP, Strategy, mscripts
Vivek Soni (Massachusetts)
Managing Partner, Boston Cleantech Partners
Roger Sorkin (Massachusetts)
Executive Director, American Resilience Project
Robert Sotolongo (North Carolina)
President, DTW Architects
Bill Spohn (Pennsylvania)
President & Owner, TruTech Tools, LTD
Jane Stackhouse (Oregon)
Consultant, Jane Stackhouse Consulting
Sue Stafford
Mike Stanley (California)
Senior Editor, Prometheus Entertainment
Wendy Staso (Pennsylvania)
CEO, Huckestein
Adam Stenftenagel (Colorado)
CEO and Founder, Radiant Labs
Mark Stenftenagel (Illinois)
CEO and Principal, Whitney Inc.
Nan Stevenson (Nevada)
Sierra Eco Systems
Emma Stewart (California)
Sustainability Officer, Netflix
Katie Stone (Oregon)
Operations Manager, PixelSpoke
Eric Stoutenburg (Colorado)
Chief Development Officer, Able Grid Energy
Caitlin Stull (California)
Global Expansion Team, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Lisa Sundeen (Florida)
Project Developer, Charging at Tesla, Tesla
Sally Supplee (California)
Former Chief Financial Officer
Karen Sweeney (Iowa)
Energy Analyst, The Energy Group
Michael Swords (California)
VP of Government Relations, LA Cleantech Incubator
Heena Tabassum (California)
Student, University of San Francisco
Mark Tajima (Massachusetts)
Chief Operating Officer, Energia LLC
Ezgi Takmaz (Illinois)
Energy, Energy Resources Center
Randy Talley (North Carolina)
CEO, Green Sage Café
Heather Tausig
Associate VP of Conservation, New England Aquarium
Ryan Taylor (Massachusetts)
Senior Consultant, Guidehouse
John Terborgh (Vermont)
Analyst, VEIC
Sven Thesen (California)
Founder & CEO, BeniSol Solar, ProjectGreenHome.org
Catherine Thomasson (Oregon)
Vice Chair, DPO Environmental Caucus
Todd Thorner (District of Columbia)
CEO, JTN Energy
Laney Thornton (California)
The Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation
Michael Thornton (California)
Founder, Carbon Analytics
Robert Thronson (California)
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Ian Todreas (Massachusetts)
Vice President, ERG
John Tourtelotte (Massachusetts)
Managing Director, Rivermoor Energy
Robert Towell (Illinois)
Vice President, CxE Group LLC
Tuanh Tran (Nevada)
Director of business development, Sunworks
Tanya Travis (Colorado)
OTR, Welbrook
Doug Trimbach (North Carolina)
Vice President and Director, Lighting Services, Energy Optimizers, USA
John Truckenbrod (Illinois)
Terry Trumbull (California)
Trumbull Law Firm-Chairman, CA Waste Management Board, 1979-84
Siddharth Tulsiani (Texas)
Project Developer, EDP Renewables
Mitch Tyson (Massachusetts)
Principal, Tyson Associates
Mike Ubell (California)
Treasurer/Recorder, OpenOakland
Bill Unger (California)
Board Member & DAdvisor, Not for Profits and For Profit Tech Companies
Stella Ursua (California)
Clean Mobility & Partnerships Manager, GRID Alternatives
Chris Valle (Pennsylvania)
Head of Department, DNV GL Energy
Troy Van Beek (Iowa)
CEO, Ideal Energy Inc
Thomas Van Dyck (California)
Managing Director - Financial Advisor , RBC Wealth Management
Amy Van Meter (Colorado)
Director of Talent Acquisition, ClayDean Electric
Mark Vander Ploeg (California)
Senior Managing Director - Retired, Evercore Partners
Jill Vaske
President, Sage/Sustainable Electronics
Marie Venner (Colorado)
President, Venner Consulting
Tim Victor (Colorado)
Business Development, Scale Microgrid Solutions
Ariana Vito (California)
Sustainability Analyst/EV Program Coordinator, City of Santa Monica
Marilyn Waite (California)
Climate and Clean Energy Finance Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Jim Walker (Maine)
Founder & Principal, CleanTech Adoption, Inc.
David Walrath (California)
Executive Director, School Energy Coalition
David Walther (California)
Field Director / Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
Trudie Wang (California)
Staff analytics engineer, GELI
Amy Ward (Ohio)
Owner, Canyon Run Ranch
Laura Wasko (Virginia)
Sales, Main Street Solar
David Watson (California)
Director & Investor, Ultra Captial
Jamika Welch (Illinois)
Resource Innovations
Michael Wenzel (Illinois)
President, Advanced Energy Services
Haskell Werlin (Massachusetts)
Solar Project Developer, Solar Design Associates
Joshua White
Operations Supervisor, CLEAResult
Alex Wick (Oregon)
Founder & CEO, Cascadia Carbon
Cindy Wilder (Illinois)
adminstrative Asst, BIG NFP
Clint Wilder (California)
Senior Editor, Clean Edge
John Williams (Washington)
Public Relations, AltAir Fuels
Larry Williams (Michigan)
Henniges Automotive
Tony Williams (Colorado)
Engineering Director , USG
Dave Wilms (Illinois)
Owner, Advanced Renewables LLC
maggie winslow (California)
Associate Professor, Iniversity of SF
Andrew Winston (Connecticut)
Founder, Winston Eco-Strategies
Annette Winther (Massachusetts)
Senior Account Executive, Convio, Inc
Ryan Wise (Massachusetts)
Robert Wisz (Illinois)
Assistant Vice President, Royal Bank
Andrea Wittchen (Pennsylvania)
Principal, iSpring
Miles Wobbleton (North Carolina)
Erik Wohlgemuth (Oregon)
COO, Future 500
Dennis Wonders (Georgia)
MBA/MPA Grad student, Presidio Graduate School
Cliff Wood (Ohio)
CEO, Prarie Wind Group LLC
Bryndis Woods (Massachusetts)
Researcher, Applied Economics Clinic
Vernon Woodworth (Massachusetts)
Consultant, AKFGroup
Matthew Worsham (Ohio)
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Manage, University of Dayton
Patrick Wylie
Vice President, Accelerate Solar
Ion Yadigaroglu (California)
Managing Partner, Capricorn Investment Group
Mary M. Yang (California)
Former Biotech Co-Founder
Jeff York (Colorado)
Professor of Mgmt and Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
Daniel Yost (California)
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Yuan Yue (California)
Materials Scientist, Sylvatex
Peter Zahn (California)
Futures Unbound
Rob Zaldivar (Illinois)
Vice President, 93energy
Dawn Zancan (Illinois)
Director, Volta Industries
Jeaneen Zappa (Pennsylvania)
Executive Director, Conservation Consultants, Inc.
Dave Zheng (Nevada)
Southwest Gas Corp.
Bart Ziegler (California)
President, Samuel Lawrence Foundation
Marie Zimmerman (Kentucky)
President, The Lion Company, Inc.
Zaurie Zimmerman (Massachusetts)
CEO, Zaurie Zimmerman Associates, Inc.
Paul Zorner (California)
Chief Agronomist, Locus Solutions
Laura Zukosky (Colorado)
Attorney & Owner, Yogi Enterprises
Lauren Zullo (New York)
Director of Environmental Impact, Jonathan Rose Companies

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