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As an Iowa business leader, I'm urging you to vote against any attempts to scale back energy efficiency programs in Iowa. Please vote no on SF2311. 

E2 is a non-partisan, national community of business leaders from every sector of the economy who advocate for strong environmental policy to grow the economy. E2 members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and currently manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital. Our Midwest Chapter includes business people across a broad spectrum of industries throughout the Midwest, including farmers, investors, cleantech executives and clean energy workers. We have released an annual survey of clean energy employment in the Midwest, Clean Jobs Midwest, for the past two years.
We are concerned that SF 2311 will result in less investment in energy efficiency and Iowa will miss out on the economic benefits these programs provide.
These benefits include:


  • Clean energy jobs. SF 2311 threatens an essential source of economic growth in our state: the clean energy economy. Clean energy jobs grew almost 12 times faster than overall jobs in Iowa. There are over 30,000 clean energy jobs in the state, two-thirds of which are in energy efficiency. This economic growth and job creation represents only a fraction of Iowa's clean energy potential. 

  • Statewide cost savings. Every dollar invested in energy efficiency programs saves two dollars per costumer in energy costs, according to the MidAmerican and Alliant 2016 Annual Reports. In addition, energy efficiency programs have led to lower utility system costs, which are typically spread across all consumers. Annual reports also show that efficiency programs have eliminated the need for two and a half new 500 MW power plants since 2009. One utility, MidAmerican, estimates that these programs helped them save $50 million on capital investments in electricity infrastructure in 2016 alone.  When Iowans invest in energy efficiency they keep more dollars in their pocket which they can spend at local businesses. 

SF 2311 will stifle a growing, prosperous industry in our state. Energy efficiency must continue to be considered a critical portion of Iowa’s energy profile. This legislation could harm Iowa consumers and businesses and should be opposed.


Tyler Bacon
President, CB Solar Inc
Julie Blackwell
Manager - Program Strategy, Michaels Energy
Kyle Huston
Data Analyst, The Energy Group
Jim Martin-Schramm
Professor, Luther College DG Projects
Kelly Needles
President, The Energy Group
Mike Nemeth
President, Nemeth Energy
Don Otto
DPO Construction
George Phillips
Senior Consultant, Morgan Marketing Partners
Micaela Preskill
Midwest Advocate, E2
Angela Renken
Program Manager, A-Tec Energy
Emily Rice
Business Development Director, The Energy Group
Randy Skeie
Owner, EcoWise Power
Troy Van Beek
President, Renewable Energy Expert, Ideal Energy, Inc.
Bill Von der Linde
Program Manager, A-Tec Energy
Dennis White
Owner /Certified Residential Designer, Dennis White Designs
Mike Willis
Technical Services Direcor, The Energy Group
Amanda Zwanziger
Energy Services Leader, The Waldinger Corporation

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