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April 23, 2018

Hon. Ryan Zinke
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240
RE: BLM-2018-0001
Dear Secretary Zinke,

As members of E2’s nationwide network of business leaders, investors and professionals, we strongly oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) “Methane and Waste Prevention” draft rulemaking proposal, which would waste vast amounts of energy resources produced on publicly owned lands.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors, and professionals from every sector of the economy who advocate for smart policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment. Our members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital.
As you know, the BLM Methane and Waste Prevention rulemaking was finalized in November 2016, and is designed to cut methane emissions from well sites on publicly owned lands. The rule would have created a framework by which producers are encouraged to capture excess methane emissions and prevent leaks. The rulemaking proposal announced in August 2017 which would delay the initial rule until 2019, would ultimately hurt investment in companies specializing in emissions controls as well as cutting into funds that the public receives from royalties.
Properly curtailing gas waste from drilling operations will generate revenue and create jobs for businesses operating in oil/gas efficient equipment.  BLM is required by law to ensure publicly owned resources are not wasted.
BLM’s own analysis of the new proposal found the plan would cost Americans more than $1 billion dollars in wasted natural gas and pollution ($824 million worth of natural gas; $259 million in lost public benefits due to increased methane emissions). Even with BLM’s claims of potential benefits, its own analysis shows this proposed rule is a net-negative for the American public.
American taxpayers will also lose upwards of $32.7 million in royalty revenue, about half of which would go to energy-producing states. The actual amount of lost royalties is likely much higher given BLM found the 2016 Methane and Waste Prevention rule would generate $65 million to $82 million over 10 years.
In exchange for more wasted energy and less taxpayer revenue, BLM’s analysis shows its proposal will result in no additional job growth, stating, “We do not believe that the proposed rule would substantially alter the investment or employment decisions of firms." Meanwhile, there are dozens of companies producing and selling products which control emissions, and those jobs would almost certainly be threatened.
The draft creates uncertainty and threatens the burgeoning methane mitigation industry. This industry supports more than 130 companies that operate nearly 600 manufacturing, sales and support facilities across 46 states. These companies provide a wide array of jobs at all education levels. BLM also found the proposed rule would only result in a negligible increase in profits of less than 2/10ths of one percent for smaller oil and gas operators.

Furthermore, methane emissions are a potent greenhouse gas, contributing further to America’s climate change emissions. The western states (where the majority of America’s public lands are) are all too aware that climate change has led to longer and more severe droughts, which pinch badly needed water resources, as well as damaging economies through other severe weather events.
Moreover, a January 2018 Colorado College poll, leading pollsters from the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies and the Democratic firm FM3 Research found that 7 of 10 Western state citizens support methane waste requirements on federal lands. This includes a majority of Republicans in all states surveyed (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming).

We need common sense standards to reduce energy waste on our public lands, otherwise taxpayers will continue to lose money and unnecessary methane pollution from drilling on our public lands will continue unabated for years to come. E2’s network of business leaders urge you to not move forward with this rulemaking, and instead leave in place the current standard.      


Curtis Abbott (California)
CEO, Lucesco Lighting Inc
Maryvonne Abbott (California)
Dan Abrams (California)
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Clifford Adams (New York)
Managing Director, Coady Diemar Partners
Salem Afeworki (California)
Founder & Lead Advisor, Value Sustainability
Brian Allen (Washington)
Managing Director, Appropriate Technology Group
Steven Anderson (Virginia)
VP Logistics, Relyant Global
Emily Applegate (Colorado)
Meritage Funds, TF Investors
Gerald L. Armes
Principal Engineer, Aurastar
Sam Arons (California)
Director of Sustainability, Lyft
David Austin
Owner, Great Brook Solar
Diane Bailey (California)
Executive Director, MenloSpark
Fred Bamber (California)
Managing Director, Spartina LLC
Dora Barlaz Hanft (New York)
Caroline Bauhaus (California)
Education Consultant, Equity & Access
Mark Bauhaus (California)
Partner, Just Business
Keir Beadling (California)
CEO and Co-Founder, Mavericks Surf Ventures
Jon Becker (Colorado)
Board President, Trees, Water & People
Mitchell Beer
President, Smarter Shift
Dave Belote (Virginia)
Managing Partner & CEO, DARE Strategies LLC
Jeff Bennett (Colorado)
Founder, Big Kid Science
Lisa Bennett (Colorado)
Karin Berardo (California)
Founder, SIRES Advisors; Board Member, CleanPath
Seth Berkman (Massachusetts)
Energy Market Analyst, SourceOne
Laura Berland (California)
Principal Consultant, Tellus Strategic Consulting
Eric Berman (Washington)
President and Co-Chair, E8 Angels
Luann Berman (Washington)
Tony Bernhardt, PhD (California)
Board Member, Resources for the Future
Marcella Bernstein (California)
Stuart Bernstein (California)
Founding Member, Sustainable Capital LLC
Maureen Blanc (California)
Barbara Blumenthal (New Jersey)
President, Blumenthal Consulting LLC
Nick Boateng (California)
Outreach fellow/Veteran liaison, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles
Melissa Booth (North Carolina)
Dara Bortman (Pennsylvania)
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Exact Solar
David Bowen (California)
Robert Boyer (Colorado)
MD, Trailhead Clinics
Bill Boyk (Oregon)
CEO/Founder, GyroVolts by Ameristar Solar, LLC
Diane Boyk (Oregon)
George Brandt (California)
Tom Breunig (California)
Publisher, Cleantech Concepts
Beth Brummitt (California)
President, Brummitt Consulting
Barbara Brenner Buder (California)
VP of Finance & Administration, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Bruce Budner (California)
Cary Bullock (Massachusetts)
Vince Calvano (Colorado)
Attorney & Business Owner, Vincent P. Calvano, LLC.
Samuel Campbell (Massachusetts)
Gay Canough (New York)
President, ETM Solar Works
Stephanie Capell (California)
Human Resoures Professional, Self-employed
Darin Carei (Colorado)
Founder and CEO, Atlasta Solar
Dan Carnovale (Pennsylvania)
Power Systems Experience Center Manger, Eaton Corporation
Greg Carroll (California)
President, Sterling Global Strategies
Shaandiin Cedar
Sales and Marketing Assistant, GreenBiz
Suzanne Charle
Journalist, Freelance
Stacie Cheng (California)
Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Dell
Roger Choplin (California)
Proprietor / Owner, Our Earth Music, Inc.
Mark Cirilli
Partner, MissionPoint Capital
John Cleland (Colorado)
Managing Partner, RenewWest
John Cleveland (New Hampshire)
Executive Director, Green Ribbon Commission
Tom Cole (California)
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Jessica Collingsworth (Illinois)
Midwest Energy Advocate , UCS
Robert Cooper (Massachusetts)
Founder & CEO, Embue
Bulend Corbacioglu (Colorado)
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, AP Capitol Investments
Patricia Cornelison (Massachusetts)
Principal (Retired), Arrowstreet
Larry Cosenza
Phil Coupe (Maine)
Co-Founder, ReVision Energy
Rich Crawford (Colorado)
CEO, Midwest Wind Resources
Peter Crawley (Massachusetts)
Sustainability Roundtable
Bruce Cross (Illinois)
President, Energy Reduction Inc.
Greg Curhan (California)
President and CEO, Merriman Curhan
Andrew Currie (Colorado)
Investor, Active Minds LLC
John Cusack (New York)
Financial Services Risk Management, Maplecroft Limited
Mary Ann Cusenza (California)
Independent Consultant for high tech and cleantech companies
Lynne David (California)
Jayne Davis (California)
Peter Davis (California)
Retired Attorney
George Day (Illinois)
Rick DeGolia (California)
Executive Chairman, Intellipark
Michael Delapa (California)
DeLapa Consulting
Chris Dennett (Oregon)
Director of Strategy and Integration, The Tofurky Company
Heather Dennett (Oregon)
Kaiser Permanente
Carol DiBenedetto (California)
Fundraising, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Consultant, Go for the Green Strategies
Barry Dicker (Kansas)
President, Decent Energy, Inc.
Laurie Dickson (Colorado)
Executive Director, 4CORE
Marianne DiMascio
Appliance Standards Awareness Project
Martine Dion (Massachusetts)
Director, Sustainable Design Group, SMMA
Dino Dobbins (California)
Sales Engineer, North American Repower
Sean Donaghy (Massachusetts)
Energy Management Analyst , Mass DOT
Peter Dorfman (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Dreicer (California)
Co-Founder & CEO, KUITY Corp.
Patricia Durham (California)
Mark Durrenberger
President, New England Breeze
Tim Dwight (Iowa)
Business Development, Integrated Power Corporation
Robert Earley (New York)
Principal, Armor Capital
Jeb Eddy (California)
David Edwards (California)
Owner, Earth Bound Homes Inc.
Karen Eggerman (California)
Kevin Eigel (Ohio)
EcoHouse Solar
Ellington Ellis (Michigan)
Ellington Energy
Rachel Emmer (Colorado)
Principal and Senior Consultant, DetritusGroup
Scott Englander
President, Longwood Energy Group LLC
Bob Epstein (California)
Director / Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Yannis Farsaris
Lynn Feintech (California)
Anne Feldhusen (California)
Principal Consultant, Green Business Technology Marketing
Adam Fischer (District of Columbia)
Kenny Fischer
Founder, Fatte Bikes
Steve Fisher (California)
Wendy Fleischer
consultant, wendy fleischer
Maxwell Fleming (Colorado)
Programs & Efficiency Manager, EcoSystems
Vanessa Flores
Sustainability Coordinator, JGMA
Virginia Foote (Massachusetts)
Director of Fund Development, CLF
Craig Foster (Ohio)
Dir. of Delivered Services, Energility LLC
Jon Foster (California)
Chief Financial Officer, Zoox
Karen Francis (California)
Board Member, Telenav
Richard Frankel (California)
Director, UL
Lisa Gansky (California)
Non-Executive Director, 11:FS
Glen Gelinas
Ecosystem Resources
Linda Gerber (Oregon)
Principal Consultant, Linda Gerber Consulting Services
Vanessa Gerber (California)
Member, Board of Directors, The Big C Society
Gerry Glaser (California)
Cara Goldfarb (Massachusetts)
Community Manager, Greentown Labs
Susan Goldhor (Massachusetts)
Biologist, C.A.R.S.
Ken Goldsholl (California)
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Nancy Goldsholl (California)
Amy Goldstein (Kansas)
Managing Consultant, Healthcare Consultants
James Goldstein
Senior Research Director, Tellus Institute
Lorena Gonda Kiralla (California)
Todd Gossett (Virginia)
Connie Greenfield (Connecticut)
Stewart Greenfield (Connecticut)
Chairman, Alternative Investment Group
Lyle Gregory (California)
Lyle Gregory & Associates
Ron Gremban (California)
Technical Lead, CalCars
Boris Grinkot (New York)
Part Time Faculty, Parsons, School of Design Strategies
Garrett Gruener (California)
Co-Founder and Director, Alta Partners
Eric Grunebaum (Massachusetts)
Principal, Bequia Securities
Jon Guice (California)
Partner, AltaTerra
Cara Gunderson (Colorado)
Energy Professional, Scout Clean Energy
Doug Hammer (California)
Noah Hanft (New York)
President & CEO, International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Grady Harper (Colorado)
Energy Rater, EnergyWise Consultants
John Harper (Massachusetts)
Principal, Birch Tree Capital, LLC
RJ Harrington (Colorado)
President & CEO, Sustainable Action Consulting PBC
Mike Hart (California)
CEO, Sierra Energy
Berl Hartman (Massachusetts)
E2 New England Chapter Director, Hartman Consulting
Hyman Hartman (Massachusetts)
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Edward Harvey (Colorado)
Managing Director, RMI
Paula Hawthorn, PhD (California)
Sheryl Heckmann (California)
Event Coordinator, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
James Higgins (California)
Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
Jill Tate Higgins (California)
Investor, Director, gDiapers
Jerry Hinkle (California)
Research Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby
Russ Holdstein (California)
Susan Holdstein (California)
Greg Hopkins (Colorado)
Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute
John Hopkins (District of Columbia)
Vice President - Energy & Infrastructure, Astris Finance LLC
Thomas Houseman (Oregon)
Winemaker, Anne Amie Vineyards
Robin Hruska (Washington)
Roman Hryhorchuk (Pennsylvania)
Moore Energy
Richard Hubler (Colorado)
Planning Intern, City of Pueblo
Suzanne Hunt (New York)
President, Hunt Green LLC
Brion Hurley (Oregon)
Owner, Business Performance Improvement
Ari Isaak (California)
Founder and CEO, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Garrett Jacobs
Burt Jaffe (Massachusetts)
Logan Jenkins (Colorado)
President, Connect Cleantech
Lars Johansson (Washington)
Manager, Element E8 Fund
Celia Johnson (Illinois)
Illinois SAG Facilitator, Celia Johnson Consulting LLC
Stefan Johnson (California)
Charlene Kabcenell (California)
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Derry Kabcenell (California)
Former Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Jerome Kalur (Montana)
Attorney at Law
Christopher Kaneb (Massachusetts)
Principal, Catamount Management Corporation
Tyson Keever (Oregon)
COO, Crimson Renewable Energy & SeQuential
Arthur Keller (California)
Managing Partner, Minerva Consulting
Paul Kelley
Chairman, Zero Stage Capital
Brett KenCairn (Colorado)
Senior Climate & Sustainability Coordinator, City of Boulder, CO
Will Kenworthy (Illinois)
Regulatory Director, Midwest, Vote Solar
Gavriella Keyles (California)
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500
Jeff King (California)
Jeff King & Company
Steven Kiralla (California)
Eco Dad, Kids in the House
Peter Kirby (Massachusetts)
Board Director, Governance Committee Chair, Plaxall, Inc.
Michael Kleeman (California)
Chief Technology Officer, Cometa Networks
Kellen Klein (Oregon)
Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500
Charly Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder & Investor, KL Felicitas Foundation
Lisa Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation
Josh Knauer (Pennsylvania)
CEO, Green Marketplace
Charles Knowles (California)
Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Network
Stephanie Knowles (California)
Stephen Koch (California)
Principal, Baker Street Associates
Marcus Komm (New York)
Managing Director, UBS
Ross Koningstein (California)
Director of Engineering, Emeritus, Google
Fred Kraybill (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Blvd Group
Pete Krull (North Carolina)
CEO & Director of Investments, Earth Equity Advisors, LLC
Srirup Kumar (Washington)
Business Development, Advisor, Impact Bioenergy
Micheal Lebo (Pennsylvania)
Electrical Designer / Solar Installer, Edwin L. Heim Co.
Brice Leconte (Virginia)
Founder, iUnit
Nicole Lederer (California)
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Genevieve Liang (California)
Florence Liddell (New York)
Justin Lindenmayer
Mike Lingle (Illinois)
CEO, Eta Vision
Jonathan Livingston (California)
Founder, C-Prize
Deepa Lounsbury (California)
Director of Products, Extensible Energy
Sonaar Luthra (California)
CEO, Water Canary
Tracy Lyons (California)
Steve MacKay (California)
Principal, Scourie Network Partners
Ian Mahoney (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Solar Energy Company, Inc
Theron Makley (Colorado)
Contract and Fractional Marketing and Sales Executive, Self-Employed
Drew Maran (California)
Owner, Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Ryan Martens (Colorado)
Mentor, TechStars
Wynn Martens (Colorado)
Outreach, University of Colorado
James Marvin (Massachusetts)
Regional Manager, North America East & Canada, Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Joanna Marvin (Massachusetts)
Owner, Federal Consulting Solutions
Raj Mashruwala (California)
Dave Massen (California)
Tom McCalmont (California)
President, McCalmont Engineering
Nancy McCarter-Zorner (California)
Plant Pathologist
Joe and Pamela McDonald (Colorado)
c/o The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
Michael McElroy (Massachusetts)
Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Harved University
Doug McGarrah
Partner, Foley Hoag
John McGarry (Washington)
Investor - Retired
Calandra McGee
Program Assistant, NRDC
Derek McPherren (Colorado)
Account Manager, Trane
Michael Meehan (California)
Founder, Director of State & Regional Policy, Acre Policy & County of Santa Clara
Alex Melathe
Solutions Development Leader Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls
David Mendels (Massachusetts)
Board Member, Resilient Coders
Tim Michels (Missouri)
President, Energy Resources Group, Inc.
Lisa Mihaly (California)
Anthony Miller (California)
CEO, Entanglement Technologies
Robin Mills (California)
Timothy Mills (Pennsylvania)
Director of Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, ARM Group Inc.
Brenden Millstein (California)
CEO, Carbon Lighthouse
Taylor Milsal (California)
Owner, Milsal + Partners
Marc Mondor (Pennsylvania)
Co-Founder & Principal, EvolveEA
Carol Moné (California)
Producer & Owner, Our Earth Productions
John Montgomery (California)
President, Lex Ultima
Jim Morgan (California)
Chairman, Applied Materials
Kevin Morse (Colorado)
Vice President, Lever Real Estate Capital
Ning Mosberger-Tang (Colorado)
President, Innovo Foundation
Christina Mueller (California)
Emilie Munger Ogden (California)
Jordan Murphy (Iowa)
, Candeo
Colleen Murray (Oregon)
Shareholder/Dir. of Operations, Perkins & Co
Leonard Nagy
Systems Analyst, ARCADIS
Susan Nedell (Colorado)
E2 Rocky Mountains Advocate
Armand Neukermans (California)
Founder - Retired, Xros
Anne Arquit Niederberger (California)
VP Market Development, Enervee
Al Nierenberg (Massachusetts)
President, Evergreen Consulting & Training
Nadine North (California)
Global Expansion, Microshare.io
Kathy Nyrop (California)
Dan O'Brien (New York)
Sr. Sales and Development - Solar, General Electric
Anne O'Grady (California)
Standish O'Grady (California)
Director of Board of Directors, Smule, Inc.
William Oddo (New York)
Manager Sustainable Construction , GreenBuild Construction Group
Doug Ogden (California)
CEO, North Ridge Investment Management
Ed Oquendo (Connecticut)
Owner, Empere,LLC
Larry Orr (California)
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Michael Brian Orr (Washington)
Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems
Lyn Oswald (California)
Barbara Page (California)
Co-Founder, Anthropocene Institute, LLC
Eric Park (Oregon)
Business Design, Healthcare
Rob Parker (New York)
NYC Deputy Metro Director, NE Region, CleanTech Open
Neela Patel (California)
Executive Director of Business Engagement, Seattle Genetics
Susan Perkins
Matthew Peterson (New Jersey)
Service Tech, Code Green Solar
Milton Pinsky (Illinois)
Chairman, Banner Real Estate Group, LLC
Scott Piper (Illinois)
Owner/Architect, SPM Architects
Lucian Potter (Indiana)
Owner, Lucian Automotive Service
Megan Rast (Colorado)
Senior Manager, Accessibility, Charter Communications
Chuck Ray (Colorado)
Dave Reed (Colorado)
Co-leader, Citizens' Climate Lobby - GJ chapter
Christian Rees (Oregon)
Director of Installations, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
James Rehrmann
Emily Reichert (Massachusetts)
Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs
Emily Rice (Iowa)
Business Development Director, The Energy Group
Jud Richards (Washington)
Jack Robinson (Massachusetts)
Vice Chair and Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management
Sarah Robinson (Massachusetts)
Founding Partner, WeSpire
Jamila Rockette (Colorado)
Michael Ross
Joan Rossetti (Massachusetts)
Chair, Environmental Affairs Committee of the Prudential Center Residents' Association
Amy Roth (California)
Jacqueline Royce (Massachusetts)
Independent Scholar
Dan Ruben (Massachusetts)
Director, Boston Green Tourism
Karen Rucker (Colorado)
President, ByHandConsulting
Michael Rucker (Colorado)
CEO, Scout Clean Energy
Matthew Rudey (New York)
Founder and Co-CEO, Just Energy, LLC
Ryan Rupert (Kansas)
Meg Ruxton (California)
Partnerships Manager, Charge Across Town
Mark Sandeen
Founder, RePower Partners
SALES MANAGER, CentrexElectrical Supply Corp.
John Santoleri (New York)
Partner, StoneWork Capital
Michael Santullo (California)
self employed
Jan Schalkwijk (California)
Investment Adviser, JPS Global Investments
Ilana Schoenfeld (Massachusetts)
Researcher/Learning Designer, MIT Museum
Peter Schwab
Portfolio Manager, Pax World Management
David Schwartz (California)
Lauren Scott (California)
Paul Scott (California)
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Transportation Power Inc
Brad Seaman (Colorado)
Director of Project Finance, Scout Clean Energy
Lt Gen (ret) Noman Seip (Virginia)
Owner, NS Solutions, LLC
Joel Serface (Florida)
Independent Consultant
Marita Seulamo-Vargas (California)
Journalist, Freelance
Tim Sexton (California)
Principal, Make Good Group
Douglas Shackelford (District of Columbia)
Managing Partner, Exselleration
Lane Sharman (California)
Executive Director, San Diego Energy District
Bonnie Shaw (California)
President, Clear Point Agency
Rebecca Shaw (California)
Amy Silber (Massachusetts)
Consultant, Clean Energy Venture Fund
Tad Simmons (California)
Managing Partner, GreenSource Partners LP
Barbara Simons (California)
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Scott Sklar (Virginia)
President, The Stella Group, Ltd
Jon Slangerup (California)
Industrial Advisor, EQT Group
Amy Slater (California)
Vice President of Sales, Palo Alto Networks
Greg Smith (Ohio)
President, Energy Optimizers
Roger Sorkin (Massachusetts)
Executive Producer, American Resilience Project
Danieal Sosland
President, Acadia Center
Jim Spencer (Pennsylvania)
President & CEO, EverPower Wind Holdings
Nancy Spencer (California)
Spencer Allcott
Justin Sternberg (California)
Managing Director, Continuum Industries
Christopher Stix (Massachusetts)
Executive in Residence, Babson College Fund
Eric Stoutenburg (Colorado)
Chief Development Officer, Able Grid Energy
Eric Strid (Oregon)
Co-Founder and Retired CEO, Cascade Microtech
Steve Sunderman (Virginia)
Architect/ Energy Advisor, Terrazia
Ed Supplee (California)
Former CFO, UTStarcom
Sally Supplee (California)
Former Chief Financial Officer
Jim Sweeney (Massachusetts)
President, Sustainable New Energy
Karen Sweeney (Iowa)
Energy Analyst, The Energy Group
Stu Swineford (Colorado)
Founder, Relish Studio
Jessica Switzer (California)
Partner, Blue Practice, Inc.
Cyrus Tashakkori (Texas)
President, Open Road Renewables
Heather Tausig
Associate VP of Conservation, New England Aquarium
Zach Taylor (Colorado)
Engineer, Brendle Group
Sven Thesen (California)
Founder & CEO, BeniSol Solar, ProjectGreenHome.org
Andrew Thomaides (Colorado)
Todd Thorner (District of Columbia)
Cariad Thronson (California)
CEO, Forefront Marketing & Communications
Robert Thronson (California)
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Ellen Tohn (Massachusetts)
Founder & Principal, Tohn Environmental Strategies
Diana Trettin (Colorado)
National Park Service
Terry Trumbull (California)
Trumbull Law Firm-Chairman, CA Waste Management Board, 1979-84
Marlene Tyner-Valencourt (California)
Ecologist, Great Ecology
Mitch Tyson (Massachusetts)
Principal, Tyson Associates
Mike Ubell (California)
Treasurer/Recorder, OpenOakland
Bill Unger (California)
Board Member & DAdvisor, Not for Profits and For Profit Tech Companies
Amy Van Beek (Iowa)
Co-Founder, Designer, Ideal Energy Inc
Troy Van Beek (Iowa)
CEO, Ideal Energy Inc
Don Van Gilder (Colorado)
Business Consultant
Lorna Vander Ploeg (California)
Mark Vander Ploeg (California)
Senior Managing Director - Retired, Evercore Partners
Peter Vandermeulen (Massachusetts)
Thomas Vanhoutte
Chris Vargas (California)
Founder, Cleantech Circle LLC
Marie Venner (Colorado)
President, Venner Consulting
Marilyn Waite (California)
Climate and Clean Energy Finance Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Donn Walklet (California)
CEO, Terra-Vista, Inc.
David Walther (California)
Field Director / Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
Laura Wasko (Virginia)
Better Building Works
David Watson (California)
Director & Investor, Ultra Captial
Samuel Weaver (Colorado)
President/CEO, Cool Energy, Inc.
Marcus Wedner (Illinois)
Senior Advisor, Civc Partners, LP
Bill Weihl (California)
Founder and Executive Director, ClimateVoice
Charles Weiss (Oregon)
Account Manager, GEL America
Jeffrey Weiss (Rhode Island)
Member, Clean Energy Venture Group
Dave Welch (California)
President, Infinera Corporation
Heidi Welch (California)
Jay Welsh (Pennsylvania)
Michael Wenzel (Illinois)
Building Analyst, Advanced Energy Services
Janna West-Heiss (Colorado)
Director of Communications and Corporate Development, Solaris Energy, LLC
Dennis White (Iowa)
Owner /Certified Residential Designer, Dennis White Designs
Guy Wicker (Michigan)
CEO, Guy Wicker Engineering-Ovshinsky Innovation
Tony Williams (Oregon)
City Letter Carrier, US Postal Service
Alexa Willson (New York)
Managing Director, Private Client Advisor, U.S.Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
David Willson (New York)
President, Stanbridge Capital
Tonia Wisman (California)
Zachary Witman (New York)
Co-Founder, GrowSquares
Andrea Wittchen (Pennsylvania)
Principal, iSpring
Erik Wohlgemuth (Oregon)
COO, Future 500
Gary Wolff (California)
Senior Hydraulic Engineer, Otak, Inc.
Polly Wood
Hood River Valley Residents Committee
Gordon Woodcock
Department Manager, Taitem Engineering
George Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Founder and Director Emeritus, The Woods Hole Research Center
Katharine Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Retired Administrator
Hansjoerg Wyss
Chairman Emeritus, Synthes
HansJorg Wyss (Massachusetts)
Mary M. Yang (California)
Former Biotech Co-Founder & President, KAIROS Scientific Inc
Leila Yassa (Massachusetts)
Daniel Yost (California)
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Frances Yuhas
Director of Business Development, TurningPoint Energy
Mark Yuschak (New Jersey)
Instructor, Thomas Shortman
Rosamund Zander (Massachusetts)
Chairman, Independent Design Center for the Environment
Marie Zimmerman (Kentucky)
President, The Lion Company, Inc.
Zaurie Zimmerman (Massachusetts)
CEO, Zaurie Zimmerman Associates, Inc.
Paul Zorner (California)
Chief Agronomist, Locus Solutions

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