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November 3, 2017

Dear Member of Congress,
As Congress considers improving our tax code, it is imperative that American innovation and competitiveness be preserved and strengthened through smart policies that increase – not hamper - the rapid job growth and economic savings being generated by the energy efficiency and renewable sectors. One of the stated goals of this reform effort is ensuring American businesses can operate by a set of clear, understandable rules. That is what clean energy businesses are asking for as well: this means not removing the previously agreed-to extension and phase down of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar and Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind, honoring an agreement to extend the ITC deal to other clean energy technologies, and reinstating energy efficiency tax credits that support millions of jobs in construction and manufacturing.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders who advocate for smart policies that are good for our economy and good for our environment. Our members have founded or funded more than 2,500 companies, created more than 600,000 jobs, and manage more than $100 billion in venture and private equity capital.

Clean energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy. There are now more than 3 million clean energy jobs in the United States, according to analysis by the Department of Energy and E2. Solar energy capacity in 2016 was 4,500 percent higher than the Department of Energy predicted a decade ago. Wind energy capacity is 350 percent above projections, according to a new report. In 2016, more than $46 billion was invested to support 21.5 gigawatts of new renewable power generation, according to the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). While tax policies alone do not create the jobs or increased investment in these sectors cited above, they do provide certainty to businesses and increase confidence in markets.

In 2015, Congress agreed to extend and phase down the ITC and PTC. This promise to businesses and investors provided much-needed certainty for the solar and wind industries. A recent analysis shows that the extension of the federal tax credits will create more than 220,000 jobs and add nearly $23 billion to the U.S. economy in 2017. Tampering with that deal through the guise of tax reform – either by removing these along with other tax incentives or to pay for lowering the overall corporate tax rate - could create serious market disruptions for these sectors and leave many Americans out of a job – especially in rural America where the clear majority of solar and wind installations are located.

We know this because such a market disruption occurred in the geothermal, small hydro, hydrokinetic and fuel cell sectors, after they were unexpectedly left out of the ITC extension in 2015 and no deal took place in 2016.  Congressional leaders have agreed these technologies must be extended with the ITC to both the business Section 48C and residential Section 25D credits, thereby providing parity for all clean energy technologies. With tax reform, Congress now has the chance to right this wrong and provide greater certainty for these technologies for the next few years while the ITC phased down.

Finally, the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (179D) under the Commercial Building Modernization Act and the New Energy Efficient Home Credit (45L) energy efficiency tax credits that had been extended in years’ past were allowed to expire in 2016, hampering deployment of energy efficiency nationwide. These should be included in any tax reform deal and given a long-term extension. Energy efficiency helps businesses overcome market barriers by attracting producer and consumer attention to the opportunities and transforming markets for new technologies and practices. In addition, to technological innovation, energy efficiency incentives help consumers and businesses saving money and have supported more than 2.5 million jobs nationwide.

The renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors create jobs. They save money for consumers and businesses alike. They drive innovation and competitiveness in our energy markets and linked industries. They help improve our nation’s energy security – and in turn, national security.
As business owners, investors and others, we urge you to continue to build on the successful utilization of the tax code to promote American innovation and jobs by protecting and expanding clean energy tax provisions. Any tax reform legislation aimed at ensuring there are expanding business and employment opportunities for Americans should include the policies that provide certainty for those sectors and members of Congress must work responsibly to include those provisions.

Dan Abrams (California)
President/CEO, Wynkoop Properties
Clifford Adams (New York)
Managing Director, Coady Diemar Partners
Alfred Aeldwood (California)
Bessma Aljarbou (New York)
Kennedy School
Farhad Aminpour (Massachusetts)
Principal, Clean Energy Analytics
Zachary Amittay
Advocate, E2
Sig Anderman (California)
CEO, Ellie Mae
Emily Applegate (Colorado)
Senior Manager, Business Funding & Incentives, Business Investments, OEDIT
Lindsay Arell (Colorado)
Sustainable Programs Manager, Colorado Convention Center
Sam Arons (California)
Director of Sustainability, Lyft
Meera Balakumar (California)
Founder, CEO, Sterlinks
Fred Bamber (California)
Managing Director, Spartina LLC
Jennifer Barenholtz (Florida)
Consultant, The Solar Foundation
Dora Barlaz Hanft (New York)
Kathy Barry (California)
Private Healthcare Pracitioner
Caroline E. Bassett (New York)
Director, Bassett Media Relations, LLC
Caroline Bauhaus (California)
Education Consultant, Equity & Access
Mark Bauhaus (California)
Partner, Just Business
Patricia Bauman (District of Columbia)
President, Bauman Foundation
Karen Begin (California)
Development Director, Environment, San Diego Habitat for Humanity
Dave Belote (Virginia)
Managing Partner & CEO, DARE Strategies LLC
Jeff Bennett (Colorado)
Founder, Big Kid Science
Lisa Bennett (Colorado)
Chris Bentley (Colorado)
Renewable Energy Consultant, Independent Power Systems
Karin Berardo (California)
Founder, SIRES Advisors; Board Member, CleanPath
Seth Berkman (Massachusetts)
Energy Market Analyst, SourceOne
Eric Berman (Washington)
President and Co-Chair, E8 Angels
Luann Berman (Washington)
Tony Bernhardt, PhD (California)
Board Member, Resources for the Future
Marcella Bernstein (California)
Stuart Bernstein (California)
Founding Member, Sustainable Capital LLC
Ralph Bicknese (Missouri)
Hellmuth + Bicknese Architects
Quilen Blackwell (Illinois)
Maureen Blanc (California)
Geri Blitzman (Massachusetts)
New England Growth Associate
Barbara Blumenthal (New Jersey)
President, Blumenthal Consulting LLC
Darren Booth (Colorado)
Director, Renewable Energy Integration, GreenPowerU
Melissa Booth (North Carolina)
Dara Bortman (Pennsylvania)
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Exact Solar
Mark Bortman (Pennsylvania)
Owner, Exact Solar
David Bowen (California)
Eric Bowen (California)
Vice President, Corporate Business Development & Legal Affairs, Renewable Energy Group
Bill Boyk (Oregon)
Director/Founder, Ameristar Solar, LLC
Diane Boyk (Oregon)
Jen Boynton (California)
Founding Member, MAG Impact Collective
George Brandt (California)
John Bryant (District of Columbia)
Barbara Brenner Buder (California)
VP of Finance & Administration, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Bob Burnett (California)
Retired, Cisco Systems
Dianne Callan (Massachusetts)
Independent Legal Consulting, Green Tech Legal
Gay Canough (New York)
President, ETM Solar Works
Evelyn Carpenter (Colorado)
President and CEO, Solas Energy Consulting
Sean Carpenter (Colorado)
Climate Economy Advisor, City of Ft. Collins
Peter Carson (California)
Partner, Sheppard Mullin Hampton & Richter LLP
Priscilla Carson (California)
Pete Cartwright (California)
Partner, Avalon Ecopower
Cliff Chapman
Managing Partner, Syncarpha Capital
Suzanne Charle
Journalist, Freelance
John Cheney (California)
CEO, Silverado Power LLC
Stephen Cheney (District of Columbia)
CEO, American Security Project
Stacie Cheng (California)
Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Dell
Roger Choplin (California)
Proprietor / Owner, Our Earth Music, Inc.
Jeffrey Clay (Texas)
President, Belltown Power Texas
Lucian Cohen (New York)
Assistant Vice President , M&T Bank
Tom Cole (California)
Venture Partner, TransLink Capital
Brooke Coleman (Washington)
Assistant Professor, Seattle University Law School
Ann Colley (New York)
Robert Cooper (Massachusetts)
Founder & CEO, Embue
Valerie Corbett (New York)
President, Intelligreen Partners
Abe Costanza (New York)
Phil Coupe (Maine)
Co-Founder, ReVision Energy
D. Rafael Coven (Pennsylvania)
SVP Business Development, PaceControls
Rich Crawford (Colorado)
CEO, Midwest Wind Resources
Jane Cuddehe (New York)
Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker Devonshire
Michael Cuddehe (New York)
Publisher, RIsk & Opportunity
Andrew Currie (Colorado)
Investor, Active Minds LLC
Linda Curtis (New York)
Mary Ann Cusenza (California)
Independent Consultant for high tech and cleantech companies
Diane Dandeneau (Colorado)
CEO, IPower Alliance
Jeremy Deems (Colorado)
CFO, Portfolio Manager, Green Alpha Advisors, LLC
Rick DeGolia (California)
Executive Chairman, Intellipark
Michael Delapa (California)
DeLapa Consulting
Sheila Dennis (Massachusetts)
Director, Principal Gifts, Harvard Divinity School
Dino Dobbins (California)
Sales Engineer, North American Repower
Michael Dorwart (Missouri)
Regional Manager, Joule Energy
Elizabeth Dreicer (California)
Co-Founder & CEO, KUITY Corp.
Patricia Durham (California)
Tim Dwight (Iowa)
Business Development, Integrated Power Corporation
Robert Earley (New York)
Principal, Armor Capital
Bill Eklund (Virginia)
Green Capital Advisers
Scott Elliott (Washington)
CEO, MountainLogic
Scott Englander
President, Longwood Energy Group LLC
Bob Epstein (California)
Director / Co-Founder, Sybase, New Resource Bank, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Rob Erlichman (California)
Owner/Founder, Sunlight Electric, LLC
Nurul Eusufzai (Illinois)
Consultant, Net Impact Chicago
Jason Evans (Washington)
Principal, Tuusso Energy
Russell Faucett (California)
President and CEO, Barrington Wilshire, LLC
Anne Feldhusen (California)
Principal Consultant, Green Business Technology Marketing
David Fischer (Massachusetts)
Partner, Gold Hill Capital
Mike Fisher (Iowa)
Vice-President, Impact7G, Inc.
Kevin Fitzwilliam (Louisiana)
Regional Account Manager, Joule Energy
Maxwell Fleming (Colorado)
Programs & Efficiency Manager, EcoSystems
Virginia Foote (Massachusetts)
Director of Fund Development, CLF
Jon Foster (California)
Chief Financial Officer, Zoox
Zach Foster (New York)
Operations Associate, Armor Capital
Karen Francis (California)
Board Member, Telenav
Richard Frankel (California)
Director, UL
Rona Fried (New York)
President, SustainableBusiness.com
Lisa Gansky (California)
Non-Executive Director, 11:FS
William Gathright (Virginia)
Founder, Tumalow
Bonnie Gemmell (California)
CEO, Spicer Bags
Rob Gemmell (California)
Managing Principal, Addwater MarketingAddwater Marketing Agency
Jonathan Gensler (Tennessee)
Founder/CEO, Revive Energy
Amy Gerber
Vice President, Tel-Affinity Corp.
Vanessa Gerber (California)
Member, Board of Directors, The Big C Society
Christopher Gersch (Illinois)
CEO, Verde Solutions
Rich Gill (California)
Phil Giudice
CEO, Ambri
Sarah Gledhill (Colorado)
Nancy Gail Goebner (California)
Owner, Gardenpeach Place
Mitchell Golden (New York)
Principal, Jun Group
Susan Goldhor (Massachusetts)
Biologist, C.A.R.S.
Ken Goldsholl (California)
CEO, x.o.ware, Inc.
Nancy Goldsholl (California)
Lorena Gonda Kiralla (California)
Harry Gregory (New York)
Volunteer Organizer, The Climate Mobilization
Boris Grinkot (New York)
Part Time Faculty, Parsons, School of Design Strategies
Marianna Grossman (California)
Founder and Managing Partner, Minerva Ventures
Garrett Gruener (California)
Co-Founder and Director, Alta Partners
Eric Grunebaum (Massachusetts)
Principal, Bequia Securities
Annie Hall (Colorado)
Real Estate Services Admin, CBRE, Inc
Doug Hammer (California)
John Harper (Massachusetts)
Principal, Birch Tree Capital, LLC
RJ Harrington (Colorado)
President & CEO, Sustainable Action Consulting PBC
Berl Hartman (Massachusetts)
E2 New England Chapter Director, Hartman Consulting
Hyman Hartman (Massachusetts)
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adam Hasz (District of Columbia)
Science & Technology Policy Fellow, US Department of Energy
Carol Hazenfield (California)
Communications Coach
Sheryl Heckmann (California)
Event Coordinator, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
Ward Hendon (New York)
Business Advisor, Independent Consultant
Bracken Hendricks (District of Columbia)
President & CEO, Urban Ingenuity
Alan Herzig (California)
Independent Director
Mitch Hescox (Pennsylvania)
President and CEO, Evangelical Environmental Network
Robert Hiltner (Washington)
Greg Hopkins (Colorado)
Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute
John Hopkins (District of Columbia)
Vice President - Energy & Infrastructure, Astris Finance LLC
Robin Hruska (Washington)
David Hurwitz (Massachusetts)
President, Garnett Consulting
Ari Isaak (California)
Founder and CEO, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Nancy Israel (Massachusetts)
Principal, Law Office of Nancy D. Israel
Lars Johansson (Washington)
Manager, E8 Fund
Celia Johnson (Illinois)
Illinois SAG Facilitator, Celia Johnson Consulting LLC
Delayne Johnson (Iowa)
CEO & Founding Board Member, Quad County Corn Processors
Stefan Johnson (California)
Michael Johnson-Chase (New York)
Blogger, Carbonstories.org
Philip Jordan (Massachusetts)
Executive Director, Economic Advancement Research Institute
Charlene Kabcenell (California)
Former Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Derry Kabcenell (California)
Former Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporation
Suparna Kadam (New Jersey)
Director of Business Development, EnterSolar
Jerome Kalur (Montana)
Attorney at Law
Ron Kamen (New York)
Founder, EarthKind Energy
Holly Kaufman (California)
President, Environment & Enterprise Strategies
Arthur Keller (California)
Managing Partner, Minerva Consulting
Eric Kentor (California)
Consultant-Legal Advisor
Will Kenworthy (Illinois)
Regulatory Director, Midwest, Vote Solar
Gavriella Keyles (California)
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500
Steven Kiralla (California)
Eco Dad, Kids in the House
David Kirkpatrick (North Carolina)
Managing Director and Co-founder, SJF Ventures
Charly Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder & Investor, KL Felicitas Foundation
Lisa Kleissner (California)
Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation
Ted Kniesche (California)
Managing Partner, Green Development Capital
Stephen Koch (California)
Principal, Baker Street Associates
Felix Kramer (California)
Founder, ClimateSparking
Chip Krauskopf (California)
VP Business Development, Aditazz
Fred Kraybill (Pennsylvania)
Thomas Blvd Group
Pete Krull (North Carolina)
CEO & Director of Investments, Earth Equity Advisors, LLC
Tim Kruse (Iowa)
Owner, Green Light Renewable
Susan Labandibar (Massachusetts)
President, Tech Networks of Boston
Gina Lambright (California)
Managing Partner, TOZ Consulting
Nicole Lederer (California)
Chair and Co-Founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Rochelle Lefkowitz (California)
President, Pro-Media Communications
Genevieve Liang (California)
Florence Liddell (New York)
Mark Liffmann (Washington)
CEO & Founder, Omnidian
Justin Lindenmayer
Mike Lingle (Illinois)
CEO, Eta Vision
Nancy Litman (Ohio)
SunLit Solar
Jonathan Livingston (California)
Founder, C-Prize
Patricia Lloyd (Illinois)
Sustainability Manager, Leopardo Companies, Inc.
Marc Loring
Land Acquisitions/Consultant for Wind Farm Development , Moreland Sherrod Renewable Resources
Tracy Lyons (California)
Mark MacCracken (New Jersey)
CEO, CALMAC Mfg. Corp.
Steve MacKay (California)
Principal, Scourie Network Partners
Andrew Magee (Massachusetts)
Senior Consultant, Epsilon Associates
Rhett Major (Pennsylvania)
Owner, The Energy Doctor
Theron Makley (Colorado)
Marketing Director, Panasonic
Lori Malloy (New York)
Special Counsel, Fred F. French Investing LLC
Timon Malloy (New York)
President, Fred F. French Investing LLC
Drew Maran (California)
Owner, Drew Maran Construction, Inc.
Ryan Martens (Colorado)
Founder, Rally Software Development
Wynn Martens (Colorado)
Outreach, University of Colorado
Christine Martin (California)
Clinical Nurse Specialist, San Francisco General Hospital
James Marvin (Massachusetts)
Regional Manager, North America East & Canada, Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Joanna Marvin (Massachusetts)
Owner, Federal Consulting Solutions
Tom McCalmont (California)
President, McCalmont Engineering
Bronte McGarrah (California)
Business Development, Google X
John McGarry (Washington)
Allen McGonagill (Massachusetts)
Head of Strategy, The Purple Carrot
Steve Melink (Ohio)
Founder & CEO, Melink Corporation
Lisa Mihaly (California)
David Miller (Ohio)
Edison Solar and Wind LTD
Robin Mills (California)
Timothy Mills (Pennsylvania)
Director of Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, ARM Group Inc.
Hamida Mohammad (Maryland)
Carol Moné (California)
Producer & Owner, Our Earth Productions
Bill Mook (Maine)
Maine Oyster Farmer
Joseph Morinville (Pennsylvania)
President, EIS Solar
Kevin Morse (Colorado)
Vice President, Lever Real Estate Capital
Ning Mosberger-Tang (Colorado)
President, Innovo Foundation
David Moyar (New York)
President & CEO, MEI Hotels Inc.
Emilie Munger Ogden (California)
Eleanor Musick (California)
Partner, GBC Law; San Diego Coastkeeper Board
Stephen Nelson (New York)
Asset Management
Armand Neukermans (California)
Founder - Retired, Xros
Eliane Neukermans (California)
Michael Newell (New York)
CEO, Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.
Al Nierenberg (Massachusetts)
President, Evergreen Consulting & Training
John Nordin (Massachusetts)
Co-founder, My Town Solar
Tori Nourafchan (California)
Julia Novy-Hildsey (Oregon)
Graham Noyes (California)
Managing Attorney, Noyes Law Corporation
Kathy Nyrop (California)
Anne O'Grady (California)
Standish O'Grady (California)
Director of Board of Directors, Smule, Inc.
Dylan Oakley (New York)
Account Manager, Greenwich Energy Solutions
Doug Ogden (California)
CEO, North Ridge Investment Management
Martin Orio (New Hampshire)
VP Business Development, Northeast Geo
Genny Orr
Larry Orr (California)
General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Michael Brian Orr (Washington)
Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems
Lyn Oswald (California)
Barbara Page (California)
Co-Founder, Anthropocene Institute, LLC
Whitney Painter (Colorado)
Partner, Buglet Solar Electric Installation
Jim Panttaja (California)
R&D Advisor, Conversa Health
Mary Panttaja (California)
Vice President, Product Management, RebelVox
Neela Patel (California)
Executive Director of Business Engagement, Seattle Genetics
Martha Perez (Oregon)
Scott Perkins (Virginia)
Client Executive, MMA Environmental
Bob Place (Massachusetts)
President, Genesis Power
John Powers (Colorado)
President, The Alliance Center
Jody Raeford (Pennsylvania)
Aftercare Program Director, Foundation of HOPE
Megan Rast (Colorado)
Corporate Sustainability Professional
Bill Ravanesi (Massachusetts)
Senior Director of Health Care Green Building & Energy, Health Care Without Harm
Christian Rees (Oregon)
Director of Installations, Oregon National Guard
Emily Reichert (Massachusetts)
Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs
Theo Revlock (California)
Principal, Q Architecture
Jack Robinson (Massachusetts)
Vice Chair and Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management
Liz Robinson (Pennsylvania)
Executive Director, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association
Sarah Robinson (Massachusetts)
Founding Partner, WeSpire
David Rosenheim (California)
Founder and CEO, Sustainability Leaders Podcast
Jackie Rosenheim (California)
David Rosenstein (California)
President, Intex Solutions
Joan Rossetti (Massachusetts)
Chair, Environmental Affairs Committee of the Prudential Center Residents' Association
Amy Roth (California)
Marcie Rothman (California)
Jacqueline Royce (Massachusetts)
Independent Scholar
Michael Rucker (Colorado)
CEO, Scout Clean Energy
Matthew Rudey (New York)
Founder and Co-CEO, Just Energy, LLC
Ryan Rupert (Kansas)
Paul Salinger (California)
VP, Marketing, Oracle
Joseph Sanchez (Virginia)
Partner, COO, SolarFour
Mark Sandeen
Founder, RePower Partners
Todd Saunders
Co-Owner, The Lenox Hotel
Ilana Schoenfeld (Massachusetts)
Researcher/Learning Designer, MIT Museum
Peter Schwab
Portfolio Manager, Pax World Management
David Schwartz (California)
James Schwartz (Connecticut)
Vice President, Independence Solar
Lauren Scott (California)
Paul Scott (California)
Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Transportation Power Inc
Lt Gen (ret) Noman Seip (Virginia)
Owner, NS Solutions, LLC
Joel Serface (Colorado)
Managing Director, Catalyze
Marita Seulamo-Vargas (California)
Journalist, Freelance
Cynthia Sexton (California)
Tim Sexton (California)
Principal, Make Good Group
Patricia Sharkey (Illinois)
Policy Director, Midwest Cogeneration Association
Cathleen Shattuck (Washington)
Creative Director, evluma
Alison Shaw (Washington)
Rebecca Shaw (California)
Bart Sheldrake (Colorado)
Partner, Buglet Solar Electric Installation
Dan Sherman (California)
Litigation and Technology, Genentech
Bill Silva (California)
Owner, Bill Silva Entertainment
Barbara Simons (California)
Research Staff Member, Retired, IBM Research
Eric Simons (Colorado)
Eolus Consulting
Randy Skeie (Iowa)
Owner, EcoWise Power
Scott Sklar (Virginia)
President, The Stella Group, Ltd
Ian Skor (Colorado)
Co-Founder, Sandbox Solar
Jon Slangerup (California)
Industrial Advisor, EQT Group
Amy Slater (California)
Vice President of Sales, Palo Alto Networks
Greg Smith (Ohio)
President, Energy Optimizers
Joe Spease (Missouri)
CEO, WindSoHy
Jim Spencer (Pennsylvania)
President & CEO, EverPower Wind Holdings
Tony Stayner (California)
Member Board of Trustees, Partner, Impact Investing Working Group, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund - SV2
Matt Stedl (Illinois)
Principal, Tradewind Energy, LLC
Margaret Stenftenagel (Illinois)
Mark Stenftenagel (Illinois)
CEO and Principal, Whitney Inc.
Emma Stewart (California)
Head of High Tech & Higher Ed, ENGIE Impact
Marc Stolman (California)
Attorney, Stolman Law office, E2 Climate Project Leader
Jon Stone (California)
Managing Director, JR Stone & Co
Eric Strid (Oregon)
Co-Founder and Retired CEO, Cascade Microtech
Ed Supplee (California)
Former CFO, UTStarcom
Sally Supplee (California)
Former Chief Financial Officer
Terry Swack (Massachusetts)
CEO, Sustainable Minds
Karen Sweeney (Iowa)
Energy Analyst, The Energy Group
Matt Swindle (California)
CEO & Founder, NLine Energy, Inc.
Michael Swords (California)
VP of Government Relations, LA Cleantech Incubator
Randy Talley (North Carolina)
CEO, Green Sage Café
Russ Teall (California)
President and Founder, Biodico
Trey Teall (California)
VP Operations, Biodico
Peter Testa (Illinois)
President, Testa Produce
Sven Thesen (California)
Founder & CEO, BeniSol Solar, ProjectGreenHome.org
Andrew Thomaides (Colorado)
Greg Thomson (California)
Vice President, Program Development, PATHION
Todd Thorner (District of Columbia)
Cariad Thronson (California)
CEO, Forefront Marketing & Communications
Robert Thronson (California)
VP Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent
Emily Tjeerdsma (Illinois)
Partner | Architect, 2 Point Perspective
June Tong (California)
Data Warehouse Analyst, salesforce.com
John Tourtelotte (Massachusetts)
Managing Director, Rivermoor Energy
Doug Trimbach (North Carolina)
Vice President and Director, Lighting Services, Energy Optimizers, USA
Terry Trumbull (California)
Trumbull Law Firm-Chairman, CA Waste Management Board, 1979-84
Zach Tucker (Missouri)
Founder, Good Meets World
Bill Unger (California)
Board Member & DAdvisor, Not for Profits and For Profit Tech Companies
Amy Van Beek (Iowa)
Co-Founder, Designer, Ideal Energy Inc
Troy Van Beek (Iowa)
CEO, Ideal Energy Inc
Lorna Vander Ploeg (California)
Mark Vander Ploeg (California)
Senior Managing Director - Retired, Evercore Partners
Chris Vargas (California)
Founder, Cleantech Circle LLC
Marilyn Waite (California)
Climate and Clean Energy Finance Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Donn Walklet (California)
CEO, Terra-Vista, Inc.
Kevin Warren (Pennsylvania)
Principal, Warren Energy Engineering
David Watson (California)
Director & Investor, Ultra Captial
Samuel Weaver (Colorado)
President/CEO, Cool Energy, Inc.
Bill Weihl (California)
Founder and Executive Director, ClimateVoice
Jeffrey Weiss (Rhode Island)
Member, Clean Energy Venture Group
Louis Weitzman (Massachusetts)
Dave Welch (California)
President, Infinera Corporation
Heidi Welch (California)
Ellen Williams
Former Director, ARPA-E
John Williams (Washington)
Public Relations, AltAir Fuels
Tony Williams (Colorado)
Real Estate Program Management Director, Facility Design & Construction, US Postal Service
Alexa Willson (New York)
Managing Director, Private Client Advisor, U.S.Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
David Willson (New York)
President, Stanbridge Capital
Tonia Wisman (California)
Zachary Witman (New York)
Co-Founder, GrowSquares
Andrea Wittchen (Pennsylvania)
Principal, iSpring
Vanessa Witte (Colorado)
Natural Gas Analyst, Genscape
Erik Wohlgemuth (Oregon)
COO, Future 500
Gordon Woodcock
Department Manager, Taitem Engineering
George Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Founder and Director Emeritus, The Woods Hole Research Center
Katharine Woodwell (Massachusetts)
Retired Administrator
HansJorg Wyss (Massachusetts)
Ion Yadigaroglu (California)
Managing Partner, Capricorn Investment Group
Mary M. Yang (California)
Former Biotech Co-Founder & President, KAIROS Scientific Inc
Daniel Yates (California)
Daniel Yost (California)
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Kenneth Young
Chief Program Manager, V90 3MW Platform, Vestas
Mark Yuschak (New Jersey)
Instructor, Thomas Shortman
Rosamund Zander (Massachusetts)
Chairman, Independent Design Center for the Environment
Margaret Zankel (California)
Emeritus Chairman, BartkoZankel
Martin Zankel (California)
Emeritus Chairman, BartkoZankel

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