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photo Christopher Arndt
Founder & President
Cornet Creek Foundation
In October 2007, Chris agreed to become E2 New York’s third chapter leader, joining Roger Ullman and Wendy Neu. Chris volunteered to lead the group’s efforts on energy and global warming. In New York State, he has worked to help pass New York State’s net metering bill and more recently the electronic waste recycling law, among others, and has worked on federal policy.   
Following a sixteen year career at Select Equity Group, a New York-based investment firm that manages more than $5 billion in public equities, Chris decided to step down as partner in May of 2010 to pursue other interests including writing, E2 and other public policy issues.  He spent a lot of time in the outdoors growing up and, in particular, witnessed the transformation of the Potomac River from a filthy place that was unsuitable for any recreational activity into a river that, while still not the cleanest in the nation, was far improved. This instilled in Chris optimism about being able to improve environmental conditions and curiosity about how, politically and socially, such change could be achieved. He had already known about NRDC for several years prior to joining E2 in March 2006. Given his investment management background, several people advised Chris to look into E2 and when he sat down to lunch with Roger Ullman he realized there was indeed a fit. “I do think there is a clear need for a business voice in the environment that is not tied to a special interest and can cut through some of the stereotypes about environmental policy. E2 fills this niche.”

With E2, Chris is able to more effectively convey to legislators and the public what policies need to be in place to incentivize business managers to develop and invest in environmentally friendly products, services and/or practices. “Often the right policy can promote efficiency, competition, innovation, and environmental stewardship at the same time,” Chris believes. In this regard, he is especially interested in the problem of global warming. “It’s an exciting issue to work on because we can see that economic and technical solutions do exist, that it is a solvable problem, and we just need put into place the right policies that will allow us to apply the best solutions right away.”

While the responsibilities of chapter leadership are many, Chris appreciates and has been enjoying his involvement with E2. He cites the caliber of E2’s membership, its well-organized structure and it partnership with NRDC as the strongest draws for him. “I have an increased sense of satisfaction. I’ve been able to meet people from different walks of life and very different areas of the business world who share similar interests and values.”

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