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photo Laura Berland
Vice President, Government Affairs
Blue Planet Systems Corp.
Laura Berland-Shane is a Business Development Manager for the Alternative Energy Group at Siemens, where she focuses on solar, but is also involved with automated water meter projects, retrofitting waste water treatment plants, and making Siemens more sustainable. Her path to the renewable energy sector is unique. Prior to working in alternative energy, Laura was a finance and strategic planning executive and consultant in the media and entertainment industries. Her passion for sustainability was inspired during a trip to Guatemala in 2001. She visited a macadamia farm and learned from the farmer/proprietor about the plight of the indigenous coffee farmers in the tropical rainforests. These farmers weren’t garnering a living wage for the coffee they produced and were poor and malnourished. The macadamia farmer donated macadamia seedlings to the coffee farmers and showed them how to grow them for crops as well as personal nourishment. The macadamia trees not only provided shade for the coffee, but also offset carbon emissions. Inspired by the macadamia farmer, Laura co-founded and was Director of The Macadamia Tree Project, a non-profit environmental organization based in Guatemala to preserve biodiversity, reduce the effects of global warming and sustain the livelihood of indigenous communities by donating genetically unmodified macadamia trees for planting. Laura later became involved with solar and never looked back from alternative energy.
In 2004, Laura was introduced to E2 by Christina Erickson, a fellow E2 member and co-founder of the Sustainable Business Council - a non-profit organization founded by a group of sustainable business executives in Los Angeles to establish Los Angeles as a leader in sustainable business. Laura attended the E2 EcoSalon: Our Oceans in Crisis: Depleting the Bountiful Sea and become an E2 member after attending a few more events.
“I was attracted to E2’s mission and the ability to interact with like-minded business professionals,” Laura explains. “I consider myself well-informed, but it’s illuminating to hear from NRDC experts on a range of topics – oceans, water, AB 32. It’s refreshing to hear intelligent debate and review from folks who are actually working on this every day, and to learn more about legislative challenges and victories from those who are doing the work and making policy happen. Rather than just reading about it, I’m hearing it straight from the frontline. E2 is geared towards someone who’s in the industry and aware of the overall picture, but needs and wants more details and information on how to get involved and make change happen”.
More recently, Laura volunteered to be an E2 Chapter Director in Southern California. As a Chapter Director, Laura hopes to strengthen E2 membership in Southern California, which is a burgeoning area for green tech and sustainability, and broaden the opportunities for member interaction.

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