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photo Dayna Bochco
Steven Bochco Productions
Dayna Bochco is a 25-year veteran TV producer and is President of Steven Bochco Productions. Together with Steven Bochco, the company has won 10 Emmy Awards, including six for "Hill Street Blues" and three for "L.A. Law." Dayna joined the NRDC Los Angeles Leadership Council and now co-chairs the Council with Kelly Meyer.  Dayna and Kelly are reorganizing the Leadership Council to broaden the membership base and provide focused “action” committees to provide members with ways to take action on issues they care most about.  NRDC’s Director of Development for Southern California, Nancy Golden, introduced Dayna to E2 and she has been an active member for the last 2 years.

During the AB 32 global warming campaign in 2006, Dayna met with every local official she could. Last March, she was part of the E2 delegation to Sacramento and decided to focus on the bill to help clean up California’s ports, SB 974 (Lowenthal).  Dayna has worked closely with the NRDC Air Team on all issues that relate to the ports. She organized meetings with the Los Angeles media companies to get them involved in global warming issues and, recently, she worked on helping to stop a toll road from being built through San Onofre State Park (see Put to the Road Test). Dayna arranged a meeting with a Goldman Sachs official who is responsible for their financial involvement in the project. "The Goldman Sachs official didn’t initially want to meet with us, but after the meeting, she called NRDC and said they were willing to discuss alternatives."

Global warming, ports and oceans tops the list of environmental issues for Dayna. She is determined to get the studios to take some positive action. When we asked Dayna what she likes best about E2 she stated: "It is a smart organization. The trip to Sacramento was an eye opener. E2 knows exactly what they want to do. I wanted to be more active in day-to-day issues. E2 always has something going on."

Dayna's dedication to environmental issues also earned her an appointment to the California Coastal Commission in May 2011.

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