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photo John Cheney
Silverado Power LLC
When John Cheney first met his undergraduate dorm-mate at the University of California, Berkeley, he did not anticipate that one day in the future they would be making trips together to Sacramento to lobby legislators about cap-and-trade and feed-in tariff legislation. What he did learn quickly, however, was that this new friend, Bob Epstein, shared his values of integrity, openness and efficiency. So when Bob approached him with the idea of E2, John was immediately intrigued – as his career was already heading into the energy sector – and after working for some months on the establishment of a company investing in renewable energy projects, John took the leap and joined as a member. Since December 2002, John has signed 76 E2 Action Alert letters, attended 100 E2 events and meetings, and become an adroit spokesperson for E2’s values both in person and on the airwaves.

Having grown up in Northern California, John is dedicated to preserving the quality of life in the state for people from all walks of life. He believes E2 and NRDC have always been at the forefront of major policy issues in California. John’s work in renewable energy has helped him provide a strong business case for the policy work E2 does. John was a Founder of MMA Renewable Ventures, which financed early solar projects from 2006- 2009 ($450 million) and Silverado Power, which developed 347 MW of Solar in CA, NY, AZ from 2010 to 2014. That portfolio was sold in 2015 to Fir Tree (NY). John is currently working on clean energy development and financing in Mexico, Latin America, and South America through his new company Enera Capital.

In 2008, John was very active with E2 supporting an increase in California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 33% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020. He was a delegate on E2’s 2009 annual trip to Sacramento in May, on which the RPS bill – SB 14, introduced by Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) – was a top agenda item, and has been back to Sacramento on several occasions since then to continue advocating for its passage. John has also volunteered considerable time this year to the issue of feed-in tariffs in California (AB 1106). Additionally, he has pitched in on E2’s efforts around AB 32, California ‘s global warming bill, and SB 375, California’s regional land-use planning bill.

On the federal level, John participated for his first time on E2’s annual trip to Washington, DC, in April 2009. He has also lent his voice to E2’s Radio Tour promoting efforts to limit global warming emissions and transition to a clean energy economy.

At every point of engagement with E2, John has appreciated working with other members. “There is an incredible openness about the members that gives the experience an egalitarian nature. Despite the phenomenal pedigree of each individual person, the collaboration is always about what each person is capable and willing to contribute to the cause. It makes for a very productive and enjoyable environment in which to work – and this is, of course, the intention and result of the values and leadership Bob and Nicole have exemplified.

If there is any one thing I could say about volunteering/participating, it’s this: It has been what I’ve expected in terms of policy work, but both the successes and emotional rewards have returned much more to me as an individual than I’ve given, for which I am grateful. It continues to be a very rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

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