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photo John Dawson
John Dawson regularly participates in E2’s advocacy efforts and enjoys networking opportunities. After creating successful startup companies, John decided to put his energy and focus into social entrepreneurship and joined E2 in 2002. John felt that E2 provided a unique opportunity to broaden the constituency of traditional environmental groups, while demonstrating that a strong and growing cadre of business people believe economic growth can be synergistic with environmental protection.

Since joining, John has dedicated his time and resources to moving sound environmental policy forward, particularly on oceans. He’s participated in each of the past four annual Sacramento advocacy trips, this year advocating for the implementation of California’s Marine Life Protection Act, which would achieve better local oceans management through the establishment of a network of marine protected areas. At the federal level, John has focused on the implementation of the Law of the Sea. In 2006 and 2007, John joined E2 on its annual Washington, DC, trip and discussed the importance of sound oceans governance and encouraged the passage of a strong Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation & Management Act.

John considers global warming the top-priority issue, since, as he puts it, "We must think of the Earth as an enterprise for which we all share ownership and responsibility and the fact that we don’t have a good characterization of the downside of global warming isn’t comforting. In fact, as the IPCC assessment says, the problems caused by global warming may be far worse than the baseline IPCC case."

Through his involvement with E2, John has enjoyed learning from and interacting with NRDC and other experts on a wide variety of environmental issues. He has also expanded his network of smart, thoughtful people who care about the world through E2 events, such as our EcoSalons, which John calls "great networking opportunities where you get information and education about pressing topics delivered by interesting people."

Beyond E2, John pursues his environmental interests through his role as a board member of Island Conservation and Sustainable Conservation, as an advisory board member to Smart Energy, as a member of the SV2 Environmental Affinity group, and as a lecturer at the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program. He also serves on the board of Vipani, a non-profit organization that helps poor African farmers grow sustainable businesses.

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