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photo Chris Dennett
Director of Strategy and Integration
The Tofurky Company
Chris Dennett is the definition of a modern environmentalist. Having grown up in Canada, Chris’ early years were lived outdoors – doing everything from skiing and camping to canoeing and hiking. Today his connection with the outdoors is not just a lifestyle, but part of his identity. He lives his life in such a way that promotes not only the environment’s well-being but also his own.

As a management consultant, he is a skilled communications strategist, change leader, and project manager, with an equally high-touch and high-tech tool kit he uses to drive synergy among teams and systems. His deep technical know-how allows Chris to bring a vision to life, and his persuasive communications and change leadership skills drive his ability to secure buy-in at the highest organizational levels.

Chris believes communication as a key component of a successful campaign to turn the tide on global warming. “The science and the economic forecasts show that taking steps now to fight global warming will benefit everyone. Finding out how to make our message simpler, more concrete and more personal will go a long way to overcoming the political inertia against making the necessary changes. Focusing on communication will allow more people to understand the issue and the costs or benefits of action or inaction.

Living in Portland, Chris makes sure to enjoy the natural splendor he works so hard to protect – whether that’s from a mountaintop or the comforts of his own backyard. Since 2010, he has served as Northwest Chapter Director for Environmental Entrepreneurs, channeling his passion for the environment into an organization that brings business leaders together to address environmental problems with economically beneficial solutions.

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