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photo Dan Goldman
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Clean Energy Venture Group
In late 2001 Dan Goldman met with Bob Epstein in California to discuss a business opportunity and simultaneously learned about E2’s efforts to start a chapter in New England. He had already been familiar with NRDC for many years and had begun weighing his options for transitioning into the field of clean energy, a nascent sector at that time. He had held senior positions in more conventional energy companies and felt it was time to align his professional activities and past success with a desire and obligation to address climate change. The idea of E2 was very appealing to Dan – there wasn’t anything like it, and the fact that it was volunteer-oriented seemed unique and all the more powerful. So a couple of months later he joined forces with Chris Kaneb and, shortly thereafter, Berl Hartman, to officially co-found the E2 New England chapter.

From his years as an active and engaged E2 chapter leader, Dan calls out three highlights. The first is his participation in E2’s DC trips – he was a delegate on our annual trip in 2006 and 2009 and has made separate trips focusing on single issues this year. Dan has enjoyed advocating on Capitol Hill because “through NRDC’s reputation and E2’s mandate, we get very good access to members and our message is heard and appreciated, even if the legislator is not always in agreement. The impact we’ve had is a massive accomplishment, such that not only do we now get requests to deliver testimony, but we’ve also been called upon to advise on and help draft specific legislative language.” The second is being able to make inroads at the local/regional level – principally in Massachusetts. “An early challenge for the New England chapter was not having an NRDC office close by, but we’ve worked out a strategy that has allowed us to deploy our resources successfully and expand our name and reputation in the region, including aligning with other organizations in the region with similar policy positions to NRDC. It’s been very satisfying.” The third is the opportunity and resources to reach out and expand the membership of E2 to support NRDC. “It’s not always an easy thing to do, but I think we’ve garnered a significant following of both those who are donating members and those who simply believe in our proposition and like to keep up with what we do.

On a more personal level, Dan does feel his involvement in E2 has informed and helped his efforts in starting clean energy companies and making the cleantech sector more mainstream. He is currently a founding Managing Partner at Clean Energy Venture Group, an early-stage clean energy angel investment group. He previously co-founded New Energy Capital, one of the first investment companies focused on clean energy project investments. His previous and current jobs have taken him all over the world, and as E2 considers its development for the next decade, Dan recognizes an opportunity for E2 to expand beyond the United States. “While there would be structural questions to work out, I would love to see E2 ‘go global’ in the next decade of its growth. I really don’t think there is anything like E2 outside of the U.S., but I think there is an interest. The opportunities are there, especially in China and the rest of Asia where environmental issues are of paramount importance if we realistically want to address climate change.

While Dan serves on the board of several clean energy companies and is involved with other energy and advocacy organizations – including the Board and Executive Committee of the Northeast Clean Energy Council and clean energy-focused activities at MIT – he has found E2 to be a unique opportunity to “interact with other members and people who come from different professional backgrounds, different parts of the country, and have different perspectives on environmental issues. It has been very satisfying, on an intellectual level, to collaboratively figure out how to move the climate change debate forward and in the process to be educated on complex issues by the experienced staff members in NRDC. I can’t wait for the next decade!

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