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photo Susan Goldhor
After being taken to several EcoSalons by longtime friend and E2 New England Co-founder, Berl Hartman, Susan decided to join E2 as a way to have access to NRDC and integrate her work, as well as her love of hiking and wilderness, with political advocacy.

Trained as a biologist, Susan works with the fishing industry and associated communities to develop methods to reduce and recycle waste water and seafood processing waste. When a fish is processed for human consumption, about half of that fish becomes waste. This is a concern not just because fish are a diminishing resource, but also because the waste often ends up polluting the ocean waters or landfills in which it gets dumped. As Susan will tell you, though, there are many ways to turn that waste into a resource. She has worked with fishermen, large and small processing plants, engineering firms and municipalities in the Northeast and Alaska to develop economically viable machinery, processes and products to fit their requirements and capabilities. These include species-selective long-line baits, fishmeal for the aquaculture industry, fish gelatin used in food products, fish-oil biofuel and high-grade fish oil for human consumption.

Susan has taken her industry expertise and concern about the health of the oceans to advocate on behalf of E2. In July 2006, she joined Berl Hartman and NRDC Oceans Advocate Roberta Elias in meetings with Massachusetts Congress members Edward Markey and Jim McGovern to discuss the economic benefits of marine protected areas as well as a strong reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation & Management Act - and the pitfalls of weaker alternatives and amendments being offered. In April, she joined three other E2 members in a meeting with the staff of Senator Therese Murray to emphasize strong support from the business community for the Massachusetts Ocean Management Bill, which ultimately passed the Senate. Susan is also involved in a New England oceans team convened by Berl that involves E2 members as well as community activists. Fish and oceans are not, however, Susan’s only concerns. In February 2006, she was among E2 members who testified at a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection hearing in favor of strict regulation of carbon emissions from the state’s power plants.

"I’ve certainly met a number of people through E2 and it has made me politically active. Lobbying in a group is much easier than going it alone, and I feel that I have a much more powerful platform because of E2. I’ve been impressed talking with legislators in Massachusetts by the power we have because of our economic clout and our link with NRDC."

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