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photo RJ Harrington
President & CEO
Sustainable Action Consulting PBC
RJ Harrington formed Sustainable Action Consulting PBC in 2015. A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), Sustainable Action Consulting continues RJ’s safe, clean, renewable energy advocacy work across many sectors. Principally representing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) dba National Car Charging, Microgrid Controller Applications, and Battery Storage Systems, RJ also works with teams to promote all solutions to an economy free of fossil fuels.

He was previously the Executive Director of Clean Energy Action (CEA), the Policy Director for the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) and has worked in the solar industry for several years in a variety of roles.
E2 membership is a natural progression from those advocacy roles. “I had heard of E2 in the past, but hadn’t seen tremendous organizational activity in CO until my friend, Susan Nedell, reached out to me as E2’s Rocky Mountain Advocate.
Since answering Susan’s recruiting call in 2015, RJ has been impressed by his fellow members’ diversity of contribution to economic and environmental entrepreneurship. “That diversity of business interests represents well when E2 members connect with each other and the community to promote the environmental benefits of our capital investments and job creation. Our voice is gaining strength with decision makers as the cost of renewable energy continues to fall and eliminating greenhouse gasses from our economy becomes increasingly profitable.”
Following a recent trip to engage with legislators at the CO state capitol RJ notes, “The business case for a healthy environment has never been more compelling and E2 is the foil to traditional energy interest groups who stand on riskier economic footing. When fossil prices fall that industry fires its workforce. When renewable prices fall our industry hires their workforce and there’s no end in site to that job creation.
RJ Harrington was nurtured on clean, renewable energy, although it took him almost 25 years to realize that fact. He was raised on a dairy farm in Central Pennsylvania and the sun, wind, and earth were undoubtedly instrumental in the sustainable operation of the family business. When RJ moved to the Western Slope of Colorado, he was introduced to solar as an electrical generation technology for off-grid applications. It was then that he understood the true power of the sun and how it energized every aspect of his life.
Since then, RJ has worked in the financial services industry where he gained knowledge of and practiced risk management strategies. It is this experience combined with his work in the trenches of the solar industry that enables him to collaborate with colleagues, staff, and volunteers to build collective impact around the need to eliminate CO2e from our energy portfolio in the heat, electricity, transportation, and built environment sectors of our economy.
“Each and every decision we make must consider the needs of this and every future generation. That guiding principle of early cultures was lost and the businesses that E2 members represent have rediscovered that morality and are spreading it with a smile.

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