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photo Eric Hudson
Founder & CEO
Eric Hudson started Recycline in 1996 when he saw the need for used materials to be recycled into new products – particularly #5 plastics. Today, products from the firm’s leading product line, Preserve, can be found in such household-name stores as Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joe’s, and come with minimal packaging and a take-back recycling program. Having grown up in the Berkshires with a family of self-professed treehuggers, founding the company was the fulfillment of Eric’s goal to create a business that could lead the way in reducing the impact that products and services have had on the environment and our natural resources since the industrial age.
So when E2 New England Chapter Directors Jay Baldwin, Berl Hartman and Tedd Saunders invited Eric, already an NRDC member, into the E2 fold – at a fifth-anniversary luncheon in October 2005 featuring E2 Co-founders Bob Epstein and Nicole Lederer – he realized how in tune he was, both personally and professionally, with the organization’s mission.
I found it incredibly compelling, to have a business face for NRDC’s research and advocacy. Choosing the right volunteer opportunity is very important for me. E2 has been extremely fulfilling for me as a volunteer opportunity because it is so well aligned with my values, motivations and personal and business interests.
Eric has attended a number of E2 New England events covering a variety of topics. He has brought the Preserve story to a few presentations where he had the opportunity to convey E2’s message that business can benefit from strong environmental policy. Eric has also been in collaboration with NRDC, particularly its Urban Program staff, on issues relating to recycling, bioplastics and biofuels. He is continuing to enhance his participation in E2’s federal advocacy efforts – he has signed up for our July 2010 radio tour to tell Congress members and their constituents from key battleground states about the economic benefits of climate and energy legislation.
E2 for me hits the sweet spot of combining the powerful and influential face, relationships and voice of business, with the deeply rooted, thoroughly developed research and positions of the premier environmental advocacy organization, NRDC. E2 provides one of the most effective deployments of dollars and volunteer time in the front lines of business efforts to protect what is vital to a healthy earth.

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