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photo Maggie Kaplan
Founder and Executive Director
Invoking the Pause
Maggie Kaplan is the Founder and Executive Director of Invoking the Pause, an innovative small-grants program that strategically funds interdisciplinary collaborations to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change.

Previously, Maggie worked as a corporate attorney, specializing in real estate, estate planning and non-profit organizations.  Later, she was the general counsel of a California real estate development company, working on large scale commercial development projects in the Bay Area, before finally transitioning into the arts. In recent years  she has immersed herself in various philanthropic endeavors, including  founding Invoking the Pause (ITP) in 2007.
E2 was selected as an ITP Grant Partner in  2014.  Their “pause” brought together individuals and groups from governmental agencies, the military, religious leaders, a football hero, and small business owners, including a solar energy executive–to create a compelling story about the interdependence of business and environmental sustainability. This resulted in a meeting with Governor Branstad of Iowa to discuss the Clean Power Act as well as generating significant media coverage. They received a second grant in 2015,  to continue this type of advocacy work in Michigan. E2 has been an active and networked ITP grant partner in many ways, including connecting with other ITP  grant partners at COP in Paris last year.

More about Invoking the Pause can be found at www.invokingthepause.org.

Further, Maggie has funded for the past 3 years a paid summer internship program between the Presidio Graduate School of Sustainability and E2, whereby a PGS graduate student works in E2’s San Francisco office on various policy initiatives important to E2’s advocacy work.
Additionally, through a generous partnership with Maggie, E2 established the E2 Strategic Membership Fund, which has enabled E2 to bring on 35 new members who add important voices and perspectives to E2 and who might not otherwise be in a position to join. The fund is available for memberships that fulfill strategic objectives in the following categories: Professional, Geographic, Chapter Specific, and Young Entrepreneurs. As an experienced convener of collaborative efforts, Maggie quickly understood the value of bringing in non-traditional members:

“In my previous career, learning the art of collaboration across disciplines and finding “common ground” to create winning strategies for all interests – from local government officials, architects, construction workers, banks, outside legal counsel, marketing and real estate brokerage companies, to players within the company- was key.

Consequently, I strongly believe in drawing people from many disciplines together to incubate new, “out-of-the-box” creative initiatives and strategies to address many of the climate challenges we face today. At Invoking the Pause, we are a sort of “early-stage idea-incubator —  investing in thought leaders with innovative ideas and providing them the “gift of time” – to take a respite from their busy professional lives, forming collaborations that otherwise wouldn’t exist, and working to capture what I’ve coined as  “RORs“ (Return on Relationship”).

If social entrepreneurship is to succeed, it will be at the brilliant nexus of creativity, intelligence, and  “Collateral Delights” – where collaboration, connections and exploration produce positive and oftentimes unexpected results.”

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