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photo Robert Keith
Beartooth Capital Partners
When Robert Keith entered Stanford's Graduate School of Business, he came directly from New York City where he had been working for Morgan Stanley. After graduating, he went on to work in venture capital for Trident Capital in Palo Alto. Both positions were worlds away from his family's ranch near Cody, Wyoming. The wide open spaces, wildlife, fishing and more were indelible features of his life that Robert did not initially suspect could also contribute to success in a business career. After a mutual friend introduced him to E2 Co-founder Nicole Lederer, however, he learned that there existed a group of business people like himself that did not believe that doing the 'right' thing environmentally was at odds with business success. Robert joined E2 in December 2003. "I enjoyed spending time with the many people who shared my values and desires, and I wanted to do my part in supporting E2 as the voice conveying the message that business and environment were not opposed."

Robert has since moved to Bozeman, Montana, where he and a business partner founded Beartooth Capital. Beartooth is a private equity firm that generates financial returns for its limited partners by restoring and protecting ecologically important ranches in the American West. In short, the firm acquires under-valued ranches and creates value on them via restoration, protection and a host of other means. This work enhances wildlife habitat, fishing and hunting, among other things - all of which also contribute financial value when the firm resells its properties. They chose Bozeman as their headquarters as a result of its community of environmental non-profit organizations, the presence of the Montana State University campus, and its proximity to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This is the largest area in the lower 48 states where the plants and animals that existed when Lewis and Clark first came t hr ough still exist today. It is also experiencing rampant residential growth as wealthy individuals, families and corporations all try to grab their piece of the Rocky Mountain West. Moving to Montana has allowed Robert to attend to his passion for investing, protecting wildlife habitat and to indulge his love of outdoor activities.

Robert's investment and rural real estate experience served him and fellow delegates well when he participated in E2's 2009 advocacy trip to Washington, DC. His business point of view was especially helpful in meetings with legislators with rural/agricultural interests, such as those from Montana, North Dakota and Texas. E2 has helped Robert learn a lot about different issues and the role policy and regulation plays in maintaining a healthy environment. "Whether or not I am there in person, I really enjoy knowing that our voice is out there in places like Washington, DC. E2 opens doors at very high levels and this is absolutely critical for those of us that believe that good environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand with economic success."

Robert's involvement in environmental preservation and advocacy extends beyond E2 to several other local and national conservation groups such as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Nature Conservancy, Montana Land Reliance, Trout Unlimited, Trust for Public Lands, Yellowstone to Yukon, the Property and Environment Research Center and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. As E2 enters its next 10 years of existence, Robert daydreams of a chapter closer to home and looks forward to E2 continuing to represent in legislative halls a "non-partisan, unpaid, independent, science-based point of view that comes to the table able to say that we have looked at both sides of an argument without a pre-conceived notion of right and wrong and are here to tell you from experience why we believe what we believe."

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