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photo Fa Liddell and Roger Liddell
Fa Liddell, having spent a challenging 17-year career at Citibank in Corporate Banking and Executive Training, has a long-standing interest in the interplay of business and the environment. She is particularly passionate about bringing strategic economic solutions to the pressing environmental challenges we face today. Specific areas of focus are climate change, healthy oceans, and health impacts of industrial chemical pollution. She describes herself as a "serial environmentalist," supporting several of the major advocacy groups.

Fa attended her first E2 meeting in the fall of 2006 to learn about Wal-Mart’s environmental initiatives and she has followed E2’s programs since then. She was particularly intrigued by an E2 meeting featuring NRDC’s David Goldstein on Energy Efficiency, an interest that she shares with her husband. After an E2 event in May, Peter Lehner, NRDC’s Executive Director, suggested the couple attend the NRDC/E2 trip to Costa Rica  to promote energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. This idea of a "hands-on" volunteer role appeals greatly to them.

Fa attended the E2 trip to Albany organized by E2 New York chapter leader Wendy Neu. The group promoted energy efficiency measures and incentives to reduce gasoline consumption, with political and policy guidance provided by NRDC’s Rick Schraeder. Congestion pricing is on the fall agenda.

Like Fa, Roger has had a life-long interest in the environment. Rather than join the newly established EPA, in 1973 he decided to work on environmental issues through the financial community as an energy analyst and money manager. For the last twenty years, he has been a Managing Director at the investment firm of Ingalls & Snyder, LLC.

Throughout his career he has advocated requiring energy prices - particularly electric rates - to reflect fully internalized marginal costs. At long last, he is seeing progress in getting utilities to value efficiency investments as much as additional capacity, a development with profound implications.

Roger’s experience was valuable during and after the trip to Costa Rica as he was able to analyze the situation and recommend solutions. "NRDC is where the action is on energy efficiency. Its staff is best-in-class and I enjoy being able to contribute."

Both Fa and Roger believe the business community needs to be better represented in environmental policies and that E2 is the best vehicle for making progress. "People want to be part of an exciting organization. E2 has tremendous intellectual horsepower. As members we participate in discussions, play a role in advocacy and have input to NRDC not possible in other environmental organizations."

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