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photo James Marvin
Regional Manager, North America East & Canada
Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Less than a year after retiring from service in the military, James Marvin, a former Commander in the US Navy, now leads a consulting practice to help the Federal government reduce its dependence on oil. CDR Marvin joined the Navy right out of college and began his twenty year military career with Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training graduating class 176. During his career as a Naval Special Warfare officer, CDR Marvin led and supported operational and staff level duty positions in the United States as well as overseas. He was stationed in Guam, Hawaii, the Island Kingdom of Bahrain and traveled all over the world in support of taskings and mission requirements. His last duty assignment before he retired in 2009 was in Norfolk, VA as the Director of Operations for Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR (NSWG-4). He has transitioned from a career serving the country to a new career helping the Federal government embrace opportunities for environmental progress.

After retiring from the military, James was looking for an opportunity to get involved with an organization that makes an impact and creates a better place to live and work. He wanted to be involved with an organization that can help change the world, one person at a time; James wanted to trade hard power for soft power. In April of 2010 he attended the E2 Pacific Northwest Chapter's inaugural EcoSalon, "National Climate Change Legislation: Getting to 60 Votes", featuring U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and joined E2 immediately.

"E2 provides the best opportunity to make a difference," James says. "I was in the military for 20 years and briefed senior civilian and military leaders around the world, but when you talk to a legislator there's a sense of connection and involvement here at home that you just can't get abroad. Going to an E2 event and having a connection with Senator Cantwell is an opportunity that you can't put a price on. Having a vehicle to help you achieve your goals and objectives is priceless. E2 turns talk into action. That's how you change the world."

Now, James is recruiting members for the Pacific Northwest Chapter and wants to help make it the gold standard for all E2 chapters across the country. He has transitioned from a career serving the country to a new career helping the military embrace opportunities for environmental progress. In James' view, dependence on foreign oil is a real national security issue. "Dependence on foreign oil takes lives. It's not a left or a right issue - it's an ISSUE that affects everyone. People need to understand that climate change will put an increased demand on limited resources and create instability in certain regions. There's an industry out there that has solutions and E2 connects the dots. E2 bridges the gap better than other organizations. E2 understands that it's also a matter of national security, which saves American lives."

E2 Seattle chapter director James Marvin, a 20-year Navy veteran and former Navy SEAL, discusses the military’s leadership on clean energy initiatives and why it’s important to our nation’s future:

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