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Joining E2 is the most effective way to stay informed about cutting-edge environmental issues, leverage your professional network, and use your skills to influence important environmental policy issues.

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photo Michael Brian Orr
Senior Computer Scientist
Adobe Systems
Michael has been familiar with E2 from the very beginning - his sister-in-law is NRDC Trustee and E2 Co-founder Nicole Lederer. Already an NRDC member, he found involvement with E2 a natural progression. Michael has been an innovator of software technologies for over thirty years. He was the fifteenth employee at Microsoft, President of consulting firm Windows Laboratories, and a co-founder of Design Intelligence, Inc. Michael is currently a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems. Inspired by the opportunity to meet and work with other environmentally concerned entrepreneurs, Michael joined E2 in 2007.
When Nicole told him about the formation of the E2 Pacific Northwest Chapter, he jumped at the chance to get more involved. He is now an E2 Pacific Northwest Chapter Director and recently joined the Chapter’s newly formed advocacy committee.
“E2 really delivers on the promise of efficient and effective engagement for members,” Michael says. “The world is full of people who want to do something, but the environment is such a big issue. It’s easy to feel daunted by the prospect of having enough energy to juggle a full-time career and also find ways to make a difference. E2 provides an avenue for an entrepreneur to find highly leveraged ways to exercise their skill sets. E2 delivers. It feels good to be part of something that really makes a difference and is practical and works alongside a busy life.”
Michael is committed to environmental issues and is also a member of the Nature Conservancy and its local chapter, Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club, but is most active in E2 and NRDC. Michael recognizes that it is a critical time for environmental issues. “Climate change is awfully compelling right now. If we don’t get a handle on that we won’t get a handle on anything else. Energy policy is my closest concern because of the double whammy on the economy and environmental issues. It encompasses so many issues that are life and death.”

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