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photo Whitney Painter
Buglet Solar Electric Installation
With her husband, Bart Sheldrake, Whitney Painter owns and runs a solar installation business named by Bart for her childhood nickname - Buglet Solar Electric Installation.

While Bart brought a strong technical background to the endeavor, Whitney’s roots are in journalism and activism. She spent a decade gaining experience in Washington, D.C. from a variety of angles - working for CNN, the United States Senate, The White House Bulletin, and a range of environmental and women’s issues organizations.

When they decided to work together, Bart and Whitney were inspired by the prospect of combining their skills to make the world a better place through the grassroots implementation of on-site renewable energy systems.

Whitney’s background also has played a role in her state and local activism for progressive policy that supports clean energy and other important policies, which is a natural fit for E2’s mission and its important work. Energy is a vital issue for businesses of all types and sizes, and the decisions made now will affect America’s ability to thrive for many decades to come.

By defying traditional assumptions that business interests should be wedded to outdated and regressive policies, E2 offers exceptional leadership in the vital debates and conversations of our era,” says Whitney, “That’s part of how we’re going to get to where we need to be.

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