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photo Tedd Saunders
President, EcoLogical Solutions, Inc.
Chief Sustainability Officer, The Saunders Hotel Group
Tedd is a third-generation co-owner and Executive Vice President of environmental affairs for the Saunders Hotel Group, President of EcoLogical Solutions Inc., and author of The Bottom Line of Green is Black. Often credited with creating luxury ecotourism in the 1980s, Saunders Hotel Group and EcoLogical Solutions pioneered the most well recognized environmental management models in tourism. His work demonstrates how companies can reduce costs and environmental impacts while generating customer loyalty, employee morale and community goodwill. A Presidential Gold Medal and awards from the Travel Industry of America are among the recognition Saunders Hotel Group has received for its work, and EcoLogical Solutions has helped its clients earn positive press coverage on outlets such as CNN and The New York Times.

Tedd first heard about E2 through Chris Kaneb, an E2 New England chapter leader. Soon after, John Adams, Founding Director of NRDC, who sits on the board of the Woods Hole Research Center with Tedd, told him that E2 would be a great fit for an environment-minded business person. After going to a number of E2 events, and meeting co-founder Berl Hartman and chapter leader Dan Goldman, Tedd decided to join. Ever since, he has been very active, advocating for environmental policies on behalf of E2 and NRDC. His earliest E2 activity was a meeting in September 2005 with Massachusetts Congressmember Mike Capuano to introduce E2 and discuss our work on oceans and the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). More recently, he joined E2 and NRDC’s Director of Air and Energy, Ashok Gupta, at the Massachusetts state house to discuss a global warming bill with Senator Frederick Barry’s office that would enable Massachusetts to rejoin RGGI. Tedd’s presence helped demonstrate that "mainstream businesses recognize and support the benefits of good environmental policy - policies that create opportunities and avert risks."

"I talked about my background in the hotel industry, how we’ve incorporated numerous comprehensive environmental initiatives and how they have benefited our company in a wide variety of ways, including our bottom line."

By joining E2 members at the State House and meeting with senators and congress members, Tedd has gained "a wonderful sense of connection to the political system. For most of us, politics is a distant and unappealing mystery. It’s nice to feel engaged, see how things actually work, and know that you’re part of the solution."

"It’s also gratifying to be involved and make a difference without a huge commitment of time. E2 is so well organized that it always makes the best use of my hectic schedule and finds ways to leverage the value I can bring to a given situation. I’m on at least nine other environmental boards, but I feel E2 is one of the most effective, when it comes to involving business in solutions to our future."

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