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photo Anneke Seley
Founder and CEO
Reality Works Group
While studying for a degree in human biology at Stanford University, Anneke Seley would frequent the campus pool to which E2 Co-founder Nicole Lederer also retreated almost daily – whilst husband Larry studied for his MBA – for exercise and relaxation. After a while, the two struck up a friendship that strengthened until Anneke graduated and went off to the world of full-time work, which includes a 10-year stint at Oracle and the founding of Phone Works, at which she is still CEO. Several years later, in 2004, they happened to attend a mutual friend’s party and when conversation turned to what was keeping each of them busy, Nicole told Anneke about E2. The E2 premise instantly resonated with Anneke, who – along with her human biology degree – grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, learned about resource efficiency through a frugal immigrant mother and believes in policy as an effective instrument of progress.

In October 2004, Anneke attended her first E2 EcoSalon, featuring George Lakoff on how to promote, or "sell," environmental values to the broadest spectrum of consumers and voters. The following month, she became an official E2 member and we now count her (and husband Jack Oswald) among E2’s most involved volunteers.

In December 2008, John Wiley & Sons published Sales 2.0, a book written by Anneke and fellow Silicon Valley insider Brent Holloway about the emerging sales and marketing trends in the private sector. Shortly after, she began a volunteer project to bring Sales 2.0 principles and strategies to bear on both expanding the membership of E2 and re-engaging existing members. For this effort, Anneke enlisted the aid of other E2 members with marketing, technology and social networking expertise (Jeff Weinberger and Lyn Oswald), and so far the team has found that private-sector strategies can also work in the nonprofit realm. One example of a successful test of Sales 2.0 practices has been the adoption in E2’s email invitations to events of hyperlinks that allow original recipients to not only forward invitations on to business leaders they believe make good E2 prospects, but also allow E2 to track those chains of outreach and how those potential prospects respond – and what topics and issues most pique their interest. The Sales 2.0 project has also resulted in E2 diving into the social networking world, with a Facebook page and Twitter presence, already set up and running and other options under examination.
As E2 celebrates its 10th birthday, Anneke looks forward to helping strengthen member engagement and expand membership by conveying to people how powerful the network is.

“The E2 community is amazing – it’s really smart people who are taking action and doing important work to further good environmental policy. When you’re in business and time is sacred, it can be hard to get involved in nonprofits. But when the nonprofit provides an opportunity to support an important cause while providing access to a powerful business network, that’s an efficient way to address two priorities simultaneously. E2 brings you together with other like-minded professionals, so you can build relationships talking about the environmental issues that are of mutual concern. Because E2’s members are entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders, it is natural to talk about our businesses, too. I can say from personal experience that that opens doors to business opportunities.

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