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photo Joel Serface
Independent Consultant
Joel Serface is a sixth generation Texan who recently returned to the state after an exodus to Massachusetts and California. His goal in returning to Texas is to help accelerate its path towards renewable energy. His personal motto is, "If Texas can become a successful renewable energy state, then there is hope for the planet." Joel returned to Texas to become the Director of the Clean Energy Incubator, the first in the nation set up by NREL and the University of Texas at Austin. The goals of the incubator are to provide the necessary support for new cleantech start-ups, develop the appropriate policies to support adoption of renewable energy, and build the community and infrastructure to sustain the growth of clean energy in Texas.

Joel is a founding member of E2, having first discovered the organization via the Internet in 2001 when E2 was less than a year old. "I was in New York City on September 11 and knew immediately I needed to commit myself to solving our energy problems. I joined E2 because it was a community of like-minded business leaders who could put a business face on environmental advocacy." As a volunteer, Joel has written letters, held the first meeting at his office with California Treasurer Phil Angelides crafting what would become the California "Greenwave Initiative," helped with research on California biofuels, and recently was a delegate to Washington, DC. He advocated plug-in hybrids early on with NRDC researchers to make sure it was on their radar screens.

Recently, he worked with NRDC to demonstrate the potential benefit of energy efficiency policies. "If Texas matched the efficiency of California energy usage, we would use nine percent less energy in 2020 than we do today. We don’t need any new coal plants. We need to do better on energy efficiency and replacing existing capacity with renewables." He is enthusiastic about the potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency. "Austin Energy has lower rates than the rest of Texas because of investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The rest of Texas was hurt by an over-dependency on natural gas, which experienced higher prices putting Texas on par with California energy prices." Texas has 5,000 megawatts of wind in production with 15,000 MW more planned. This is equivalent to the minimum electricity base load. Joel’s goal is to get the state to wake up to the potential of solar because "Wind has been a developmental success in Texas, but has not attracted new manufacturing companies or jobs. Solar could be different. With 700,000 acres of soar, we could match the peak load of the state. We already have a silicon processing industry, semi industry, and the best solar potential in the nation. All we have to do is bring our policy makers up to speed to get them on board with solar."

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