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photo Andy Stevenson
Portfolio Manager
Citadel LLC
After a 20 year career as an investment banker and portfolio manager for two multi-billion dollar hedge funds, Andy decided it was time to get finally get a real job and joined NRDC’s Center for Market Innovation in New York as a Finance Advisor.

Andy always felt that a strong financial argument could be made that investment in environmental solutions offer better total returns than any fund manager ever can hope to achieve in the marketplace. At NRDC, Andy spent three years making that case to investors, legislators, utility executives, and the media in support of NRDC’s efforts to pass climate, clean air, and clean energy legislation.

Since leaving NRDC in 2010, Andy has continued to help educate NRDC staffers on energy issues, notably on the direction of global energy investments and the impact environmental legislation is having on the retirement schedule of our aging power fleet.  As Andy says, “these environmental issues, which are effecting trillions of dollars of investment in new resources and billions of dollars of investment in environmental equipment, are critical areas to engage in if we are to meaningfully reduce our GHG emissions”.  Andy is cautious to note however, that “this strategy will only work if the environmental community can stay ahead of the investment curve, as once investments become large enough in one direction they become very difficult to slow down.”

The environmental education Andy received at NRDC has helped shape his role as Chairman of Cocurrent BioEnergy LLC, a start-up waste gasification to energy company with offices in New York. Indeed it was during the time Andy spent at NRDC that he began to appreciate the global need for distributed low carbon, low cost energy solutions and the economic opportunity available to companies able to fill this growing need.  

Andy is excited about joining E2 and hopes to be able to bring the skills he developed at NRDC to work on E2’s behalf in DC and at the state level as well. “We manufacture the bulk of our gasification equipment in Pennsylvania and hope that our efforts to grow our business there will help demonstrate that the US is still able to win the clean race” Andy says.

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