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photo Zach Tucker
Good Meets World
Zach Tucker is a St. Louis-based social entrepreneur and Director of Marketing and Communications at One3LED. With an education in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Central Missouri, Zach has played vital roles in multiple start-ups, nonprofits, and missions of change. In 2012 he turned his focus to energy efficiency and co-founded One3LED. With Zach’s leadership, One3LED has become Missouri’s leading LED lighting provider and has now completed over 500 commercial projects across the US.

Zach is a big believer of conscious capitalism – which is doing business in a way that has a positive effect on your employees, your customers, and the world around you. Zach propels this business philosophy at One3LED by fostering a progressive company culture, strong moral and business ethics, and giving back to those in need. A big part of this focus has been One3LED’s giving program, Change The Bulb. After witnessing the impressive energy savings LED lighting provided their clients, Zach and his team harnessed their passion for helping others to create a giving program that brought these same savings to low-income families and nonprofit organizations. Today, Change The Bulb is partnered with Habitat for Humanity St. Louis and donates low-wattage LED lighting fixtures to provide much needed savings to inner city families. Change The Bulb has also recently completed projects in Haiti and Nicaragua.

More about One3LED and Change The Bulb can be found at www.13led.net

Aside from his work at One3LED, Zach spends his time consulting for local small businesses in the St. Louis area. His services focus on marketing, story branding, company culture, and giving program development.

Zach joined E2 shortly after One3LED was showcased in E2’s 2015 Missouri Clean Jobs Report. He quickly became an active member by participating in several E2 events, including the COP21 Climate Change Summit in Paris as an E2 member delegate. Zach has remained very engaged with E2 and plans to stay steadily involved in the years to come.

“Becoming an E2 member was a true turning point for our business. As a member, you and your business become a voice for environmental advocacy. And E2 ensures your voice is heard. We went from trying to make a difference locally, to being heard nationally and eventually internationally. 

E2 isn’t just another environmental group – it’s a movement. E2 brings together business owners, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs who all have one thing in common – they care for the environment. We’re each trying to do our part as individuals, but by working together through E2, our efforts are amplified like never before.

At my first E2 event, the first two conversations I had were with E2 members from Facebook and Google. Being a young professional from Missouri, that was a big deal for me. But that’s just what E2 does. They mix people who are passionate about the same issues, yet would otherwise never have the opportunity to collaborate.

With E2 I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country, meet with senators, mingle with celebrities, attend events at The White House, and even bring our business overseas. To top it all off, throughout all of these incredible opportunities I had the chance to spread the good word about One3LED and Change The Bulb. And as an E2 member, that’s the whole point. People engaged with E2 want to hear about who you are, what you’re doing, and what you care about. From these experiences with E2 our business has been featured on The Huffington Post, WhiteHouse.gov, countless online news outlets, and several local TV, Radio, and print publications. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – becoming an E2 member was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.”

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