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photo Bill Unger
Board Member & DAdvisor
Not for Profits and For Profit Tech Companies

Bill first met E2 Co-founder Bob Epstein through his work in venture capital, and had long known about NRDC. After attending several E2 events, Bill was so impressed with what Bob and Co-founder Nicole Lederer were championing that he joined in May 2002 and immediately asked what he could do to help. The following February, he and his wife hosted an E2 EcoSalon about public health at their home in Atherton.

Bill has continued to be one of E2’s most active volunteers. He has participated on six of E2’s annual delegation trips to Washington, DC, every year becoming more of an expert on what questions to ask and how to gauge the readiness of legislators and their staff to act on the solutions E2 and NRDC promote to important environmental challenges. In conjunction with the past three trips to DC, Bill has also spearheaded E2’s efforts to get signatures on letters from the investment and venture capital communities. In 2005 and 2007, these letters focused on supporting global warming legislation and carbon emissions caps, and in 2006 the investment letter promoted sensible oil savings policy.

In the spring of 2006, Bill agreed to be one of the E2 Advisory Board’s inaugural members. At the E2 Advisory Board Fall 2006 meeting, Bill and fellow board members Jeff Lawrence and Roger Ullman presented an “E2 Five-Year Strategy,” posing key strategic questions meant to produce a framework to inform the activities of the board’s five other working groups.

Bill looks forward to contributing to E2 as much as he can in the future. A Partner Emeritus of Mayfield Fund, Bill currently focuses his efforts on advising and supporting a number of philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, including CARE Enterprises, Wildlife Conservation Network, Microvest, and as Board Chair of D-Rev. When not working Bill is typically wandering out in woods.

“With my commitments to other philanthropic and non-governmental organizations consuming much of my time, being able to trust E2’s leaders, Bob and Nicole, to advise me on current issues they know are of interest to me. They let me know how I can be useful in the efforts of E2 to impact legislation, making my involvement of time feel spot on and truly useful. My interactions with the government have been some of the most meaningful experiences I have had. I like E2’s model because it fits with the VC model – entrepreneurs getting what they need to get things done without too much structure. It is a privilege to work with E2 and NRDC.”

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