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photo Paul Zorner
Chief Agronomist
Locus Solutions

Paul is President and General Manager of Locus Agricultural Solutions, Chairman and Founder of Sensorygen Inc and a Venture Partner at Finistere Ventures, which has founded and invested in some of the most successful AgTech companies of the last quarter of a century. He is also Adjunct Professor of Horticulture at North Carolina State University and serves on corporate and non-profit foundation boards. He first learned of E2 when E2 Southern California chapter leader Lee Stein brought co-founder Bob Epstein and E2 member Anna Halpern-Lande (who were working then to pass California’s biofuels legislation, AB 1007) to Diversa where Paul worked for a tour of the facilities. After observing E2’s network and the remarkable passion and dedication of E2 members, Paul decided he needed to be part of it all.“E2 members have both tremendous integrity and tremendous clout, and they are willing to contribute of themselves whatever it takes to achieve what they believe. They also have remarkably open minds to other people’s ideas and options on how to pursue those ideas. It’s really exciting to be part of such a remarkable team of people.”

Paul was very involved in E2’s AB 32 campaign. Working with Bob, he researched alternative fuel processes that would best contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions reductions California was looking for, compared different ethanol options and explored the feasibility of electricity generation as a byproduct of ethanol production. Paul met with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce to advocate for the global warming bill and subsequently has helped to get the word out to local governments and the press over the years on the economic and business benefits of managing our carbon footprint. Paul has also been active with Nicole Lederer on several visits to Washington DC to advocate for sound clean energy and clean water policy. He is currently interested in working with E2 to address important economic and resource sustainability issues in agriculture.

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