E2 Quarterly Update
Q1 2016 | March

E2 California: Off to a Strong Start in New Year
By Mary Solecki

E2 California is out the gate of 2016 with a strong start. Already this year, we have accomplished the following:


E2 members (pictured above) came to Sacramento on February 3rd to advocate for SB32, Senator Fran Pavley’s bill that will extend our climate targets to a 40 percent reduction by the year 2030. We met with lawmakers or staff in 30 legislative offices and communicated that strong market signal and innovation that would stem from passing SB 32. Members urged that California can then retain its competitive advantage, fund growing clean energy jobs, and continue to fund disadvantaged communities with a portion of cap and trade revenue. 

Entrepreneur outreach: We are hosting ongoing and collaborative discussions with new technology sectors that promise both environmental and economic benefits. This includes water efficiency technologies and shared mobility providers (car sharing, ride sharing, bike sharing and more).

Recent & Upcoming Events

On February 24th, E2 hosted a fantastic transportation discussion in Los Angeles, the hotbed of transportation challenges - and opportunities. The event, which took place on NRDC’s oceanview terrace, welcomed Metro CEO Phillip Washington.

E2 Northern California hosted an event featuring Congressman Jared Huffman on March 30th. We heard the Congressman’s perspectives on advancing carbon, clean energy and water policies, enjoyed NRDC’s newly renovated San Francisco office, and previewed state-level advocacy objectives for this year.

On March 31st, E2 San Diego screened "The Burden," an important film highlighting the military’s commitment to promote alternative energy and to address climate change. The screening was followed by a panel discussion with business, academic, and military experts on the military's leadership on clean energy, and why it’s critical to the economy, the environment and national security.

Coming up
E2 Southern California will host a water event on April 14th, which will include a technology pitchfest: water efficiency entrepreneurs will present their business ideas and key policy challenges to their market. Register today!
Mary Solecki is E2's Western States Advocate. 
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