E2 Quarterly Update
Q4 2016 | October

A Look Ahead to E2's Annual Forum in Washington, DC
By Grant Carlisle

On November 8th, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new President. While the person that wins that election will largely help determine environmental and energy policy starting in 2017, E2 members coming to this year’s DC Forum will have the chance to affect policy much sooner.
On November 15 and 16 E2 members will come from across the country to hear from experts on various policy items before heading to Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of legislation which can promote an innovative clean energy economy while protecting our environment. On November 15 E2 members and staff will hear from several panels on a variety of topics to prepare them for advocacy the following day. On November 16 when advocating on Capitol Hill we plan to speak to lawmakers about a comprehensive energy bill, tax provisions that aid in the use of energy efficiency in homes and businesses, clean energy policies at the Department of Defense, and ensuring that spending bills do not contain harmful policy riders.
First, as is so often the case, 2016 will end in debate over a series of spending bills that fund the federal government for fiscal year 2017. These bills cover an array of areas but are often rolled into one large bill called an omnibus appropriations bill. Lawmakers take this opportunity to “attach” items called policy riders – which inject anti-clean energy and environmental policies into spending bills, such as not allowing for any funds to go towards the implementation of the Clean Power Plan. E2 members will bring the business argument against these policy riders, and demand that they not be included in any end of the year spending agreement. Similarly, E2 members will speak to lawmakers about a possible comprehensive energy policy bill, which will set the direction of US energy policy for the next several years to ensure that if passed, it favors clean sources of energy which create jobs, and does not overly favor fossil fuel industries’ interests.
We will also be talking to members about expiring tax provisions that support energy efficiency in the home construction and industrial sectors. As E2 found in its Clean Jobs America report earlier this year, there are nearly two million Americans working in various capacities in the energy efficiency sector. We must protect these jobs and through that action protect an environment that benefits from greater efficiency in how we produce and use electricity. E2 members will also speak to lawmakers on ensuring that technologies left out of a deal on the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) such as geothermal, fuel cells, small wind power, combined heat and power (CHP) and micro-turbines are included in an end of the year spending deal so that these technologies can get the same benefits of the solar and wind industries.
Lastly, as a final National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) emerges for negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, E2 will advocate against provisions in this large Department of Defense (DOD) authorizing bill provisions which target that department’s ability to produce and purchase lower carbon fuels or adapt its operations to risks posed by climate change. DOD has been adamant that it must have the freedom to choose the fuels which best match its mission and that it be able to produce more renewable energy as well as attempt to mitigate the effects of climate change on its domestic and international operations.
These items represent E2’s central mission that smart energy and environmental policies can and will encourage economic growth and that our unique voice can drive the policy conversation like few others. We hope you'll join us in Washington next month. 

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